Who Didn’t See This Arrest Coming?


Sometimes people do the funniest things. You know that they know better, yet they still do something stupid (I’m not sure what else you’d call it). Here’s the deal:

A guy is a convicted felon. He shoots a music video which shows him handling firearms. The police issue a warrant, arrest him, and put him in jail. The smdailyjournal.com describes it this way:

A convicted felon and alleged gangmember pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning to charges of illegally possessing a firearm after filming a rap music video in which he allegedly handled a gun on camera, San Mateo County prosecutors said.

Dellory Marzell Crooks, a 27-year-old resident of East Palo Alto, was arrested on an outstanding warrant Tuesday night in Menlo Park.

The warrant stems from the 2014 music video showing Crooks and four accomplices, all of whom are convicted felons and alleged members of an East Palo Alto gang, handling several firearms which investigators determined were real guns, prosecutors said.

For Crooks, who is prohibited from possessing a gun, this is a third-strike case.

Whether you think laws against felons┬ápossessing firearms are wrong, whether you think that three-strikes-and-you’re-out type legislation is a good idea and effective, whether you suspect that this guy was wrongly busted, this is funny (aside from the pun on his last name). Why? Because he knew the deal. He knew that, if he was seen in possession of a firearm, then he would go back to jail.


But, no, he had to film a music video (which, when you consider so many music videos these days, probably glorified irresponsible use of guns). It’s funny. It’s kind of like when you see the guy who thinks that he is indestructible and picks on the little guy who decks him in one punch.

Look, if you know that doing something is going to get you put in jail, are you going to video it and then put it out to the world? Not if you’re smart about it.

Admit it. You laughed, too, didn’t you?



    • He could be a gang member. He could walk a narrow line. But he just HAD to get in your face.
      Really big stooopid with a capital STOO !

  1. The person who operated the camera must under oath corroborate the genuineness of the firearm-appearing objects.
    If the defense is on the ball, the video will be challenged by enlarging it to show that it is an arrangement of colored squares (pixels) that can be arranged by the state to show anything.

    • “IF” is the primary word. The lawyers may just want the money, and not care if they get the defendants off. Since the defense may very well be court appointed, “fair trial” might be an oxymoron.

  2. And those worthies at the BATFE and DOJ are doing exactly what re what appears an out and out violation of FEDERAL LAW, LONG EXISTING FEDERAL LAW.

  3. Look up the word “IRONY”. There will be a new addition , consider the name “CROOKS”.

  4. His spawners should be arrested for the “Crooks” given names.
    What goes on inside their smelly Eggplants to come up with tags like “Dellory Marzell” ?
    Still, my fave American African moniker is “Shi’Tavious” for a male; followed closely by “Gonorrhea”…pronounced “Gone-or-ee-ah”, and “La-Ah”…pronounced “Lah-dash-ah” for females.
    Instead of being a Federally protected species, the mammal Snakeheads should be hunted like feral swine and coyotes.
    Demand that from your crooked, venal, sElected fake “Representatives” and servile-to-ZOG Gubbamint officials, or not…and just DO IT anyway.

    • When the government can no longer afford to pay them welfare, they’ll become violent. They’ll want what others have, and self defense is legal, or they’ll turn on each other, because one of them has something the others want.

  5. I’m sure this one falls into the LMAO category in the police squad room stories all across the country.

  6. Yes, I agree with everything you’re saying and you did mention “whether you agree or not”, but I would like to make an off-topic comment that I question the validity of the practice of basically taking away a man’s citizenship after he has been fully punished under the law. In the
    old days (in Scotland say) a man would receive some brutal lashes; but I guarantee that day or the next he was welcome as a fellow clansman.

    • You are absolutely correct. Over time many formerly minor anti social activities have been “felonized”. This is a legal construct to exert absolute permanent control by self serving authorities over what should actually be newly rehabilitated citizens with no impingement to their liberties in this “land of the free”. Felony classifcation may impress the rabbits in their city burrows, but does not carry justice or resemble a concept of “the American way” the way it was planned by the founders. It merely burdens many who do wish to return to society as redeemed participants.

  7. And they wonder why the law keeps after them. This is an obvious “Can’t Fix Stupid” situation.

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