This Is Why We Need People Armed In Public


Many people today think that the only people who should be armed in public, if at all, are law enforcement officers and the security teams for the wealthy and powerful. Sounds rather elitist, doesn’t it? That’s because it is, but that’s not what the founding fathers of our country wanted.

No, the founding fathers of the U.S. wanted an armed citizenry for the purpose of being able to keep the government in check.

But there are other reasons, too, why we, the people, should be armed in public. And personal protection for ourselves and our family is one of those major reasons. In other words, being armed in public is not just for the rich and powerful.


But if you need a real-world example of why we need people armed in public pretty much everywhere, then, a recent story from Texas gives us that story. Joseph Mackinnon writes,

A 16-year-old Hispanic male reportedly opened fire inside a Texas mall last week, killing one man and badly injuring three others. After leaving the food court bloody, the youth allegedly took aim at bystanders. The gunman’s continued aggression proved to be a fateful slip, for a stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip.

Mackinnon continues,

After the initial bloodletting, the 16-year-old [alleged gunman] reportedly began to run, taking aim at bystanders, including 32-year-old Emanuel Duran.

According to investigators, Duran was one of multiple legally armed citizens nearby, but evidently the only one needed to bring the mayhem to an end.

As the gunman advanced on Duran and other bystanders, Duran reportedly drew his firearm and shot the suspect. KTXS indicated that Duran shot the gunman at least twice because he felt “threatened.”

Yes, a legally armed citizen on the spot is the one that prevented further bloodshed, and he was able to do it because he had a firearm on his person.

The message is clear: if we want to reduce overall gun violence, we need more legal, trained gun owners carrying in public everyday.



  1. I, applaud Duran for halting the bloodshed. I, Scold the other armed citizens who choose to do nothing to stop the bloodshed. Yahweh save our poor souls Amen.

  2. Maybe he was just the first armed citizen to encounter the perp.
    I saw nothing in this write-up that indicates other armed citizens shirked stopping the shooter.

    • Assuming that others shurked any self protection is a erroneous assumption by a person who added information they thought was in the article. Nothing was given as to how the number of legally armed citizens was determined. I will not assume.

  3. Maybe the other citizens were about to shoot the murderer, but little did anyone know, this Duran guy has a nickname ? They call him QUICK DRAW McGraw ! l o l He deserves a medal for saving more lives !!!

    • Amen to that my fellow patriot . It is our GOD GIVEN , LEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO OWN , CARRY , BEAR AND USE FIREARMS for hunting , self defense and protection , PERIOD !!!!!!!! The second Civil War has begun and ” WE THE PEOPLE ” SHALL OVERWHELMINGLY WIN WITH GOD AS OUR GOD OF BATTLES ! WITH HIM THERE ARE FAR MORE THAT BE WITH US THAN THEY THAT BE WITH OUR ENEMIES ! GOD NEVER INTENDED US TO BE DOORMATS ! As I’ve heard and said many times before , ” WE are not sheep , to be led to the slaughter , but we are SHEEPDOGS — TO DEFEND AND PROTECT ! “

      • Right on Vito, Jesus said to arm up, in Luke 22:36 read it in your Bible, that to is not the only one either ! Good post, its our DUTY to be armed, and the 2-A is a guarantee, “Shall NOT BE INFRINGED” !
        And to break ones Oath of Office is a felony under Title 5 USC section 7311 % 1333
        and taking tax payers money under false pretenses making it a felony !

  4. The founders knew this would happen hence the 2nd Amendment …
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, ( a protective force and why needed ) the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  5. That’s right if you think you can go around killing people and get away with it. Think again, America have the right to carry a concealed weapon and to be able to use it when there life is threatened or to protect another American that’s lift is being threatened. I believe in our Constitution rights that our forefathers put in action for us. Thanks Be to GOD. Nathan Reeh

  6. McKinnon raided Marty Robbins for that “Big Iron” passage. And why the scare quotes on the word ‘threatened’?

  7. The right to carry a weapon, concealed or open, to defend yourself or others, is only effective if you are willing to shoot, without hesitation. In this case one man among many other armed people, did—while the others hesitated. Why do people buy a weapon and carry it if they are afraid to use it when necessary. A nation of armed sheep is useless. I’m a Special Forces Vietnam Vet and I can guarantee you I’m not.

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