Anti-Gunners Show How Ignorant They Really Are (Hilarious Video!)


If you haven’t been graced with Steven Crowder’s humor, prepare thyself. In his newest video, Crowder takesSCCapture to the streets to expose the complete and total lack of knowledge that gun-banners have surrounding guns.

The people in this video are totally clueless as to what they are banning, all they know is that they want it banned.

This video is pretty funny:



Bravo to Steven Crowder for showing the public what gun rights advocates have already figured out. People who want to ban guns don’t know ANYTHING about guns.

Steven Crowder explains the rationale for the video here:

Buzzwords like “assault weapon” and “semi-automatic” seem to be all the rage. But what do they mean? More importantly, what do the people pushing for “common sense” gun control and weapon bans think they mean?

I hope this funny video actually gives you hope for America. Even though the ignorance shown by many of the people in this video might be appalling, keep in mind that some of these folks just need a little education about guns. Some anti-gun folks are not hostile to the Second Amendment, rather, they have been fooled into thinking that machine guns are legal.

We can win hearts and minds simply by sharing the truth and fighting ignorance.  We need to target people who believe the “weapons of war” lie spread by the left, some of these people can be converted.




  1. Funny video but sad thats most of the politicians out there they wouldn’t now if there asses where board or punched including o,liar n killary those two dumb ass wouldn’t know the difference either

  2. Funny video. A 30-6 rifle is for big game – you could kill a bear with that. Not suitable for home defense. But an AR-15 is too small a caliber for anything but target shooting. I favor a 0.38 or 9-mm round for defense.

    • “But an AR-15 is too small a caliber for anything but target shooting” Perhaps you should tell that to the military because they use the same caliber weapon as their primary rifle. You might also explain to the many thousands of deer that have been killed by an AR-15 how they are not really dead because the 223 (5.56) caliber is too small for anything but target shooting.

  3. This is an eye opener to those who know nothing about guns. But no matter. The Second Amendment is quite clear on firearms, no matter what the gun is. I find it appalling but can understand those who live in urban areas who do not know any better. All of those who signed the petitions are all candidates for burglary or home assaults. Those are becoming far more frequent all across the country. I am not dumb enough to count on the police getting to my home in time to save me or my property. I am not dumb enough to believe that an active shooter is going to pass me by while killing others. I am not dumb enough to believe that confiscation of all firearms will not lead to government takeover.
    The list is negatively very dramatic and disastrous.

  4. In the article with the buzzword heading , I find an error in the last sentence of the first paragraph. “They have been fooled into thinking that machine guns are legal” GUESS WHAT—- THEY ARE.
    BATF requirements as of 7/13/2016. You can legally own a machine gun , IF you are a legal,21 year old resident. To do so you must::::
    #1 obtain and fill out the BATF form for purchase , fully and correctly , #2 Pay up front a $200.00 transfer fee.
    #3 Pass a background check.
    #4 Clear a FBI investigation. (#1 thru #4 requires approximately 10 months)
    #5Locate a Class lll dealer who has a machine gun for sale.
    #6Pay about $15,000. and up for the machine gun.
    Congratulations, you are now the owner, but, if you ever sell, bequeath, give away,etc. the NEW proposed owner must also negotiate the same steps.
    ALL requirements of the 1934 FEDERAL FIREARMS ACT.

  5. Ask the gun grabbers how far they think Hitler would have gotten IF every Jew in Europe owned a gun and about 10,000 rounds of ammo for it.
    The only thing that prevented Japan from invading the West Coast after Pearl Harbor, was, as Admiral Yamamoto so correctly stated, “Behind every blade of grass would be an American with a rifle”
    I am old enough that I can recall WWII when I was a child. My Dad (and any other citizen who wanted one) was given a WWI surplus 30-06 bolt action rifle plus all the ammo they could carry. The men in our neighborhood (a suburb of Phoenix) formed a defense group. I remember my Dad taking me with them when they went out in the desert to practice shooting.

  6. Does the “M” on that guy’s hat stand for moron? It should have an “F” in front of the “M”. It’s a shame these people can vote. People so uneducated have no business choosing our leaders. There should be a test to show you actually have common sense and that you know the issues. The democrats would never go for that as they depend on the ignorant and stupid to vote for them.

  7. Mao Tse Tung, bless his ol’ commie heart, said it best: All power flows from the barrel of a gun.”. Think about, uh, say, how it would be if nobody but soldiers and police had guns. Oh, yeah, there was a movie about that. It was called “Schindler’s List”.

  8. It’s the stupid people of this nation that got us (partially) in trouble. Let a good looking guy make an interesting speech, and make enough noise at the podium (don’t ask him why) and any nation is in trouble.

  9. well how can you feel sorry for them when they get shot or robbed , , but like always they sign stuff and have no idea what they are signing

  10. 4/3/2013 Denver Democrat Representative Diana DeGette was the lead sponsor of a Federal bill to ban high capacity magazines for firearms. During a forum held in Denver on gun control, a reporter asked her how banning high capacity magazines would reduce violence. She responded that if you shoot the bullets in the magazine and companies don’t make anymore magazines, then there wont be any more high capacity magazines. She was completely ignorant that gun magazines could be re loaded and not simply thrown away. People in the audience began laughing at her and she did not know why because she was serious in her answer.

  11. I’ve lived in a rural area since 1974. We have all the wild animals common to the midwest, plus occasional packs of dropped pet dogs, that go feral. A number of years ago, our 4 yr old granddaughter was playing just outside the back door, when we heard her screaming. A coyote had her backed up against the house when I ran outside.
    I immediately grabbed my 35 cal. rifle, and the coyote immediately took off. In a few steps he became a mess of blood and bone that would never bother any one again. If I were an anti gun nut, I would either have a late grand daughter, or one who would probably still have scars from the encounter. Hope these anti gun nuts never have such an experience, or have to live with such results.

  12. The clip (pun intended) that you did was supposed to be funny. I didn’t find it funny with the stupid people and how they know nothing, but can have a definitive answer. Well, stupidity can be funny. But not when we have politicians trying to ban “fully semi-automatic” firearms and those evil “black guns”, etc.

    It’s funny in a way that does show stupidity, and how easily some were persuaded to be stupid. lol

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