Hero Father Fights Off Four Attackers While Holding Infant Daughter


It’s every father’s nightmare to have to physically and aggressively fight off attackers to protect your daughter. But what if your daughter was still an infant when this occurred? Considering her helplessness at that age, the feeling must be even worse.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to a father eating at a Memphis, Tennessee McDonald’s with his child. AWR Hawkins writes,

A father who was attacked in Memphis, Tennessee, McDonald’s while holding his infant daughter was able to get his gun and open fire, wounding one of the four attackers.

WREG quotes police saying “four suspects attempted to rob the victim at the McDonald’s in the 1400 block of South Trezevant near Lamar and Airways.”  A witness described a scene in which the suspects tried to catch the father while he was too busy to fight back.

Witness David Chase said, “They jumped out of the car and they started fighting him and trying to take his wallet and stuff.” He added, “He was fighting them. He dropped his baby and started fighting them and the child was just sitting on the concrete.”

Chase then heard gunshots rang out and the suspects fled the scene. It was later learned that the father had managed to get to his gun and fire the shots, wounding one of the suspects.

Put yourself in this poor father’s shoes. I wouldn’t wish that situation on anyone, and for four scumbags to target him because he had his infant daughter with him is just the lowest of low. I don’t feel any sympathy for the criminal who was injured.


And, as unpleasant as this whole situation is, it may be something that you want to think about a little more and to think through. How would you react in a situation like this? How can you prevent yourself from being caught in a situation in which criminals think that you are defenseless so that they try to take advantage of you? Whatever your answers, take action to prevent yourself from being the victim. The life that you save may not be just your own, but it may be your child’s life, too.



  1. Too bad that father couldn’t have sent all of them to the happy hunting ground.. permanently! It might have been a lesson to others!

  2. What is the matter with stupid damn politiacns. Come try and take my guns, better bring lots of gold and silver as I paid cash for all of my weapons.

    • You would sell your safety for GOLD ??????? NOT to smart, Once they have your guns they can easily tack back their GOLD. My Weapons are NEVER for sale. Trade maybe but NEVER for Sale to anyone especially a GOVT entity.

    • Yesterday 5/25/18 Friday, a high school student shoved a teacher and the teacher shoved back. It happens that both are black.

  3. Play with fire,expect to get burned! ALL LAW Abiding Citizens should have enough sense to obtain a concealed carry firearm ,Train with it & become a good shot under ALL conditions. It’s our 2nd Amendment RIGHT! The world has become a scary place to live,be prepared to protect your children, your life & thoes who aren’t prepared! The left wants you unarmed & vulnerable! Big brother doesn’t care about YOU! Most Law enforcers would help, if they could get there in time! So,it’s up to us to stop a problem! Wake Up America!

  4. Good for him. He should have killed all 4 of those scumbags. Thank God that the gun was in the right hands this time. Of course the f ing liberals wouldn’t think so.

  5. Stay alert, stay armed, be ready, this will not be the last. I would like to hear more about them. Still loose? Color- black, brown, white? Americans? Mexican ms13? Muslim? etc.

  6. Criminals will never give up buying ILLEGAL guns,from other countries like Mexico,or All Muslim countries.

  7. I would gladly give my life in protection of my family and 2nd Amendment rights. The liberal snowflake Dumbocrats have absolutely NO RIGHTS in attempting to violate my given 2nd Amendment rights,which were established in 1791,by our Forefathers. They knew then,that the ONLY way to defend our country,from enemies “foreign and domestic” was to enable the rights of the people,”TO BEAR ARMS”. The police and military,cannot and will not be able to defend its citizens. If you come to try to pry it from my cold dead hands…you’d better make sure,that I am,indeed dead or you definitely WILL BE.

  8. The second amendment gives us the right to arm ourselves and I will exercise that right as long as I live. If thugs are brave enough to attack me, I am brave enough to blow their asses away. I am a veteran and will NOT put up with their crap. Besides, these trash bags will always be a liability rather than an asset

  9. hooray,for this guy who fought back against 4 scum sucking mutant animals . yes liberals, i said animals . shame he didn’t kill some. In this day and age it is a shame we have to resort to violence. but that is all some understand. so watch your backs and be vigilant.

  10. I hope the four idiot would be robbers get the maximum penalty for their crime. That father who defended himself and his daughter is a hero, a perfect example of why we need armed citizens. Unarmed subjects are bait for the evil scum of the world. We must never let the ignorant useful idiots disarm us. It has been credibly estimated that upwards of 266 Million unarmed subjects were slaughtered by their own governments in the twentieth century. Never again. NOT HERE.

  11. What a great story ! Yet so sad it happened it’s just great to here why our 2nd amendment right is so important to us all and we must fight and stop these Anti American globalist communist bastards aka liberials form trying to take that right from us ,the world is getting worse and worse and it’s because of all the evil and it’s the liberials sho are bringing it alo g with the Muslims , we need to vote out all them from our elected offices.
    Liberials need to be removed from America vote them out !! And boycott anything they have to do with , and fight when you are attacked and wronged everyone has a right to protect your self and family so fight to protect your 2nd amendment right .
    God bless Donald Trump ! And let’s fight and stand with him ….as he beats down evil also …screw you liberials and screw you scum of the earth who priy on the innocent as you my find your next victim just mite be a good guy with a gun .

  12. All involved were African Americans, not that it matters what race the people involved were. If you google it you can easily find the details.

    • Either you’re AMERICAN or you’re not. No such thing as a hyphenated American, unless you hold dual citizenship which, legally, isn’t allowed in the United States of America. Those wanna-be “thugs” were black (it DOES MATTER) Americans. No more African than I am British or Italian, which are my ancestry. My British ancestry dates back to pre Revolutionary War times, and my Italian ancestry dates back to the early twentieth century. I American, plain and simple, NOT a hyphenated American. I defend the Constitution of our Republic. I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. GOD bless America, our President, our Troops, and ALL of us who seek HIS face!

  13. HE SHOULD BE THANK FULL HE HAD HIS GUN WITH HIM. how many times do go to the store or gas station and forget to arm our selves . I try not to do stupid stuff, s—t happens.

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