Proof That We Can Nullify Anti-Gun Laws And Reclaim Gun Rights In Blue States [Video]


The political machine in America can be incredibly frustrating for pro-gun people like you and me. It can seem like our rights are just getting trampled on by big city politicians that don’t care about our rights, the Constitution, or about the reality of what can really prevent gun violence (if you’re new here: Hint: Gun control doesn’t stop gun violence but it does increase violent crime).

You might be tempted to throw your hands in the air and just say, “The heck with it!” That’s completely understandable.

But before you do that, take about twenty minutes and watch the video below which is an interview with a guy named JJ who is making progress in Illinois to secure and protect gun rights outside of the urban anti-gun delusion zone of Chicago. Yes, real progress. In fact, almost sixty percent of counties in Illinois have “decided to nullify gun control” (see the 19:00 minute mark). You can watch it here:


These guys make some really interesting points in this interview about both the way politics works in our country and also about the reality of the situation.

For example, despite what the news media wants you to believe about the “majority of people support gun control” (not in unbiased surveys which the mainstream media doesn’t support, though), the places where gun control is strongest is where people have often never used a gun and are terrified by the existence of them: cities. As JJ points out, only about four counties control the overall voting on the state level in Illinois because of the population concentration in those urban areas. However, outside of those urban areas, people are much more open to guns and more likely to support gun rights. Even if they don’t own guns themselves, they are more likely to be open to a rational discussion about them.

Because people in more rural areas are more likely to be pro-gun, the state attorneys in those areas and law enforcement officers in those areas are more likely to support nullifying gun control laws in practice. But we need to be talking to these people, having rational and calm discussions with them and telling them that we want them to uphold the Constitution. Through their right not to charge or prosecute people with unconstitutional crimes and by refusing to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws, these state, county, and municipal employees can uphold the Constitution.

We also need to let these people know that civil and criminal lawsuits may be filed against them if they violate the Constitution by enforcing gun control laws.

These may be tiny steps, but they are steps that we can take that can add up to protecting our gun rights in this country. Now, we just need to get to work.



  1. Our biggest problem is there are too many radical lawyers with nothing to do. Most of the lawmakers are lawyers and the rest of them such as the squad by their actions, really indicate or exhibit very little common sense. Yet the democratic party are making laws for the rest of us are supposed to follow.

  2. Great news!
    Thanks for all your work.
    This kind of movement is right in step with what I’ve said all along, while witnessing criminal politicians break their oath of office to erode our second amendment.
    It’s a violation to even propose legislation that alters the second amendment.

  3. Every time they (Dems’), establish a bill against our second amendment rights, they always a tariff to it.
    We need to add a tariff to them, in a lawsuit against them for attacking us, the Citizen of the U.S.A.
    Why do we put up with this. It’s our country too.

  4. You all are right they sworn an Oath to uphold the Constitution and yet they break it all the time. I think that is a count of high treason correct me if I am wrong. We The People need to stand together as one and see that this corrupt government gets the punishment they deserve. I know that is still in the Constitution time to drain this swamp once and for all. And take back our country. Look how broke everyone is today you work everyday to make a living and can’t really even do anything they keep raising taxes on everything and keep taking taxes out of our paychecks that is wrong. They are wrong and wrong for our country they should all leave and go live in the UN. Or we should crack down on these criminals and try them for their crimes. Anyhow thanks for all the reply’s and remember GOD BLESS AMERICA

  5. I posted a comment about the Constitutionality of gun rights and nullification on 9/17 that hasn’t shown up. What policy of this site did that violate?

  6. What truly Americans whom believe in the 2nd and wont accept Communist or Shari Law over US Laws, is to start running for Senator, Congress, Governor, Mayor, Commissioner, Police Officer, Military in order to stop the PC Liberal Communist Democrat Party in order to continue for America to be American and nothing else Period.

  7. As shown by the laws they make about gun controls the demoRATs are for total government control of the people. They violate the constitution every day by making more restrictions on their constituents that don’t effect them. As long as you vote these criminals in they will do as they want, it’s up to us to vote them out and recover our constitutional rights, keep up the fight for your rights OR LOSE THEM. Vote for people that have OUR interests at heart not theirs, vote responsibly or pay the price.

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