Online Retailer Starts War With Defense Distributed


By this time, you’re probably familiar with Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed with their recent legal fight over 3D gun plans which the Trump Department of Justice recently decided to stop opposing. Unfortunately, for Wilson, his high profile over these legal issues seems to have made him a target for some in the tech industry.

For example, online shopping platform Shopify decided to shut down Wilson’s online store for Defense Distributed without any explanation or justification, even though Wilson had an annual contract with them. Stephen Gutowski gives us the details:

Shopify shut down Wilson’s Defense Distributed storefront at 7:07 am EDT [on august 6th, 2018] according to an email from the company’s legal team to Wilson. The email said the account, which had been operating in good standing for over two years, was going to be shuttered in the next week and the storefront it was operating would be immediately inaccessible to the public.

The way that this was handled makes you think that someone in Shopify’s management or ownership decided to reveal their true anti-gun colors.


In reply to Shopify’s notification, Wilson requested to know the company’s justification for shutting down his store and demanded that the company refund all monies that they earned from his store. He is also considering legal action against Shopify, presumably for breach of contract.

Contrary to what Shopify (and other anti-gunners) probably want, Wilson has no plans to just shutter his windows and close up shop. Wilson has already said that he’ll look to continue Defense Distributed’s sales of “the company’s CNC mill machine, tooling, software, and accessories,” as well he should. There is no sane reason for him want to stop giving the marketplace what they want in order to please some crazy, controlling, out-of-touch-with-reality anti-gunners.

We’ll see if Shopify’s ridiculous move against Wilson affects their business. We can only hope that they reap what they’ve sewn for what appears to be an anti-gun move.



  1. If in fact he had a contract with them, he needs to sue them for breach of contract and make it very expensive for them.

  2. Forget lawsuits, why are we not yet CRIMINALLY CHARGING these obvious violations of our rights? It’s a rhetorical question because the answer is known. It’s because the Deep State has brainwashed us enough to think just because some kind of bureaucrat official has the power to mandate or make a law, that they can use this ‘lawmaking power’ to actually violate the laws already in place! There are specific criminal violations addressing this problem. Everybody should pull their minds out of their anuses and read 18USCC 241-242, and some of the multiplicity of court precedent law supporting this law. And then lets start ‘motivating’ our dysfunctional justice system ‘elected’ officials to start perp walking these true criminals in cuffs and leg irons!

  3. And once again, anti-gun corporate America flexes it’s considerable muscle and violates the Constitution.
    While I do not agree with Defense Distributed’s desire to make 3d weapons plans available to the world, I think Mr. Wilson has a really strong Constitutional rights violation case. And I hope he has a really good lawyer and deep pockets. Because Shopify does.

  4. Well,
    it looks like Shopify is the next company to boycott. Let’s see if they will like that.

  5. I just hope he can get the plans into the hands of citizens of “Shit Hole” countries to enable the people to overthrow the shit heads running them.

  6. #1. SHOPIFY is NOT U.S. but our L2 blue north Canadian folks. NO handguns allowed and outlawing many long guns. 2.WHY would a patriotic American in anyway associate with those cultural killers? 3. DESTROY them in U.S. Federal Court on any and all legal avenues. 4. I’m personally visiting his Austin TX HQ for my edification.

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