Black ESPN Host SLAMS Media About 1 Type Of Violence


There’s an odd thing going on in the mainstream media these days, and not just in the mainstream legacy “news” media. That odd thing? To politicize everything.

Now, like most people, I really don’t want politics coming up in my entertainment. If I watch a movie (unless I’m watching it specifically because it’s political), I don’t want the actor’s politics showing up. I want to be entertained.

I feel the same way when reading a novel or playing a video game. And sports, too.


ESPN, though, has taken it upon themselves to comment on politics even though people are watching the network for sports and sports–specific commentary, and, maybe because they’re owned by Disney, the commentary has been coming from the left side of the political spectrum.

That’s why it’s so surprising when ESPN host Stephen A. Smith, made a comment about gun violence that you won’t hear talked about in the mainstream legacy media. In fact, that media won’t even touch it, but Smith sure did. Chris Enloe writes,

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith called out the media on Wednesday for ignoring black-on-black violence.

Speaking on his podcast, Smith addressed the gun violence that broke out in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend, resulting in more than 50 Chicagoans being shot and about a dozen murdered. Such violence, tragically, is normal for Chicago over holidays.

Again, from Enloe:

Earlier in the podcast, Smith expressed agreement with Megyn Kelly, who shamed gun control advocates last month for using mass shootings to push gun control while silencing any other remedy to gun violence.

“The fact of the matter is: The bad guys always end up having [guns], which is why I’m not a hard and fast dude against Second Amendment rights,” Smith said.

Now, I don’t know Smith’s stances on much of any other subject, but it’s great to hear him say that any gun violence problem in America is not a “white” problem and that gun control isn’t the solution to gun violence.

Violence is a violence problem. It’s not unique to a set of DNA, and it’s disingenuous and racist of the mainstream legacy media to suggest that. And Smith is absolutely right that gun control isn’t the solution because criminals will still get their hands on guns.

Hopefully, more people will hear Smith’s comments and begin to grasp that same basic logic, too.



  1. Just what is it the Gun Control people are afraid of, there are far more drive by shootings and crime shootings than mass shootings …
    Could it be that these cities are democrat controlled cities. or because they have very strict gun policies and blame all the areas with little to no crime therefore no need for gun control …

    • The best way to control people is to remove all means to fight back. That’s the democrat/Marxist/socialist plan of this administration.

  2. It’s a proven fact that gun-control laws do NOT affect gun crimes! For many decades, guns have been restricted in some Democrat-controlled cities, yet these continually have the WORST gun crime rates! All those laws really accomplish is to deprive average citizens from the means to protect themselves and their failies.

    Also proven is that those few guns that were allowed for certificate-to-carry-weapons have NOT been involved in any mass gun atrocities, nor even a FEW individual cases save for self-defense situations!

    The latter are NOT reported by the lame-stream-media as it doesn’t fit the Dem narrative of ‘out of control guns’! This, of course, as the media is but a needy fawning lapdog of the Democrat Party, quivering to please!

    Perhaps the TRUE aim of the Dems in wanting confiscation of arms is they wish to push socialistic measures on us, and they know we will resist! This same situation existed in the British colonies in America. The government, dismayed at our refusal to submit to ‘taxation withoug representation’, tried to confiscate arms to prevent an uprising! This led to a war, loss of the colonies to England, and a new nation with a new form of government!

    Do the socialists in our government REALLY want to repeat the mistakes history shows to be ALWAYS disastrous? Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao, … ALL these tried similar actions with disasters resulting for their people! Yet OUR buffoons believe THIS time it WILL work? Yeah, sure!

  3. The MASS Hysteria Media is a Fucking Clown Show… Journalists ? Hardly. Sell Out douche bags at best and hopefully the first to pay for the Lies being Spewed. We CAN handle the TRUTH…Give it to US!

  4. Disney anything is off the plate….attempts to interfere with sporting events regardless of sporting event being broadcast…..automatically gets the tv turned off and out the door i go to get something done. Dont need disneys far leftist ideology in my ears. There will never be a trip to disneyland or disney world. Anything disney related in any form is boycotted. And i know i dont stand alone. Disneys choosing sides in issues wont make them any more money. Seems to me itd be a losing proposition stepping into that arena but somebody in control of the disney checkbook made a stupid decision.

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