Woman Stops Would-Be Mass Shooter With His Own Gun


Here’s a story that you don’t see every day: a woman stopped a would-be mass shooter using his gun.

Usually, when you hear about someone stopping an active shooter, that person has their own firearm with them to use to prevent a worse tragedy from occurring, but that’s not the case with Colette Wind in Norman, Oklahoma.

Wind was unfortunate enough to be in the building when a man in a gas mask and firearms went into Bergey Windpower to confront his wife. It sounds like this may have been a domestic dispute that went way beyond an argument, and, unfortunately, an unbalanced man decided to do evil things. Patrina Adger provides these details:


Wind was in another room and intervened. The gunman then shot her, officials said.

“He put the shotgun down, and one of our employees picked it up and, as the gunman went for his other (gun), he had two other pistols. Our employee shot him,” [company president michael] Bergey said.

Bergey and her family members are calling Wind a hero for risking her life to help a friend.

Fortunately, Wind’s injury doesn’t appear to be life-threatening as Adger’s story mentions that Wind was shot in the arm and underwent surgery.

People are calling Wind a hero, and I agree. She took the necessary steps to do the unpleasant thing that no sane person wants to do: she shot another person to save other people’s lives.

This is something fundamental that anti-gunners don’t understand: people who own and use firearms don’t want to injure other people, but there sometimes isn’t another practical way to deal with a person who has crossed over to asocial violence and is just intent on blood.

This story is simply another example of why responsible gun ownership is vital for a safe society and why we should be training people to use firearms for self-defense.



  1. She’s the kind of person that most responsible gun owners are. We just don’t want our rights to own and carry a gun infringed by anyone. Thus the phrase shall not be infringed carrys so much meaning. I own several guns and respect each and every gun owners rights. If you are a criminal you don’t have any right to complain if a gun owner shoots you. The Castle law should be upheld in every state, that goes for you New York, Illinois, California, New Jersey, and any other ruled by anal compulsive knuckle dragging morons.

    • I must correct you. There is a word that should not be used, “weapon”. I own a firearm. It is a “Personal defense devise”. Weapon is something that is used to inflict deadly harm with, and as such , it can be a tree branch, which is technically not classified as a weapon, “until it is used as such”.
      Sidearm ,”peacemaker” , or , I have something you may want to rethink your actions before you act.

    • That depends upon the person being shot. I have seen people being shot multiple times in the chest and still have enough energy to make it to where I was. The only sure way to stop someone is a shot to the head or a lucky shot to the spine. And unless you are using a shotgun with buck shot, one shot is never enough. Think Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO., he was shot multiple times and it was only after a shot to the head was he stopped.

  2. I knew a city in America I visited, the law there was you had to carry your own gun at the age of 18 on. Gun safety classes were required of every citizen. The people there were polite and friendly and crime was all but nonexistent. What few crimes there were committed by outsiders or misdemeanor tickets. I will not name this town because libturds would flock there to protest their evil gun owners. Still no crime there or would have heard it blared on the left wing news.

  3. I agree that while those of us who are gun owners don’t wish to use them on people, there are time when it is unavoidable. We usually have guns for other purposes but in an emergency can use them because of responsible firearms training or ling time use.

    • Probably. It’s happened to me and my comment never appeared. I was civil and pro 2nd Amendment, so why?

    • All comments are reviewed for proper verbiage and content. Not actually sensoring… that is to all posts per policy. Just be nice in your word choices and no treating and it is an approved post.

  4. I carry most everywhere I go now, not because I feel unsafe, but because I never know when I am going to run into someone high on drugs, anger, or revenge. I may be able to stop someone from hurting others. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to shoot to kill. You can shoot to stop the criminal from committing a crime.

    • That sir, is exactly correct. Too many today, with the way the “laws” are, (and LIBERAL BLEEDING HEART “judges”) letting them get away with being a criminal and punishing the Law-abiding, It is getting to be the “norm” that people are being FORCED to protect themselves. I always say… when a COP is minutes (or in MY case HOURS away) my .45 ACP (or 12 gauge) travels a LOT faster when threats happen. It is getting so the police only want to show up to help load the body bags after the fact. Sickening.

      • The LAW ENFORCEMENT is just that. They “enforce” laws. They are not there as body guards. They are there to clean up and GO AFTER THE PERP after a crime is committed. No crime, then nothing for the police to have action against some one. Most people think that police have a DUTY or a responsibility to protect us. This just isn’t so.
        Ever hear : “I called the cops on my neighbor,” ….Police ” Sorry maam…he hasn’t committed a crime, so there is nothing we can do. It’s a civil issue…take them to court “… THAT’S why they don’t help us most of the time.

        • I Agree With You. BUT, What About Their Motto: To Protect And Serve? Or Did They Decide That Wasn’t The Prudent Thing To Do Anymore?

  5. I live in NYC. Living in liberal land and every ghetto a subway ride away, we arm for self-defense against looters, home invaders, rioters. In the event of social chaos, we are ready.

  6. I am confused. Colette Wind confronted the gunman and was shot. When reaching for another weapon an employee picked up the shotgun and shot and killed the gunman.

    “People are calling Wind a hero, and I agree. She took the necessary steps to do the unpleasant thing that no sane person wants to do: she shot another person to save other people‚Äôs lives.”

    The story says that an employee shot and killed the gunman. Here it says, in the quote above, that Wind shot another person…

  7. It seems to me that some time ago, I heard of a court ruling that is was NOT the job of the police to “PROTECT”

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