How Did 1 Guy Get An INSANE Number Of Gun Charges In A Gun Control City?


Sometimes, you come across a story, and you find that you’re really impressed with the high achiever that the story is written about. Other times, you read the story and wonder how in the world that person was able to do what they did. This story should be that latter situation.

See, the prevailing theory behind gun control is that passing gun control laws will prevent gun violence from happening and will make everyone safer.

But if that’s the case, then, you have to ask how someone was able to go long enough without being arrested that they were able to rack up over 300 gun charges. That’s not a typo (hat tip to here for the lead). Kiely Westhoff writes,


A Bronx man is facing more than 300 counts of gun-related charges after allegedly selling more than 70 weapons and high-capacity magazines to an undercover New York Police Department officer, the Bronx District Attorney announced Wednesday.Shakor Rodriguez, 23, is charged with 304 counts, including the criminal sale and possession of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon, according to two indictments filed in the Bronx Supreme Court. He was arraigned on both indictments and pleaded not guilty to 225 counts. His attorney had no comment.

The charges come the same week New York Mayor Eric Adams announced his “Blueprint to End Gun Violence” as part of a citywide effort to combat increased violent crime. Adams cited gun trafficking as a significant part of the problem, calling for state and federal governments to raise the penalty it.

Authorities in nine Northeastern states also are poised to cooperate to pinpoint the origin of illegal guns and stop them from entering New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul said Wednesday, calling gun violence “a national crisis.”

So, these gun control zealots are trying to pass more legislation that will do no good in reducing gun violence in their areas? Yes, pretty much.

The people of New York City (and every other gun control zone) would be safer after implementing constitutional carry and giving it two weeks to let the idiots select themselves out of the gene pool by pulling a gun without knowing if everyone else is armed. It would not go well for them, and the ones who have the ability to learn that lesson without dying would stop pulling guns on people simply because they don’t want to die.

Many people may consider it an ugly solution, but that city would be so much better off after the criminals become the ones afraid.



  1. Gov.Patty. The gun violence is not the problem. The problem lay at the feet of GUN CONTROL zealots who CAN’T or WONT do their jobs in a timely fashion. Your obtuse and myopic methodology of “combating gun violence” speaks volumes about your FAILURES. I recommend that those in HIGH CONTROL STATES , that the people STOP electing people who keep doing the same stupid things that their predecessors did . ENCAT laws that betray FREEDOM to LEGAL citizens and steals their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS guaranteed under the Bill of Rights , and go after criminals {political and civilian} who commit crimes and actually PUNISH them. Why isn’t Cuomo in jail? Why isn’t Hilary Clinton and Alec Baldwin in JAIL? STOP BLAMING AN INANIMATE OBJECT , and arrest the human side. You are just one of a long line of incompetents along with the population who vote stupid in ,time after time after time.

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