Hero Sheriffs Processing CCW Permits During Coronavirus Panic


It’s refreshing when you see someone get it about guns and self-protection. It’s especially refreshing when you see law enforcement get it because that’s who anti-gunners expect to use to enforce their foolish laws.

While some in government want to use the Coronavirus as an excuse to violate our Second Amendment rights and make people less safe by taking away their ability to get a gun (see here), others on the government payroll are doing the right thing. Cam Edwards tells about about two such government employees:

I’ve written quite a bit here in the past couple of days about the number of sheriffs’ offices and local courts that are temporarily suspending the approval of concealed carry licenses, not because of any attempt to disarm citizens, but to protect the deputies and court workers so that the system can function during the coronavirus pandemic and the current attempts to flatten the curve of new cases.

One sheriff’s office in West Virginia is trying to find a good middle ground between protecting the front-facing staff and deputies and ensuring that people can still at least renew their concealed carry license. The Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office says it will continue processing concealed carry renewals, but only through the mail.

Edwards continues:


There is at least one sheriff still accepting concealed carry applications at the moment. The Montgomery County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office is still accepting applications and renewals for concealed carry, but the office has shifted to an appointment-only system to limit the number of people inside the building and in contact with employees.

While these aren’t ideal solutions (Constitutional carry is the right solution), it’s good to see that at least some government employees are trying to allow people to protect themselves while other people are panicking. These sheriffs deserve our support while we continue to work to uphold Second Amendment rights for all Americans.



  1. Jacksonville Florida Sheriff’s Dept Will NOT process any CCW’s. Its a shamed how these guys suspend the Constitution as they please. They should be sued.

  2. The sheriff should not be doing anything that would cause a law abiding citizen to need their gun. At what point do we draw a line. Criminals certainly have a reason though illegal to use their guns. But ccw citizens are actually working within the law. Why should law enforcement be concerned over an armed citizen? Unless they plan enforcing things that are unconstitutional

  3. I love in West Virginia and we have done away with CCW as a requirement, you can still get some and renew one but is not mandatory. We also have open carry, guess we’re doing something right or at least trying. We also have many counties that are gun sanctuary counties. If we can get rid of Capito and Manchin we might still have a chance to be a really good state.

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