Rabid Anti-Gunner Calls VA Gun Sanctuaries An Attempt To ‘Hijack Our Democratic Process’


You can tell when an anti-gunner is upset that they haven’t been able to buy an election: they start calling any pro-gun statements an opposition to the “democratic process.”

Of course, these “geniuses” conveniently fail to state that the United States is not and has never been a democracy. We are a republic which means that the law is more important than the fickle and easily-swayed temporary will of the people. In other words, the Second Amendment is above any Bloomberg-bought public opinion temporarily supporting gun control in Virginia.

But don’t take my word for how Constitutionally illiterate this guy is. Read what Josh Horwitz says in his own words:


In the weeks since this historic victory, those who oppose any change to Virginia’s gun laws, no matter how reasonable or necessary, have pushed dozens of localities to adopt the rogue idea now known as the “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”

Those jurisdictions that support the concept of Second Amendment sanctuaries have publicly stated that they will not enforce or abide by state laws — in this case, gun violence prevention laws — that they, not a court, consider unconstitutional. In essence, they will not follow or respect the rule of law. They will not comply with democratic norms. They are ready to dismiss elections entirely and rely instead on mob rule, intimidation and heavily armed anarchy.

The rhetoric surrounding Second Amendment sanctuaries is morphing in a disturbing way. It is becoming more radical and dangerous for the citizens of Virginia. There are now localities discussing deputizing members of their citizenry to rise up against the state government. Anti-government rhetoric is being spread on gun message boards and blogs about the impending armed uprising against gun violence prevention champion Gov. Ralph Northam, House and Senate leadership, and the new Democratic majorities.

Whether pro-gun extremists are bluffing or not, these are calls for insurrectionism and anarchy. This is what happens when the rules of democracy are disregarded. Gestures of force and violence replace true representation and expression. We cannot allow armed insurrectionists to hijack our democratic process. Gun violence prevention champions have a mandate from Virginia voters and deserve the ability to enact change without being threatened by violence.

The movement for gun violence prevention is a social movement. We strive to incorporate the principles of social justice, racial equity and the freedom for all Virginians to live their lives without the constant worry of being shot in neighborhoods, by an abuser, in a municipal building, a college classroom or any other everyday place.

So, here we have someone wanting to completely sidestep the rule of law by trying to change parts of our country (Virginia) from a republic to a democracy and part of the group threatening to use violence by the state (threatening to send in the National Guard) to enforce their sidestepping of the law accusing those who are on the side of the Constitution of trying to circumvent the rule of law and of threatening violence.

The hypocrisy of anti-gunners knows no bounds, and that is why there is a #VAGunRightsRebellion happening right now.



  1. I want to know where this bozo gets the idea that violating the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is “reasonable and necessary”! NO violation is “reasonable” and it is only “necessary” to those who would deprive us of the rest of our rights as well!

  2. Well we all know that the democrats want to keep the illegals so the created sanctuaries for them and refuse to follow the law yet they throw a fit for sanctuaries of firearms which they violate the law trying to take the firearms.
    To the democrats reading this the 2nd Amendment was written 15 years after a version of an automatic firearm was introduce to the government. This is why the 2nd Amendment doesnt state just muskets but firearms as the framers knew technology was going to make better firearms down the road and set the 2nd Amendment for ALL FIREARMS.

  3. Hey Horowitz, why is it considered “legal” and “just” to declare cities, counties and states, sanctuaries for persons who have entered the United States ILLEGALLY but it is totally illegal to delcare sanctuaries for our constitutional rights?

    Hypocritical clowns like you only support the law when it suits you and then you scream to high heaven when LAW ABIDING CITIZENS use the same premise to defend their legal right to bear arms. Wake up and realize that if you and your ignorant lemming minions can circumvent the laws because you don’t like them, so can the other side, especially if they violate a constitutional right.

    You worship gun grabbing scumbags like Herr Fuhrer Wannabe Maggot Bloomingturd for he is your false Messiah. He has pumped his lies into every one of your orifices that you firmly believe that phony excrement. You need to check out the real facts and then make an informed argument. Stop believing all of the garbage Bloomingturd’s propaganda puppets spew out on a daily basis. Until you and der Fuhrer Wannabe can ensure the safety of ALL citizens and can abide by ALL current laws, shut your worthless pie hole.

    The citizens have a right and responsibility to defend themselves and their families. You and your party “elites” best realize these citizens will not let you turn them into subservient subjects without major resistance. They are diligently working peacefully to protect their rights and stop your falsely contrived gun grab.

  4. The legislation used against the CITIZENS of Virginia is in direct conflict with the 2nd. Ammendment of The Constitution ! Where was ANY vote on the people’s part accepting this legislation ?? It was simply IMPOSED upon them by their state governing body acting above the law with total disregard to their RIGHTS ,!!

  5. This, and other things like it, are precisely why God gave us the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. The godless left, which cries about issues like this one, doesn’t have any problem murdering our unborn/just-born infants; doesn’t have any problem flooding this country with people who don’t have any intention of becoming citizens; doesn’t have any problem flat-out lying on national television in the House of Representatives and the Senate. These people don’t have a conscience; they are only interested in two things–power and self-enrichment at the expense of the American people.

    While I don’t advocate murder, even for these vile snakes, we should definitely find a way to either vote them out of office and/or charge them formally and send them to jail.

  6. It occurs to me that this is the exact reason the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment – to protect The People from a tyrannical government. How previsionary of them.


    Translation: They deserve to INITIATE physical force upon law abiding citizens, meaning, they deserve to commit crime against them, without being treated as the criminals which they are, under law. Their deserts come as a gift of “Virginia voters”, thru democracy, without respect for law or rule of law. So crime rules, and hell with law and rights.

  8. Socialists , Fascists and Communists have relentlessly attacked our Constitution and Bill Of Rights for over 100 years , It seems that they have launched their final assault , So called ( Red Flag Laws ) are spreading like the Unconstitutional Socialist Cancer , Banning this and that , Blood will spill Americans will die before this is over

  9. Common misconception is everyone who rants about “our democracy”. We have a Constitutional Republic where our selected representatives sole job is protecting our constitution. A democracy is legalized chaos, a mob rule. There has never been a successful communist government and there has never been a successful democracy. Both have eventually ended in bloody revolutions. Always.

  10. Very pathetic for some low-info Marxist Socialist to not know the Constitution IS the law of the land = America – which is a “Constitutional Representative Republic” and in no way a democracy….except to select Reps to do OUR service for us not rule us for WE are their employers under OUR 3-Founding documents they swear an oath to or are guilty of sedition for not upholding.

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