Federal Agent Bucks Biden Administration For This INTENSE Reason


The mainstream media likes to accuse Donald Trump of being the guy who was able to make more enemies as President than anyone else, but in Biden’s first year in office already, he’s giving Trump a run for his money on that title.

The current administration has angered Americans of all political viewpoints for a variety of reasons dealing primarily with attempts to micromanage the personal lives of individual Americans on a variety of issues.

One of those issues, as you likely know, is Biden’s intention to make firearms difficult if not impossible to own for any reason in the U.S.


A Border Patrol agent has some advice for everyday Americans about the importance of having firearms for personal protection, though (hat tip to here for the lead).

But let’s step back for a moment to give you the context for this agent’s comments. Border Patrol agent Roy Cantu is concerned about Biden’s vaccine mandate for Federal employees. Cantu says in a video for the NRA that he isn’t anti-vaccine, but that mandating that will cause hundreds, maybe thousands, of Border Patrol agents to lose their jobs. Cantu says that this would create a national security crisis for Americans in every state as criminals would cross the border along with illegal immigrants who aren’t otherwise criminals. Those criminals will commit crimes and wreak havoc and chaos in the lives of everyday Americans.

For Cantu, this security crisis recently hit home. Emma Colton writes,

In one personal incident for Cantu and his family, illegal immigrants recently broke into his house in the middle of the night while he was at work, according to the video. His wife only had a samurai sword and her Chihuahua dog to scare off the suspects, who were reportedly looking to steal Cantu’s uniforms.

Now, the entire family is armed to protect themselves. 

“It’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your family. Utilize your Second Amendment,” Cantu says. 

You can see Cantu’s video below.

That’s right, Cantu is advocating that Americans use their Second Amendment rights to arm and defend themselves. In addition to those with criminal intent potentially crossing the border into the U.S. to commit crimes here, the policies of the current administration are only encouraging violence in the U.S. as we saw during the “mostly peaceful protests” of the last two years.

It’s clear that the safety of individual Americans is not a priority for the Biden administration, so, you would be wise to take Cantu’s advice and arm yourself and your family, along with training to use those firearms, in order to protect your family.



    • Maybe true. If true, they surely want to do anything other than their proper business, that of protecting the unalienable individual rights of all citizens.

  1. This article explains why we need plenty of border guards, but not why vaccine mandates would diminish that supply. The only reason I can think of is, enough guards will refuse the vaccine and the mandates to create a dangerous undersupply of guards. That might be true. But the only reasonable objection to vaccine mandates, and a reason more than important enough to fight against them, is the existence of any law, written and encoded, that provides or otherwise allows for vaccine mandates.

    Mandates thought up and freely imposed by private entities upon their employees, in principle must at least be accepted. Employees might quit, but if the boss thinks it’s right, that’s his business to keep or lose.

    As for the government and border security, if the government creates rules that drive away its guards, it’s not a matter of it keeping or losing its business. It MUST KEEP its proper business, that of protecting the unalienable individual rights of all citizens. We must make sure it keeps that business and only that business, and we must ensure it never pursues any other business. We must never accept, and must rid ourselves, of encoded laws that provide for or otherwise allows for vaccine mandates.

    The government may impose vaccine mandates only upon its own employees on its own, internally, with no encoded law to back it up. So, when it loses too many guards, then we can much more easily force the government to change its tune and keep its proper business and only its proper business.

      ARTICLE 6 SEC 3
      The employers by mandating this crap are setting themselves up to be sued for the harm this vax can and has CAUSED the citizens of our country.
      Like some else said in a different thread
      “Those who are vax’ed can still spread the virus. WHY are they not losing their jobs too”???????. Some one who had had the virus and survived has a ten x’s better immunity than some who’s had the shots and boosters. As they will not be subject to coming down with the virus again and again and again like those who have been vax’ed. In-laws had the vax and boosters, bitched because we didn’t. Hubby had cv19 after being at his brothers home,(only contact with brother) had all the symptoms. We treated with otc meds and 7 to 10 days later he went back to work. (I never had the virus). 4 month later hubby exposed at work site, had all the symptoms of omicron, treated with otc 14 days later went back to work(I never caught than either). Hubby hasn’t been sick since.

  2. Three comments: One …. a country without borders is NOT a country, it is an unclaimed territory, to claimed by the first entity strong enough to hold it!

    Two …. this border agent is only stating that the US government should adhere to its founding documents! The 2nd Amendment of the Bill of RIghts, and the Constitution, the literal foundation for its establishment!

    Three … all people have the God-given right to self protection and ability to also safeguard their property!

  3. When the government fails to “Obey the people” Some changes need to be made!! Politics party? That’s a bullet to the dome, it will always be the people for the people till death do we part… Somehow the devil 😈 in men!! has made it his business to obstruct & hinder mankind, food 4 thought 😂 But that doesn’t mean life is over yet!! not by a long shot! I’d rather stay in the fight, Hey! we all will die! that’s a given!!But today, is not the day ever!!!

  4. Let’s face some facts. biden is not a lover of America. He sees the dead from stolen organs and still acts like china communists are little gods.
    This country can not get out of the shit biden is putting us in until we bury him in his own shit and lies.

  5. Lowest rating of a sitting US President in decades perhaps since the civil war, by southern states of Lincoln. This is in parallel to VC Harris’s lowest rating ever of the Vice President. They wanted Trump out at any cost so what do we have. Highest gas prices in years. Sky rocketing grocery prices and inflation heading for newest highs ever and Russia on a sovereign nation of Ukraines border waiting to pounce. Good men and women the trust worthy kind leaving our military in droves. China laughing at us tripping over our response to the pandemic. This all = Total Sh!t Show. What can they do next. Low hanging fruit of some type of gun control. Hilary said never let a good crisis go to waste. The country is rife with crisis- (take care all hide ya money and ya guns! ) and better to die standing on your feet than kneeling to a communist master

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