Shares In Gun Companies Plummet In Wake Of Hillary Loss


Barack Obama’s legacy as gun salesmen of the century is safe for at least another four years.

By politicizing virtually every tragedy he possibly could, Barack Obama, kept profits for America’s gun makers high. Hillary Clinton was a serious threat to outshine Obama’s gun sales accomplishments, but Donald Trump just dashed Hillary’s hopes and secured Obama’s legacy for at least the next 4-8 years.

While local officials in states like New York and California will continue to ban guns, the days of the public panic-buying guns in response to threats of national gun control are likely over.



Vista Outdoors made out the best out of the three companies, with only a 3 percent drop. Sturm, Ruger & Company plunged 14 percent — the largest decrease the company’s seen since February 2014. In the most stunning decline, however, newly renamed Smith & Wesson closed out with a 15 percent plummet in shares.

Gun companies had been doing well up until Wednesday morning, riding high off fears of a Hillary Clinton presidency which was thought to yield tighter restrictions on guns. With a Trump win Second Amendment advocates breathed a sigh of relief as their gun rights remained intact; thus, the demand for firearms subsided.

“Typically the fear of such legislation prompts a near term surge in consumer demand for those types of firearms, as consumers flock to stores to stock up on such firearms before the ban is potentially enacted,” Wunderlich Securities Analyst Rommel Dionisio told TheStreet.

“Naturally with the Trump victory, such consumer fears would subside, so there will likely be no near-term demand surge any time soon for firearms,” he added.

Though Vista, Ruger and Smith & Wesson shares fell ammo and defense corporations’ prices rose. Olin Corporation, which owns Winchester Ammunition, saw a 3 percent gain while General Dynamics rose 8 percent and Lockheed Martin closed out with a 14 percent increase.

Wowza! A fourteen percent drop in Ruger is pretty significant considering that the rest of the market was going up on Wednesday. Ruger has recovered a little since Wednesday, but they are nowhere near pre-election levels. Obviously, a Hillary victory was built into the share price.

The NRA could also experience a similar drop in memberships and donations. Nearly one million new members joined the NRA in the wake of the Obama administration’s relentless politicization of the Sandy Hook massacre. With the imminent threat of national gun control gone, membership could decline.

One thing I didn’t like about panic-buying, was the fact that lot’s of people who really shouldn’t be buying guns were inspired to buy them. You had situations where say, a local drug addict in upstate New York, runs out and buys an AR-15 because it’s his last chance to get one with a pistol grip before the new regulations set in. Some of the people panic-buying guns really shouldn’t have a gun in the house, and they probably would not have purchased one if it wasn’t for Obama’s sales efforts.

Panic-buying days are over! (for now anyway)



  1. crooks remain crooks it is in their DNA better put hillary and all men and females away for good and fix them to zero sex drive. remove that portion of their brain. all criminals there after, all the crazy people still rioting in the st.

  2. ” You had situations where say, a local drug addict in upstate New York, runs out and buys an AR-15 because it’s his last chance to get one with a pistol grip before the new regulations set in. ”

    What absolute B.S.

    What if??? Really? Go back to your “Dick and Jane” books.

  3. The last thing on the mind of a drug addict is spending $600-$1500 on an AR his only concern is his next fix, drug dealers already have what they want and rest assured that the majority did not run down to the store and buy it, the majority are felons and cannot buy legally. Proof once again that gun laws do not deter the criminal, only the law abiding. My suggestion, now is not the time to stop stocking up on weapons, there may be some good sales, time to stock up.

    • You are correct. No drug addict would buy a firearm legally, to easy to trace. Now is the time to support our gun companies and the NRA. Remember New Your still has Governor Cuomo and the SAFE Act. We just started the repair job and now we need to finish it.

  4. I thought that fewer people were buying guns and that a small percentage of the population were “super gun owners.” Now this article suggests that drug owners in New York were jumping at the last chance to get to get an AR-15 with a pistol grip. Look for a 10-30% boost in the market when the sound suppressors are made available in upstate New York.

  5. Criminals are going to find guns when there’s three hundred million around fortify your positions- never give up -never give in- food water ammo remember to pray

  6. I would think that with the non-contributing, do-nothing college age brats (college bred now means a four year loaf) that have emerged after the Nov. 8 election gun sales would remain high. We the People fully understand what the 1776 War for Independence was all about. It was about giving these blabbering know-it-all-wimps freedom to burn flags
    and show their stupidity and make asses of themselves for TV news videos.

  7. Yes it’s true, crooks will get what they want, because they don’t care if they hurt someone to get it. It’s we, the legal gun owners that the libs want to curb. Why not propose truly harsh penalties for those that use guns to commit crimes. The fact that the issue isn’t approached from that angle, just proves that the liberal, commie turds what to control an unarmed populace.

    • Because then, Tony, it would violate the cruel and unusual punishment law if you discriminated as such without also having ‘truly harsh punishments’ for those who use knives, cars, chainsaws, clubs, bare hands etc. to commit crimes. all of which kill many more people than guns. Far too many people like you still don’t get the real reason why guns are vilified so much by Totalitarian Authoritarianism.

      If they did, they’d join a movement and now, while the ‘getting’ is good, Get their Reps to Repeal/ ban ALL gun laws, PERIOD! And revise the criminal justice system with a complete overhaul while they’re at it.

  8. After reading this liberal inspired article it seems like they are telling us that these people buying guns are a bunch of mental nuts. Only if they are democrat, liberals.

  9. That’s ok! I’ll just roll those millions(LOL) tied up in gun shares over to somebody who makes high security fencing and walls. It’ll all work out!

  10. Yes, there was “panic buying” by some, but, the truth is that the American People knew, and know that they are being manipulated by non elected groups and individuals whose hearts desire is to totally control this Republic. Those elected who are the manipulators of those desires will always speak the loudest and work for the total ban on all firearms ownership.
    No, the election did not win the real War, it was a mere battle, and the People should not let their guard down.
    More to come.

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