Those on the political left (yes, including anti-2A people) were downright terrified that the justices placed on the Supreme Court of the United States by Trump would vote Constitutionally. In other words, they were afraid that those justices would actually do their jobs of judging whether laws were legal within the restraints of the Constitution.

We can have a discussion as to whether that fear was unfounded in a number of rulings, but since this is a site about guns, we’ll focus on those rulings here, and what we can tell you is that the SCOTUS is on a roll when it comes to Second Amendment decisions. That’s right, the current Supreme Court actually seems to know and understand the Second Amendment.

So, after the Supreme Court threw out the State of New York’s draconian strangle hold on issuing concealed carry permits to legal gun owners, the Supreme Court, then, decided to deal with four other gun cases that had been in the court system. Or, to be more clear, they sent them back down to lower courts, and told those lower courts to actually do their jobs. Dean Weingarten writes,


The four cases, which have been languishing in the courts for years, are these:

Association of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs v. New Jersey – This case involves the ban on magazines of over 10 rounds by New Jersey. (Third Circuit)

Young v. Hawaii – This case is about the denial of Hawaii to issue carry permits for outside the home. (Ninth Circuit)

Duncan v. Bonta – This case involves the ban on magazines of over 10 rounds by California. (Ninth Circuit)

Bianchi v. Frosh – This case involve the ban on semi-automatic “assault weapons” in Maryland. (Fourth Circuit)

All four cases have been sent back to three different circuit courts of appeal, to be re-evaluated under the clear-cut rules of the Bruen decision.  This is what is expected when the Supreme Court invalidates the previous system used by the various circuits over the last decade and more.

The Supreme Court has told the offending circuits: You did it wrong when you considered these laws under your convoluted two part system with a three part level of scrutiny. Evaluate them again, using the process laid out in Bruen. How long this will take is unclear.

So, the SCOTUS didn’t take the time to actually rule on each of these four cases during this session, but they’ve taken the action to, basically, force would-be anti-2A lower courts to go back and rule in a pro-2A manner on these cases. And that’s good news for legal gun owners.



  1. The answer is so ridiculously simple, even Joe Biden could understand it, if he’d bother to read it: Go get a copy of the Constitution. Got it? Now, read the Preamble, paying particular attention to the last words, “…. do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” huh? “ordain”? establish”? yup. Now, go to ANY dictionary, or even our good ol’ liberal friend Google, and look up the definitions of those words. With the exception of the one about ordaining a minister or priest, ALL the other definitions are direct, and firm. They are clearly ORDERS, not suggestions. The leftists (they don’t deserve a capitol “l”) refuse to obey the Constitution, (otherwise known as law) and the rest of the P D B’s are just too dumb to recognize that the Constitutional Amendments are direct, clear, LAW. So, go make those “illegitimate children” obey the law. – – – – -with whatever it takes!

    • The second definition of ORDAIN is more applicable “” 2 order or decree (something) officially:”” , put it together “” do DECREE and ORDER this Constitution for the United States of America.”” …
      In other words these are the RULES YOU FOLLOW …

  2. What part of “…Shall Not Be Infringed” are states and the various lower courts finding confusing?

  3. The Supreme Court is suppose to make ruling’s according to the Constitutionality and the constitutional laws …
    The left does not see it that way they think it should turn a blind eye on every thing they do …

  4. Vote Republican in Nov, then hold the Reps to do their properly. “A lot less talk and a little nore action.”

  5. To every single one who commented here before me, you are obviously are pro 2A ! To each and every one of you, I say… RIGHT ON !!! AS TO THE CONSTITUTION, THE KEY WORDS ARE DESCRIBED BY Lonesome Wolf ! ((( SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ))) !!! Let NO MAN take away our CONSTITUTION ( ESPECIALLY JOEY BIDEN, ILLIGITIMATELLY PLACED INTO OFFICE ) !!! signed… “”WE THE PEOPLE””

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