Anti-Gunner Mayoral Candidate Proposes Suing Neighboring States For Being Gun Friendly


Candidates for political office often say things that they don’t mean in the hopes of getting support and votes out of it. And maybe that is the case with a current mayoral candidate for Chicago.

But, seeing how anti-gun Chicago already is and that this guy is already on that bandwagon, the ridiculous thing that he is proposing may be something that he is serious about. Dan Zimmerman gives us the bizarre details:

The first rule of politics: if there’s a problem, blame someone else. It’s always preferable to deflect responsibility onto your political opponent(s) but anyone will do in a pinch.

Chicago has become known by some as Chiraq for its seemingly intractable crime rate and the number of daily incidents involving gunfire. That crime problem and the attendant high number of murders in the Windy City, was a major factor in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to announce that he won’t be running for reelection.

One of those vying for the city’s top job as a result of that impending vacancy is Gery Chico. Showing he’s able to think outside the box, the former chief of staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley is advocating a new approach to Chicago’s gun-related crime problem.

Crain’s Chicago Business has this . . .

With an eye toward curbing Chicago’s gun violence, mayoral candidate Gery Chico would sue Indiana and Wisconsin—and a Cabela’s location in Hammond, Ind.—if they don’t take action to cut access to firearms.

“We can no longer take this,” he said at a recent candidates’ forum at Steinmetz College Prep on the Northwest Side. “I’ve said, if we can’t get Indiana and Wisconsin to work with us, we sue ’em, and that includes the Cabela’s gun shop right in . . . Hammond, Ind.”

What do you suppose “work with us” means, exactly?


Just as New York’s former Mayor Michael Bloomberg loved to blame Virginia, of all places, for his city’s gun problems, Chicago pols constantly point the finger at Indiana. And now Wisconsin, too. Chico’s hardly alone in that.

Instead of blaming the failure of their own gun control laws to stem the tide of gun violence in Chicago, Chico wants to say that neighboring states are the reason why Chicago has a gun violence problem. But one has to ask: If easy access to guns in neighboring states is why Chicago has a gun violence problem, then why don’t those neighboring states also having a gun violence problem?

The answer, in case anyone close to Chico is reading this, is that guns aren’t the problem. Violent people are. And gun control isn’t the solution. Armed citizens willing and able to defend themselves from violent predators is the solution.

That’s the truth, and it’s never going to change.



  1. Shitcago has always been Shitcago and organized crime and Politics still go hand in hand. An ethics less city were law abiding citizens of all races run to the suburbs after dark. The streets are taken over at night by prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers and gangbangers. Soetoro and Ghetto Girl didn’t scratch enough backs so they won’t let him build his library there. A mud hut in Kenya is a perfect place.

  2. Chicago – to me – is a place to change trains and/or planes. I value my life and the lives of my family too much to stay any time there.

    • I got stuck on the Freeway running through that SHIT City once, couldn’t find an Exit to take me out of town. Finally turned on the wrong way exit to get out of there I figured 3 hours going in circles was more than enough of that Hell hole, I don’t understand how anyone can live in that SHIT CITY.

  3. Chicago – to me – is a place to change trains and/or planes. I value my life and the lives of my family too much to stay any time there.

  4. Until these educated idiots learn what personal responsibility is, there will be no cure for shitcago. That is slobamas territory let him fix it.

  5. Weak politicians blame inanimate objects for crime. Chicago is a crime ridden city. Chicago has very strict gun control laws. The decent citizens are defenseless. The criminals still have their guns. Now this schmuck, Gery Chico, wants to blame other states for Chicago’s crime problem? What’s he been smokin’

  6. Just goes to show the complete ignorance of Shitcago’s elected officials. Cabela’s must run ALL gun transactions through the FBI NICS check system of they will face criminal penalties. They also CANNOT sell handguns to anyone outside the state of Indiana.

    Stop being so stoooopid and relax your gun laws. After a few armed citizens take out some of your criminals, things will settle down A LOT!!

  7. GEE, WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA! Why should Chicago enjoy its murder and mayhem alone? Chico wants to share the joy of Chicago with Indiana, Wisconsin, and Cabela’s.
    At least, some of us know better.
    The DemonRats want to destroy the USA, and they enjoy their “progress” in Chicago. They just want to spread the poverty and crime to others now.


  8. The problem is: The DemonRats destroying the country. They have already destroyed Chicago, and now they want to spread the damage, just like cancer does. The problem is Socialism, with its attendant poverty, crime, starvation. terror, genocide, etc. And do not forget the crooked politics. One person said on the radio that the entire Chicago cemetery voted for Hillary Clinton. And rampant voter fraud is part of the problem. And how many people in Crimea voted their conscience when they had bayonets pointed at their backs? One question is: were there goon squads at the voting booths?
    In other words, the problem is not Ignorance, but Socialism. The enemy know what they are doing, and they have spread all thru Chicago like Cancer.
    There will have to be a lot of Good People in Chicago at the local level, working to bring Honesty into Chicago. And it will not be easy.
    If there were not enough good people to save Sodom, then Sodom was destroyed. A SAVING REMNANT of only 10 good people who were dedicated to straightening out the mess could have saved Sodom. But also, those 10 good people HAD TO REMAIN UNKILLED.
    It will most likely take a lot more than 10 good people to save Chicago, who are dedicated and unkilled.


  9. If, the Mayoral candidate succeeds in trying to sue the neighboring states, I would propose the neighboring states counter-sue for for any number reasons: interference with the state’s government, interference with trade commerce, interference with the states’s rights, constitution, etc. I’m sure there are any number of reasons for counter-suing.

    • No chance of him winning, but the counter-suit will bleed the taxpayers of his burg dry.

    • There is an old saying in legal circles, you can sue anybody anywhere for anything at anytime, you just can’t win.

  10. Guess we can say, “Welcome to sunny Chicago, the land where no one is responsible for their actions–its always someone else’s fault. The land where “vote early, vote often” seems to be the mantra that governs the thoughts and actions of the demoncrab party, the land where idiots call home….and where all who can (especially the law abiding, LEAVE ASAP. And, don’t forget the land of Rahm Emanuel of the “never let a good crisis go to waste” fame

  11. Seems to me that Chicago is one of the most Gun Friendly City in America! Just basing that on the numbers of shootings they have every year. The neighboring States need to sue Chicago for the lawlessness they allow in their streets which could cross State lines!!!

  12. Well, he sounds like a simple minded Chicagoan so why expect anything BUT stupidity. The problems OF Chicago are due to Chicago but in true lefty fashion they want to deflect that on others. They’ve allowed the punks to reign for so long it’s ingrained in their society and they want to find someone else to blame for their history of failures. Typical.

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