80-Year Old Plays Real-Life Steve McQueen … Then This Happened…


There’s a famous car chase scene in the Steve McQueen classic “Bullitt” where Steve

Not Jack
Not Jack

drives his classic Mustang after another car in a furious, action-packed scene.

But tell that to Jack Rogers, an 80-year old man who thankfully had a gun in his car for protection.


He got to play “Steve McQueen” … but in real-life with a side of road rage.

From The Right to Bear:

The incident occurred on July 17, around 2:30 in the afternoon as Rogers was on his way to the Taco Bell. According to reports from The Gazette, Garcia got behind Rogers and began tailgating, and when Rogers pulled into the parking lot, Garcia followed him.

Garcia then proceeded to exit his white Ford Mustang, which he left running with the door open, and approached Rogers, who at the time had his doors closed but his windows open. As Garcia got closer, Rogers gripped a gun he had near the center console.

Jack Rogers used that gun in self-defense, and shot Garcia after an argument between the two about the road incident.  Jack will not face charges according to Colorado Springs authorities.

Guess our homes aren’t the only place where it’s a good idea for responsible gun owners like Jack to keep a firearm, huh?



  1. From my understanding the Civil War was fought for states rights. When Ab Lincoln was shot it hurt the south. Seems like the south is forced to stand strong on the U.S. Constitution; our leaders aren’t.

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