Try Not To Laugh When You See Who Is The Best Gun Salesman In The World


As you probably know, firearms sales in the U.S. have surged in the past few years to record heights, which, of course, freaks out anti-2A people to no end (I think of that as a bonus benefit when I buy a gun.).

What’s interesting, though, is that anti-2A people think that legal gun owners and gun manufacturers are to blame for these surging firearms sales numbers. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

No, anti-2A folks would be absolutely appalled if they realized who is driving the surge in gun sales in the U.S. because the answer is: Joe Biden. Matthew Impelli writes,


The number of gun sales and background checks completed in President Joe Biden’s first year in office is nearing the combined numbers done during the first years for former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

According to data from the FBI‘s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), there have been 35,778,134 gun background checks in 2021. The data for Biden’s first year does not include December and instead is the total number of gun background checks from January to November 2021.

Comparatively, during Trump’s first year in office in 2017, the NICS database shows that there were 25,235,215 gun background checks. In 2009, Obama’s first year in office, the NICS database shows 14,033,824 total gun background checks. The data for both Trump and Obama includes gun background checks from January to December in each of the two respective years.

You read that right. The first year of Biden’s Presidency has driven firearms sales numbers that are almost the combined sales numbers in Trump’s and Obama’s first years as President.

Biden always struck me as fitting the negative used car salesman stereotype, but this takes the cake for sales ability.

Still, even with these sales numbers as they are, it seems pretty unlikely that anti-2A politicians and media talking heads are going to take responsibility for causing the exact opposite outcome that they say that they want.

So, we’ll just have to console ourselves with knowing that we’re winning the 2A “war” in the real world with more and more new gun owners every year.



  1. He has to share that award though…..there are many in the background who made this distinction possible!!

    • That’s for sure! What with Buttegieg, Pelosi, the HO, and a smattering of lefties who seek freedom – and power – for themselves while they wish to enslave the rest of us! And don’t forget the Deep State and Soros pulling all the strings!

      • Let me share my personal opinion about politicians folks. You have to be able to lie, cheat, n steal to be a politician. I don’t care if they have an R , I, Or SORRY D by their name. THEY ALL LIE CHEAT AND STEAL PERIOD. They do not give a S%#T about any of us unless your a billionaire. Both parties are doing their part to destroy the Bill of Rights. Ds are always trying to destroy 2nd Amend, while W and the Repubs convinced everyone that we had to have the Patriot Act which destroyed the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amend. Stop believing all these JERKS! They are ALL IN IT FOR THEMSELVES and there’s more than just Soros and the Ds pulling strings. Stop hating each other, lets ALL JOIN FORCES and remind these IDIOTS WHO THEY WORK FOR!!!

    • Please. AOC, Beto O’Rouke , Pelosi , and so many others give Biden a run for “our” money. The combined I.Q. of the aforementioned clowns is 0.000014.

  2. Don’t forget that slow joe has ‘only’ won that annual ‘award’ for only one year 😉 He has to go a long way to beat the 8 times that barky ‘won’ it……………………

  3. The biggest part of the issue is the “Defund the police” movement that has caused a spike in crime. People that never before thought they needed a gun have decided that if the police and courts can’t control crime they have to step up and protect themselves.
    Then there is the riots and the fact that the leftist rioters are being released the same day as arrested, many times with no bail, and the release of many prisoners because of the government’s overreaction to the convid scam…

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