This May Be The Coolest Glock Accessory You’ll Ever See

Photo courtesy MechTech Systems

You know the name Glock. You probably love your Glock. But have you ever wanted to take everything that you love about your Glock (the reliability, low muzzle flash, fire rate, etc.) and transfer that to a carbine?

Well, now you can.

MechTech Systems out of Montana has produced an upper to which a “Glock/1911 or XD/XD(M)/XD Mod2 pistol” can be attached to convert it into a carbine, and it is one of the coolest things you may ever see.


Essentially, MechTech Systems sells you a 16-inch “upper” for your semiautomatic pistol from your choice of four different butt stocks. You can attach the lower of your pistol to this upper, shoot to your heart’s content, and, then, if you want, remove your pistol lower and reinstall the upper that came with your pistol. No legal issues at all (see the BAFTE ruling here). There is no modification to your pistol’s lower, so the change back is relatively simple.

And the firing of this carbine looks like it’s a ton of fun. Low kickback, fully semiautomatic so you can pull off several quick shots in a row, and the accuracy appears to be good. Check out this video from MechTech Systems’s YouTube channel:

MechTech Systems website has this to say about their Glock uppers:

One of these is the starting point to design your customized Glock Carbine Conversion Unit (CCU). Each base model … comes with a 6″ Standard Rail and Molded Fore Grip. If you have your own M4 stock, buffer tube, castle nut and lock ring, our M4 Adapter will accept both commercial and Mil-Spec tubes. Every unit is test fired before it ships. Other rail choices are available which may replace the Standard Rail/Molded Fore Grip. All of our rails are Picatinny.

Bottom line is that this conversion (and the conversion back) is an easy and quick conversion, and this accessory looks like a lot of fun. And, at the time of this writing, you still may be able to get yours for Christmas.



  1. Does anyone know IF this is legal in NYS? I am unsure IF know that we are under the NYS SAFE Act almost everything is illegal.

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