Hypocrite Kamala Harris Busted With Security Detail Carrying Guns She Wants To Ban


Kamala Harris, the woman who slept her way to political power in California, just keeps continuing to show her true colors. To be clear, she continues to believe that rights are for her and her cronies and not for normal, everyday people like you and me.

As you probably know, Harris is a rabid anti-gunner, and she has promised to ban importing assault rifles (never mind that the rifles that she wants to stop importing are overwhelmingly manufactured in the U.S.) and to implement other gun control measures. C. Douglas Golden writes,

As the outlet pointed out, during her presidential campaign, Harris took a hardline stance on gun control.

“Upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the Courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action,” she said during a CNN town hall.

“We need reasonable gun safety laws in this country, starting with universal background checks and a renewal of the assault weapon ban,” she added, according to The New York Times, “but they have failed to have the courage to act.”

As primary-season vows to ban your guns go, Harris’ promise was somewhat overshadowed by Beto O’Rourke’s “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47” line. However, it shouldn’t have been for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Harris is now in position to be Biden’s No. 2 (or No. 1b, depending on how you parse the Biden-Harris ticket) should they win in November.

But, of course, like so many anti-gunners, Harris is a hypocrite. That’s right, she wants the right for her bodyguards to carry “assault rifles” but not for you and me. And she got busted with that happening. Kayla Brantley writes,


Kamala Harris was seen leaving an appearance in Miami where she was guarded by a Secret Service officer armed with an assault weapon – the same type of gun she vowed to ban.

In the photos exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com, the VP hopeful is seen leaving Florida Memorial University last week, ironically being protected by the same assault rifle that she promised to ban within the first 100 days of her term.

How convenient that Harris’s bodyguard had exactly the same weapon that she would deny you.

Look, Harris is nothing but an arrogant, power-hungry, elitist, and neither she nor Biden should get anywhere near the White House. We need to educate people about her hypocrisy so that they, too, can vote against these two.



  1. We cannot allow these anti American Leftist Marxists to take power in our country. They must be defeated at all cost. Save America. Elect Conservatives to Congress & re-elect Trump!

  2. That f****** b**** ought to be taken out of the whole program but that’s what the Democrats are all about is what’s good for them is good for them but not for anybody else so more people think they ought to be a Democrat I want to see those f****** take care of me when we get at war or something but that’s the way it goes I’m trying to educate everybody I can and everybody gets pissed off

    • Gary I’m with you and I know of other veterans that are with me as well.

      Now I’ve been told this by several of my county Sheriff’s deputes that if Trump is wins that we can expect another Civil War. (Expect the unexpected).
      Everyone that is able to lawfully needs to get there concealed carry permit or if you live in a state that allows you to open carry then you should carry out your rights as responsible citizens. And always be on the look out of your surroundings.
      I’m going to take this a little further and say that if these two Demon-rats Basement Biden and Headboard Harris were to win for us Americans to watch your back and surroundings so that no one gets surprised by an Antifa or a BLM terrorists member. Look as we Americans who love our rights especially our 2nd Amendment rights need to cover our brothers and sisters backs so that none of us get a surprised ambush from these Demon-rats. I always keep a look out for my brothers and sisters backs because I know they’ll have my back as well. To watch each other’s backs we all need numbers to fight, even if we fight with guns. Because we’ll always be ready to take on these Demon-rats that want to take our rights away from us.
      So Gary I’m with you 110%.

      • I’m a veitnam veteran i stand with my brothers and my sisters if there is a Civil War i’m ready just like in Veitnam we will have each others back.

    • Totally agree, who is going to protect us when war comes here. Military can’t be everywhere, we need to be able to protect ourselves and our families the best we can .

  3. More demon crat hypocrisy!!! Vote them all out ate the voters in California all on drugs i hope all the guys she slept with to get her position all got checked for aids

    • I’VE THOUGHT THE SAME THING. I wished she would’ve got AIDS that would be funny as hell

    • That bodyguard was a Secret Service agent. They don’t use semiautomatic rifles. The weapon that agent had was either a M16A3 or a M-4. They both are military weapons, capable of full automatic or 3rd burst operation, that are carried by our military personnel. No US Government agency uses an AR-15.

      • I don’t know you but you are incorrect in a couple areas. I am in the military and have to correct you on this. Military hasn’t used a 3 round burst since the first Gulf War. Everyone hated it so they did away with it a year later.
        The second thing is; Many government agencies continue to Use AR-15 on a daily bases because they are great weapons. My unit uses them every day along with M-4 and others.

  4. I don’t really want to own an assault weapon, and I believe that only duly trained police officers should have them, though if we had a peaceful society, they would not be necessary.

    • Up until 1968, US citizen had the right to own the same exact small arms that our Armed Forces carried. Only Democrats and RINO’s are trying to disarm the US citizen, mostly because they choose to align with the UN’s agenda and that of the NWO Globalists. An unarmed society is one that can be dominated and controlled by Socialist dictators. When the government has all the weapons, the citizens have no recourse for government abuse.

    • It would be a peaceful society if we ALL had one! The Second Amendment is for EVERYONE, not just elitists and government! Lawrence, PLEASE read a history book and find out what happens to unarmed or under armed populations. They soon become SLAVES!

  5. We know it about people control and has NOTHING to do with safety. They aren’t total hypocrites it’s just that many people aren’t paying attention. like the ass who when I mentioned something about how the COVID was spreading in February pops up with “it was spreading January”.

  6. How’s she going to do an executive order I thought only the president can do that, she’s a piece of s*** anyway she won’t be doing nothing Nancy Pelosi be doing all of it she’s just a puppet like Joe Biden Vote Red

    • The plan is to do away with Biden, either by declaring him incompetent or assassination.

    • If the Harris Biden ticket is successful, Dementia Joe won’t be president for long. Commala will soon take over. Pray that doesn’t happen!
      Trump 2020!

  7. If that BITCH Kamala Harris slept her way up the political ladder then I’m really surprised that Obama didn’t f**k her. She doesn’t need to be in the White House. Now I heard her make a mistake one day and she told the media that she herself has a hand gun, but she wants to not just take away assault rifles but she also wants to get rid of all guns. But do you think that she’s going to give up her gun, HELL FUCKING NO she want.

  8. I am NOT for gun control but since he was a Secret Service officer perhaps she didn’t have the right to tell him what he could or could not carry. TRUMP 2020

  9. Since Biden “picked” Harris as his running mate, I hope he was smart enough to make his next hire a “food taster.”

  10. Last I knew, THE PRESIDENT, is the person who can implement Executive Orders…not an UNDERLING!

  11. The 2nd.Amendment was written just for these tyrants . It was written purposely , ARMS was just not pistols and rifles, it allowed we the people to keep pace with the military …

  12. Invest in a flame thrower.That thing is wicked.I received mine today been out playing with it.I would not want to be in front of it

  13. Everybody….can’t we just get along??? So much hatred out there! Let your vote do the talking! If you want to help…..educate your family and friends. Yes, I do own firearms….8 pistols and 4 rifles….all legally obtained.
    wink-wink We are seeing the separation of the masses . Socio-economic division’s within everything the govt does. Two last observation’s my friends….#1…whenever the Democrats give something away…it’s to buy votes. #2…set freaking term limits!!! GOD BLESS US ALL

  14. Larry Russ
    The left is never right. Here in SoCal its as one sided civil war. Liberal privileges and the conservatives are victimized. Every institution both public and private is sabotaging, stalling and obstructing conservative’s livelihood. The resist movement strategy is to financially destroy political opposition until their victim commits suicide.

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