When Anti-Gun “Journalists” Lie About The Intent Of Gun Rights Supporters


Any rational, lawful gun owner knows that the point of gun ownership is for the purpose of defending themselves and their family. The point is not to look for excuses to kill people at random. People who want to kill people at random are what lawful gun owners (the kind who read this website) are armed to defend everyone else from.

But, if you read what some “journalists” think, you would be of the misunderstanding that gun owners are just loose triggers (forgive the pun) looking for an excuse to kill someone (hat tip to here for the source). Someone named Steph Barnes writes,

The NRA’s “Carry Guard” sells itself as the “most complete self-defense insurance program and training for those who carry a gun.” But some are calling it “murder insurance.”

This move is prompting many to ask: Why implement better laws to regulate guns when someone can shoot first and show their “murder insurance” card later?

Now, can anyone who has actually thought about this issue (or read the details of the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance) really believe that this insurance is an excuse to kill people?


No, no, they can’t.

The insurance helps to pay legal costs only when someone uses a legally owned firearm and their case was either dismissed or they were found not guilty of murder in the shooting. In other words, if the person firing the weapon is found guilty of murder instead of self-defense, this insurance would not pay those legal costs.

If you think about it, the specifics of the policy make sense. No one justifies the murder of someone else, but self-defense is exactly that: preventing either your murder or the murder of someone else.

So, why would anti-gunners call this “murder insurance?” Simply because they aren’t about real journalism, but are about their own agenda using whatever dishonest methods they can find, and it’s this kind of dishonesty that we need to continue to fight against.



  1. Well just ask who’s blood they want pooled on their homes floors- their own or so calloused lowlife criminal creep~???????

  2. Dummycrats and libturds are allergic to facts, logic and common sense. The only sane course of action when dealing with them is to crush them like the bugs they are

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