1 State Representative’s BIZARRE Worry About School Shootings


There is a saying in politics that a tragedy should never go to waste.

One Wisconsin state representative has obviously taken that to heart even if their “reasoning” for how they connected a tragedy to their cause makes absolutely no sense at all.

Then, again, they’re anti-2A, so, what else would we expect?


An unnamed writer with the Milwaukee Independent gives us the bizarre details:

“Republican legislators need to stop listening to extreme gun groups and the NRA and start listening to their constituents,” said State Representative Deb Andraca (D-Whitefish Bay). “An overwhelming majority of Wisconsin voters want laws that protect the public from our epidemic of gun violence, not allow more guns in more places – especially schools.”

AB 597 would allow a person to possess a firearm in a place of worship located on the grounds of a private school, if allowed by the place of worship’s written policy. The Wisconsin Council of Churches, Wisconsin Catholic Conference, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) oppose the legislation while the Wisconsin Gun Owners Association and the NRA have registered in support.

“The tragedy at Oxford High School in Michigan underscores the need for guns to be stored safely, locked and out of the hands of children, teens, and those intent to do harm,” said State Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison). “That is why my Democratic colleagues and I introduced our ‘Safe Storage for Gun Safety’ legislation requiring secure storage of firearms. Instead of advancing legislation that would only result in more guns on school grounds, I urge my Republican colleagues to join us in supporting our safe storage legislation and other common sense reforms to prevent gun violence.”

Now, if you’re wondering what allowing members of a church that meets on school property to carry a firearm during church service times has to do with the school shooting in Michigan recently, you’re right to be confused. They aren’t even remotely connected. This is just another excuse for an anti-2A politician to put out ridiculous propaganda to sway the minds of ignorant people.

The fact that people in Wisconsin vote to elect someone as plainly dishonest and manipulative as Andraca should make those voters ashamed of themselves.



  1. Whenever an anti-gun advocate starts talking about common sense reforms to prevent gun violence, remember that translates into give us your guns.

  2. Common sense!??? You know she’s not speaking from experience. Pretty sad when the only one of them to come out and admit their real agenda was Beto! They keep pizzing on our leg and telling us it’s raining!

  3. I would be VERY interested to exactly how many GUNS have committed violence.

    Go ahead and tell us how many cars, hammers, knifes,, bat’s… Along with any other INANIMATE objects have also “committed violence.”

    Just the fact you refer to January 6th as an insurrection tells me everything I need to know.

    Exactly how manpeople have been CHARGED with insurrection anyway.

    Be careful… Your agenda is showing…

  4. Locks only serve to keep honest people honest. They do not keep someone with intent and opportunity from accessing the gun. Don’t get me wrong, as a responsible gun owner I believe weapons should be kept out of children and unauthorized people’s reach. It’s that this won’t prevent the next mass shooting.
    One of the shootings here in Colorado, the kid pried the locked safe’s door open to access the gun he used. The kid had intent and opportunity.
    So I’ve no real issue over safe storage, I just don’t believe it will make a measurable difference.

    The problem is a Mental Health issue, not a gun issue.

  5. Yes, one person shot is too many. Of course, I’d like to know where this epidemic of gun violence is. Is this nut talking about South America, Central America, 1930’s and 1940’s Hitler in Germany? I just don’t understand where this epidemic is. There are way more people killed with a knife in this country, than with a gun. does this bimbo think they should outlaw steak knives, carving knives and butcher knives???? I think she’s just nutz. Get her a nice quiet room and a glass of water, maybe some whiskey in it. Maybe she’s already had to much? Maybe wrap her up in one of those fancy jackets from the psyche ward. Don’t want her to hurt herself.

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