Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group For Mayors Is Suspiciously Silent About Rioting, Looting, And Violence


Anti-gunner politicians are hypocrites. They want firearms to protect them, but they don’t want you to have firearms to protect yourself. They want control of you, but they don’t want you to be able to have control of your own life.

And of the hypocritical politicians, those associated with Michael Bloomberg seem to take the cake. For example, you may or may not recall that Bloomberg had a group called “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” The silly part about that name is that all mayors are against illegal guns, but, of course, that isn’t really what the group is about. No, that group is about making guns illegal for anyone not working for them.

And that same group is okay if their cities are torn to the ground to accomplish goals like taking your guns away from you. Jim Giant writes,


Sorry, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. We didn’t know you were still here.

Mea culpa. It’s just that no one has heard from this Bloomberg created and funded group in, well… years. Imagine the surprise when a letter signed by 10 mayors with a bone to pick with the Trump administration was published because Americans weren’t rolling over to the looters, rioters, and criminals attacking police and citizens.

What was most surprising about the letter, however, is the complete and utter ignorance of the lawlessness and criminal activity being committed while these same mayors are calling the riots “mostly peaceful.”

The list of mayors and cities is a “who’s who” of failed municipal leadership looking to deflect blame for allowing crime to run rampant in their communities. Now, these same mayors are up in arms that the “peaceful protestors” are being intimidated by Americans who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Of course, the mayors describe the riots and looting as a “disagreement or a scuffle” and citizens bearing arms as “vigilantism.”

So, anti-gun mayors are against gun violence but are okay with rioting and looting by people who support other leftist policies put forth by those mayors?

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. More hypocrisy from Michael Bloomberg and his hypocritical cronies.



  1. Bloomberg is a slimy communist that would love to turn the US into Venezuela with their high rate of inflation and litle or no government for the people. A total dictatorship for the in crowd with nothing for the average citizen. I don’t think so, not for me and I think the Bloomberg’s and their idwology should be run out of Dodge.

  2. I wonder if they actually realize that all of those background checks. into the millions, that have been run since the first of the year were not current gun owners at the time ? Or why there are ammunition shortages? Or why people and businesses are evacuating certain cities?
    And the Democrats are hypocritical ##@$%%$s with their “End Citizens United” campaign while accepting millions or billions from an ex-Nazi in concert with a jew, who should not be in favor of gun control. Jews in favor of gun control are almost incomprehensible.

  3. With Millions & Millions of guns in the United States. Isn’t nice to knowing how to read the Constitution, and understanding it’s true purpose. Maybe these anti-gun groups are starting to catch on ??

  4. They are very intelligent! Let’s face the facts: they would not be where they are if they had no brains, no backers, and if they were not corrupt.
    The corruption is the most important part of their actions. bloomberg is nothing but a capitalist who has benefited from his position with money. Smart yes. Corrupt yes. Because money corrupts absolutely. Now, it is important to face what they want: socialism. It means CONTROL over every aspect of life over everybody in the country. Control over the money people receive from their work. The money left after the taxes gives freedom to the people to own, to play, to speak, to enjoy life. CONTROL over the people means they cannot have guns. Because when socialism is installed in the country, the need for money from the government will rise 70%. Will people willingly, give 70% of their salaries, wages, to the state??? Hell no!. Hence: NO GUN OWNERSHIP. When the people will have to pay a 25% AVT on every thing: foods, cheap clothes, cheap appliances, and over 45% on everything else as Luxury Items: phones, TVs, computers, cars, gasoline, diesel, car up-keep, house repairs etc, will the people be happy? Remember this: Added Value Tax is paid in every country of Europe. Which is the reason everything comes from china, where there are less taxes levied on merchandises. Quality of chinese goods is shitty to say the least. Buy European or US Made, and spend twice or thrice the price. The quality is there though. The bloombergs and all the DEMONRATS only look in the future, when socialism will be in the USA. They plan in advance. Are you willing to destroy the country by NOT VOTING? Or by voting DEMONRAT?

  5. I’ve been positing for months that the permitting of riotous actions and endangering of the population is to create a situation which would allow Biden to declare martial law to restore order if elected because martial allows suspension of many Constitutional rights and any vigilante style reaction against the “peaceful demonstrators”, as Jerry Nadler called them, would re-enforce the need for martial law and lead to muchmore restrictive or confiscatory gun laws. Of course, Barrett on SCOTUS would restrict that action.
    If that is not what they are up to are you glad I’m not a Democrat?

  6. I’ve said this a hundred times, WHO is going to enforce these unlawful policies. They expect police to go door to door? They want to see innocent people die? Because that will be what happens, innocent Law Enforcement Officers will have to choose between their oat of office, and Tyranny. People will die, unfortunately it won’t be the Politicians, which is Exactly who it should be going door to door.

  7. This article is Correct those who support gun control would have to under go massive jumps in Intelligence to get near to being smart enough to be called Stupid.

  8. I expect nothing less from a Child of Satan like Bloomberg. I hope his karma is he or somebody he cares about becomes the victim of one of the BLM terrorists or ANTIFA scum.

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