Pistol Permits Surge In This Leftist State


A staggering 73% increase in pistol permits over 2015 occurred in Connecticut. The two chief motivator’s behind the increase are probably Daniel Malloy (CT’s anti-gun Governor) and of course, Hillary Clinton.

The Blaze gives us the best theory:

[quote_box_center]According to WTIC-TV’s account of a Norwich Bulletin report, state police issued 30,000 pistol permits last year — an increase of 73 percent — from 2015 when 17,000 permits were issued.


Gun owners told the Bulletin that they attribute the increase to fears that then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was going to win the White House, and that this would embolden Connecticut’s Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to seek increased gun restrictions.

During her campaign, Clinton said that she was going to “tackle the gun lobby” on day one of her presidency. She also praised New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, who would go on to be named the Senate minority leader, for being “one of the most effective legislators in taking on the gun lobby.”

Connecticut has some of  the strictest gun laws in the nation, with a permit being required to obtain not only a license but also to buy and carry a sidearm.


Democrats have a long history of motivating the American people to arm themselves. That’s really the hilarious part of the left’s gun control efforts: the net result is always more people buying guns. By enacting dishonest laws that serve their short term interest, left wing politicians have handed the long game over to gun owners.

Welcome! We are glad to have all 30,000 new pistol permit holders on board. There will be plenty more to come, but thank you bitter partisan blue state politicians. Your inept laws are only growing our base. With each poorly crafted encroachment on liberty, you shred your own credibility, while reminding Americans that the government isn’t always here to help.




  1. Good for theState and good for the individuals that realize the police are not duty bound to protect them !
    Now if they would just stop voting in those liberal democRATS, everything would be worlds better.
    You’re as bad as “Mask and Chewit” in their continual voting in drunks and morons like Kennedy and Kerry.

  2. Funny thing is democrats have lost over 1,000 positions since obama began the worst job any president has ever done and they haven’t yet received the message. The nicest thing I can say for obama is he became the gun salesman of the decade by making all Americans uncomfortable. I am so glad that Trump faced and overcame the many many lies told by democrats and won the presidency. Now if we could just rid ourselves of George Soros and the rest of the globalist scum…

  3. Bob what you have to realize is that in many states ie my state of NY & states like CT are outnumbered
    by city folks.There are many good old boys & girls & our votes are outnumbered by a large % by them.
    We keep on trucking which is proven by the fact that CT & NY folks who own ” assault rifles ”
    refused to register them at the rate of 90%.
    Don’t forget where the revolution started !!!!!

  4. The more the merrier. Its the belief by many gun owners and believers in the 2nd Amendment that the more people that are carrying, the safer we will all be. Amen?

  5. We still have a gun grabbing baby killing leftist as a Governor and two liberal political hacks as Senators.

  6. We still have a leftist baby killing moron as a Governor and two Democrat political hacks
    as Senators

  7. My GF is one of the 30,000. I live in VT and still purchased a $35 permit to buy ammo in that socialist stae. Why? A few of the gun shops have lots of ammo to fit all my guns. Not always here due to size of stores.

  8. I even purchased a ‘permit to purchase’ ammo in CT for $35. My GF in CT is one of the happy 30,000 last year. The reason why I bought this stupid ‘permit to purchase’ is that some of the gun stores in CT have much more and wider inventories than here locally.

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