They Want To Ban This Gun For The Dumbest Reason Ever


Of all the crazy reasons to ban guns, this has to be the dumbest. Ar-15’s are totally impractical for most common criminals due to their size, In a world where the vast majority of crimes are committed with handguns, the Ar-15 rules the roost as the home owners weapon of choice.

According to these whacked-out leftists, that isn’t fair to criminals.

Watch Steve Crowders incredulous reaction to this insane argument:


Is this social justice for murders? We need an even playing field for murders? The reality is that the Ar-15 truly is the “good guys” gun. Almost never used in crimes while simultaneously being THE most popular self-defense rifle in America. The left just can’t get over that fact.




  1. The really sad part about that is some asshole liberal judge or law makers feels the same way.

    • The second amendment absolutely forbids any kind of gun control including requiring registration or a license! Shall not be infringed!

      • Stand and fight. Join as many gun rights organizations you can afford even if only one. Write, email, call your congress and senate. Be politically active.

    • The sad thing is that some snow flakes think it looks scary while someone saves their life.

  2. We are making it too difficult for the criminals to do their work?

  3. Let me share a court case in which I was a witness. I in 1999 mitigated and detered a forced entry by a felon out on two paroles from entering and burglarizing my home. Though asleep, his racket woke me and I marched out with my AR with no magazine and no ammunition, switched on the lights to find this guy knawing through my stereo speaker wires with his teeth. I chased his ass out but identified his clothing and direction. In 5 minutes I was picked up by PD to ID him. Then called to court because I “denied this guy the right to pursue his means of making a living”. His livelihood was breaking entering burgaling and both his paroles stipulated he must not possess burgalar tools which he did and still I had to defend myself in court against a liar thief robber convict. This is crap! The law must come from california. The sphincter of liberal legislation in America.

  4. If those 3 thugs had broken into my home, they’d be just as dead and I don’t own an AR-15.

  5. They want to outlaw AR15 type semi-automatic rifles and magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds because – THE MINIMUM STANDARD OF FIREARM THAT ENABLES THE CAPABILITY OF AMERICAN CITIZENS TO KEEP SECURE THEIR FREEDOM IS THESE RIFLES! Outlaw them and the CAPABILITY intended by the second amendment is gone – we are then a controlled people with a limited “allowance” of low capacity sporting arms same as people in other parts of the world where there is NO SECOND AMENDMENT!

  6. Hail the 2nd. Amendment & Bless the NRA & All hunting & Sportsmans organizations ! Kudos President Trump getting with the NRA , & numerous other Presidents were Members of the NRA ! 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  7. No, the liberals are not crazy, they are just so locked in the liberal mind set they cannot see the reality of any thing. It is sad that a large part of our country in in this state of mind.

  8. Simple plain FACT is, the liberal anti-gunners see the AR as the symbol of the pro-gun side. So ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING they can come up with to even try to deter its existence is fair game for them. Even if it means siding WITH the criminal element that JUSTIFIES the very EXISTENCE of the AR in a great many instances. Since common sense is an alien concept to the libs, they can even try to justify their hatred of the dreaded “black rifle” by supposedly siding with the criminal element.
    It’s simply a case of grasping at straws.
    There was recently a case of a home owners SON defending his fathers home in Oklahoma. Young adult male was IN the home, when three thugs broke in, assumedly to burglarize the home. The hoods WERE armed, although not as well as the defender. A knife and a set of brass knuckles proved no match for the AR type rifle the defender brought to bare. All three of the hoods were shot and killed. The father of one of these ‘pillars of society” had the unmitigated GAUL to complain that the punishment was not fair, that the hoods didn’t do anything deserving being shot, let alone killed. As if fair even enters into the equation.
    You do the crime, be prepared to do the time. Up to and including eternity.

