Anti-Gunner Politician Reveals His Stupid Assumptions About Gun Owners


Anti-gunners start with some pretty absurd assumptions. Specifically, we’re going to talk about anti-gunners’ assumption that people only buy guns because they want to cause physical harm to someone else. After all, these anti-gunners assume, why else would you buy a weapon?

Of course, this assumption is ludicrous. That’s like saying that the only reason that you buy medical supplies for your home, like Band-Aids with cartoon characters on them, is because you intend on hurting kids in a way that would need those Band-Aids to cover up the wound.

Nothing could be further from the truth. But that doesn’t stop anti-gunners like Washington, D.C. council member Charles Allen from making that assumption. Dan Zimmerman writes,


In the months after the court decision (in 2017), the police department began approving hundreds of permits. Before the decision, there were only 123 active licenses, and D.C. police denied 77 percent of applicants for failing to provide the required “good reason.”

D.C. police have since signed off on 4,808 permits, according to data the department provided March 5 to Council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6), who chairs the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety. Permits expire after two years, and there are currently 4,147 active license-holders, according to the department’s records division.

Allen said he is concerned that the large number of people potentially carrying legal firearms in public puts D.C. police officers in a difficult position to distinguish between someone concealing a legal gun and someone hiding an illegal firearm.

“Does that put them at greater risk? I think it does,” Allen said of the officers. “It’s unnerving to the public, and it troubles me.”

D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said Thursday that police officers on the street have not complained to him about encountering legal firearms.

Unnerving to the public? Only if you assume that carrying a gun means that you want to hurt people. Otherwise, why would you even care if someone is concealed carrying?

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has dealt with anti-gunners that they have this attitude, but it is frustrating to see this attitude from someone in public office because that person has access to the data to understand how stupid the attitude is.

This is the kind of attitude that we have to fight against, and we need to keep working to educate people and to vote rational, intelligent, pro-gun people into office.



  1. Police officers carry weapons too, and in plain sight. Is that because they want to hurt people? Or is it because the “good guys” need to deal with “bad guys” who have weapons! Like most liberal arguments, it just doesn’t “hold water” when analyzed by “open minds”.

    The public who carries is ready and able to assist officers when needed. I have asked several of our police officers, and they support and encourage concealed carry. One officer even went so far as to say that he welcomed assistance as long as I was shooting in the same direction he was!

  2. Tell that to the gov. of N.Y. He just shut down ALL of the gun stores in the state. What is he worried about? Oh yes , that was after releasing prisoners from lock-up.

  3. AMEN!! Infact there have been many incidents where armed citizens have come to the rescue of officers who were injured and/or in jeopardy. Back in the 60’s a Chicago detective wrote in GUNS magazine that he wished that there would be lost more armed citizens because those citizens would make his job a lot easier.

  4. There is only one reason a government wants to take away the guns of legal citizens. And that is because they have plans for the citizens that they would be shot for.

  5. In over 20 years of being in law enforcement I have never had a problem with CCW holder. That may have something to do with the fact that if you followed the rules and laws to get your weapons permit, you have no intention of breaking any laws. Some of these politicians have no business being in office. Their unfit to serve! Shame on them all, however the theme seems to be the majority of anti-gunners are Democrats.

  6. Best defense against stupid is voting against stupid. Then or especially during the stupid display, educate the people. Hit them with facts on billboards, radio, tv and of course the internet ( my least favorite media).

  7. When concealed carry was up for vote in OK, the anti-gunners (yes, we have them in OK too) were out in force trying to convince people that there would be gunfights in parking lots if this were passed. It passed and nothing of the kind happened, but it serves to illustrate how paranoid these clueless people are.

    • Hear, Hear! My Grandpa and three uncles did not fight in WWII just so a noisy, self-important bunch of candyasses and “Deep State” puppets could sit in DC and deny us our Constitutional rights under the First, Second, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments! VOTE NONE OF THE ABOVE 2020! Check the voting records of your Congressmen and women, and de-elect those who voted with the Constitutional scofflaws!

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