How Everytown Is Trying To Deceive And Hijack The Midterm Elections


You could call the situation that Everytown for Gun Safety finds itself in sad. But, if you’re reading this site, then chances are that you’ll feel both a bit of satisfaction and a bit of irritation about how the Michael Bloomberg backed anti-gun group is handling itself for the upcoming elections.

So, what is this situation? Well, it appears that Everytown feels like they cannot win the fight to ban guns through honest persuasion and debate, so they have taken to giving money to candidates whose primary focus is supporting non-gun related issues to try to sneak gun control in the backdoor and hijack this election for their foolish ideas (hat tip to here for the lead). S.A. Miller writes,

Gun control was supposed to be the issue of 2018.

Yet it has receded so far into the background of the midterm congressional elections that Everytown for Gun Safety, a major player in gun control, is spending its money on ads covering abortion, health care and the Republican tax bill — but nary a mention of assault rifles or bump stocks.

Why not? Why aren’t we seeing all of the uproar that we saw after the Parkland shooting? What happened to the confident swagger that anti-gunners like David Hogg regularly showed on mainstream media television?


Miller hints at the answer:

In some cases, the pullback from gun control by Democratic candidates and their allies looks like a political calculation, although the move bucks their claim that stricter gun laws have become a “90 percent issue” among Americans.

And I think that Miller nails it on the head there. The reason that anti-gunners aren’t pushing for more gun control in their campaigning is because it’s a losing issue. The fact of the matter is that Americans don’t want the government limiting their self-defense options.

And anti-gun organizations like Everytown know that, so they are putting their money behind candidates who are trying to hide their anti-gun political positions and campaigning on other issues. In other words, Everytown isn’t being honest with what they are doing. They are trying to hide the issue that they are pushing by allowing the uninformed to believe that they support these other issues.

It’s just another example of anti-gunner hypocrisy as they try to deceive the American public into disarming themselves. So, while we should celebrate their desperation caused by their losing position, we need to continue to fight to increase the number of Americans who simply do not believe Everytown’s foolish rhetoric.



  1. Anti-gunners just don’t seem to realize the old adage “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!” is as true as it can get! Are they going to license who can buy pipe because one can make a bomb out of it!? Are they going to restrict knives because some schoolgirls decided to cut up classmates? Hell no! they just want guns out of the picture because the guns are the most visible method of defense in the nation!

    • “Anti-gunners just don’t seem to realize the old adage “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!” is as true as it can get!”

      Oh they realize it alright or I should say the leaders realize it they just don’t care or more likely they plan to be a part of the ‘outlaws” that have guns.

  2. The problem with anti gun rights rethoric is that neither facts nor history support the line they they peddle.

  3. These people care nothing about saving lives. They want “control” of all citizens. No tyrant ever took over a country where the Citzens were armed. The German lady that the army interviewed after the war, said “they knocked on our door and took all our guns. They never Bothered to knock after that.”

  4. Look mikey Bloomberg caries a gun and his (4) body guards are very heavily armed, that goes for soros Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of that elitist crew>>> andy Cuomo even brings his heavily armed body guards to the die in’s he attends The reason people carry fire arms is because a cop is too heavy???
    When you have only seconds to live the cops are only minutes away(actually you’re dead when they get there).
    Its better to have a gun and not need it than to need one and not have it. A gun in hand is worth ten cops on the phone. FACT ALL STATEMENTS ARE TRUE

  5. Bloomberg is another person that needs to leave this Country he is not a true American it makes upset these billionaires think they can order us around

  6. I believe its time that,When a Politician runs for office with particular issues,they can Only run on those Same issues.If they change course or change their stance they Should Have to step down from office.We vote them in and then they do what ever they want.This has to Change Now.We elect you for certain issues and you should Not be able to Fool us at the time of vote then change it.Also No more than One issue or Bill should be allowed to be addressed at a time.I’m Tired of Voting for instants on an animal rights issue then it passes and we find out,Attached to this Bill there is also another bill that was attached and I never knew.Lets make the Law something every citizen understands at the time of the Vote.Thankyou.

    • Robert, how about all the “back room deals” that pass under the radar laws without even being brought to the floor? All that has to be done is print the measure in the Federal Register, and if no objection is heard, it becomes law! This is how your SSN was okayed to be used for ID purposes by credit agencies and government entities!

  7. Antifa is the perfect reason we need to be able to defend ourselves. These people are insane, and can do great damage and harm. We should reopen insane asylums for these types, who are criminally insane.

  8. Every honest person that has a gun is ready to Protect Life and Property…it has become a necessitie for Elderly persons like myself (80) I have a colt defender air pistol next to my bed and a 38 which I keep in a safe…as I see it Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Communist Subversive Party such as Bloomberg and CNN are a threat to life and the Elderly are a thing that needs to be done away with…they have no respect for humanity, nor God…it is all about their right to power, if we become too complaicent they will take us to the ovens as the Nazi’s did the Jew’s…they are Racist and everything else they call us…it is pitiful and truly sad, but, a fact of our lives…Protect yourself get guns and hide them or they will find a reason to take them…

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