  9. I know this is preaching to our Patriot Choir here, but just to reiterate what everyone is saying in a slightly different real time movie trailer perspective, consider the Venezuela exemplar today. This was a once thriving and quite modern South American ‘West friendly’ Country but it was divided much as America is today in terms of political philosophies. When the equivalent of a ‘Hilary regime’ under Hugo Chavez’ current prortege successor finally collapsed the country under the uncontrollable weight of Totalitarian socialism last year because the ‘fruit of progressive Marxist Socialism (Hillary style) bears NO Edible crop, as in The country is starving and rapidly falling into Anarchy as I write this. Without food and free enterprise, all infrastructure is disintegrating, everything is scarce, and a desperate black market has emerged where those with the wherewithal and nerve make illegal border crossings to garnish what ever supplies they can from neighboring countries. The government has implemented a sort of benign not yet fully imposed martial law where the New Military police state protocol distributes nationalized food distributions through local authoritarian para military/police control.

    Of course that means it’s immediately corrupted and benefits only proprietary select groups and government sycophant citizen spies. Caracas is in chaos, and violence rules throughout the general populations as food and Sanitary supplies simply don’t exist anymore from within the country. Not to mention nothing of any type of ‘normal’ lifestyle and no hope for the ‘pursuit of happiness of any kind’ in the forseeable future. Those that can find the means to escape are doing so and the U.S. is taking in these refugees under that specific part of immigration. Escaping a totalitarian country in anarchy after a major monetary collapse.

    Now by this time you would think that before the next phase of major health and epidemics start wiping out the population that the people would have enough of this at this point rise up and remove their current socialist dictator by popular political coup? In fact there was serious movement in that direction by certain political elements

    But here’s the interesting first measure the Venezualan government did, when they knew it wasn’t going to get any better for the people. They banned all civilians from having firearms and any other weapons (machetes, etc.) The military police then proceeded to regularly conducts raids and confiscations at every opportunity.
    They also created local civilian militias to which they provided firearms and benefits of food and supplies (stolen from international rescue donations) (instead of payment because there is no real money there) in exchange for their help in dominating and controlling the masses.

    Lesson Learned, in living real time black and white…and blood RED?

    SHALL NOT BE INFRIGED was the Framers’ answer to this. They knew it always happens when a government gets so powerful and corrupt that it requires a massive surveillance para military police state to ‘govern’ the populate.

    We have to start ‘moving out’ on this my brothers and sisters. Gotta get a lot more Pro Active on our Legislators,to get Trump to immediately prioritize closing down rogue Fiat agencies with a left over OBama anti-gun mentality still doing Fiat legislating based on a gun control agenda.

    We ELECTED Trump to END Gun Control…NOT keep it alive and well.

    Having anything we want/need like AR’s is getting to be the only thing that makes us different from the rest of the Police States in the world.

    They banned citizens from having weapons and seized all a

    So the natural progression of the

    There is a black market

    • As long as our “schools” continue to teach the GUNS are no good, otherwise known as BAD, we will loose this battle, unless we find a way to stop our so called educators from teaching this. these students have what is known as ‘skulls full of mush”

  10. It seems that they are so used to being criminals themselves that they want to be able to defend their actions. Well bring them on.

  11. It is just obvious that the liberals want you dead. But they want the criminals to be able to do as they wish. LAMO

  12. Let the snowflakes melt. I no longer care what they think or say. I’m done with political correctness. Never give those idiots an inch.

  13. if you pay attention the commey- liberals are constantly telling us how bad they want to destroy the constitution

  14. Since I could buy several other semi-automatic rifles of well know brands, some that fire ten rounds or more, this is just not rational thinking. But while rifles and shotguns are quite good for home protection, they are not practical in public. With quick loading pistols available with magazines of more than ten, there is certainly competition for other kinds of weapons.

    But now the terrorists are resorting to large vehicles like trucks and buses to rack up mass killings without having to worry or wait on a background check. So, what is next for the liberals to ban?

  15. The liberals, democrats, politicians in general need to get out of our lives and stay out. You threaten me, my family, MY property , my freedom, I will give you one guess of what will happen! Enough said.

  16. They, the Liberals (radical leftist) of any kind are totally “brain” dead! Not that they do not have a brain, they simply do not know nor understand the essence of the 2nd Amendment nor the other parts of our Constitution that enable and preserve our rights to live free and safe! Keep ’em loaded! We do have the right!

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