What Is Causing The Complete FAILURE Of These Policies?


I’m sick of it. I’m sick and tired of all of these shootings, of all of the violence and death. Of all of the murders and chaos in big cities. It’s just sickening.

After all, those cities have an abundance of gun control.

What’s that? You thought that I was going to push for gun control starting out this article like that? I can understand why you would have thought that considering that anti-2A politicians like to start their speeches that way when they get on their soap box and pretend that they have some moral high ground for wanting to disarm Americans.


But that’s a moral high ground that they don’t have.

In fact, the statistics are clear: Where legal gun ownership is easier and more readily available (in other words, where this is less gun control), overall violence and murder rates decrease. There’s just no question when you look at the statistics in context.

Don’t believe me? Then, you’re the one who has to explain the horrible shootings in a city with strict gun control over a weekend just a few weeks ago. Paul Sacca gives us the horrible details:

One person is dead and at least 20 people were shot during a Juneteenth celebration in a Chicago suburb, according to authorities.

The mass shooting occurred at a strip mall hosting a large Juneteenth party in Willowbrook, Illinois.

Now, Chicago has gun control. Lots of it. But it is still one of the most violent areas in the entire United States. If that’s how gun control “helps” gun violence, then, I don’t want any part of that “help,” and, I suspect, neither do you.

And if anti-2A zealots are going to have any credibility for their support of gun control, then, they need to explain why these types of things are happening where they already have the policies that they want.

Because the rest of us, the rational people of the world, want no part of the violence that gun control allows to happen. And that’s one of the reasons that we own (and train with) our guns.



  1. What is it that you suppose causes those politicians to continue to support gun control policies that are ineffective and nonsensical? My core belief is that they want to control people and they don’t want to have to worry about them having any power of resistance! If they attempted absolute control right now there would likely be an “insurrection” and they are wont to call it, but if they were successful at making firearms unlawful, they could use the same sorts of tactics that the totalitarians In Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China, and many other places in the world use to quell their populace, ie: Tiananmen Square as an example. The obvious choice is to not elect those people to office, but there are those that they have managed to gaslight into supporting their inane theatrics and they continue to elect and re-elect them to offices. Look at California where we have an 89 year old Senator that has been in that office for decades along with some Congresswomen as well. The should have been booted out of office many years ago, but there they are, and there are also those that are re-elected while having been convicted of felonies, (Adam Clayton Powell, Marion Berry, ad nauseum). So if the electorate is that ignorant, what hope is there, and who is able to get to those that are that are so ignorant? I haven’t seen the needle move much, have you?

  2. I think that “gun violence” and gun bans are correlative. Gun bans have not provably reduced the number of people slain and injured by gunfire in areas with heavy gun bans despite creative accounting methods. Conversely, gunfire deaths are lower in areas with few gun bans.

    Perhaps gun bans are useless–if not counter-productive.

  3. Instead of banning guns, perhaps we should use the laws already on the books. Put the criminals in jail for a long time and take their guns away and not return them when they go out the door, again. Find out where and how they are getting these guns and do something about that, instead of leaving law abiding citizens defenseless. Stop relabeling guns and taking them from us. There are just some people that hate everything about America, which is so sad, because they are some of the richest people in the country, but decide no one else should be able to use the same privilges as they do. When will Americans wake up?

  4. The Left wants to Disarm America. They will claim otherwise, in rhetoric using nonsensical catch phrases like “Common Sense Gun Control,” and others, but their End Goal is a Disarmed Population.
    Of the more than 20,000 Gun Laws on the books, Local, State and Federal, there isn’t a Law that has reduced Criminal Misuse of Firearms in a measurable way. Nor has any Law Prevented Crime, any crime, not just Criminal Misuse. Why not? Because Laws Prevent Nothing. All the Law does is prescribe a punishment for those that Transgress the Law. The Law itself, is just words on paper.
    Do we have a Gun Violence problem in America? No. We have a Violence problem. Guns aren’t committing crimes, people are committing crimes. The object used is incapable of acting on its own, and any object, whether it’s a gun, knife, baseball bat or a vehicle, can be used to inflict harm on another. Even disease can, and has been used as a weapon.
    It’s time we take a serious look at how we Punish Criminals. The Breun Decision brings up a good point, because Violent Criminals were seldom released, as they are today. In that era, if someone was that much of a threat to society, they were either executed or incarcerated for the rest of their lives, and that’s what we need to return to.
    Where’s Common Sense when it comes to punishing Offenders? It’s almost totally gone from our Judicial System. Committing a Violent Crime should be an Automatic Life Sentence, no exceptions. Committing Mass Murder, should be an Automatic Execution, no exceptions. Get rid of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, and make that verdict Guilty, But Insane, an Automatic Life Sentence in a Forensic Psych Uit, no exceptions. Not Guilty by Teason of Insanity is not only paradoxical, it’s completely false. The Crime was done by the accused, their Mental State only determines whether they spend the rest of their lives under lock and key, or they’re executed for their Crime.

    History provides many examples of what happens when a population is Disarmed by their government, and it always ends in Tyranny by the government on the population. The Left, wants to Disarm Americans for one reason and one reason only. They know that an Armed Populace will never meekly board the Cattle Cars on their final trip to the Camps.
    That, is their End Goal, period.

  5. The first step in solving a problem is accurately defining the problem. Empirically, this is beyond the scope of the Progressives, locked into the dogma “It’s the Guns” and, like all dogmatists. they know they’re right. The solution: Control the guns. But it’s not the guns that generate violence, it’s the goons – the ones they make no effort to control, the ones they fail to incarcerate and the ones they turn loose on the public who, thus motivated, buy guns to protect their families, their homes, their lives. The are the ones Democrat laws would disarm. There’s a principle in logistics called the Balance of Force. Oversimplified, it’s who has the most guns. If Progressive gun laws were diligently applied, it would shift the balance of force in favor of the violent criminals who don’t give a damn about laws. It would give them on-the-job injury protection. The Progressives never seem to recognize that every time they take another bull-headed charge toward disarmament the gun sales surge again. The trigger (not the cause) that turned a colonial rebellion into a revolutionary war was King George’s orders to disarm the Colonials.

  6. The issue isn’t simple, but it for sure isn’t about guns. It’s a combination of mental illness, social unrest, lack of punishment for criminals, wasting punishment on the wrong things, like drug possession, and an economy that drives people to want more ‘stuff’ and focus on things instead of each other. I grew up in a house where I had access to guns and ammo, nothing was locked up, nor did it need to be. We shot targets, skeet, and hunted. We euthanized pets with a bullet instead of a $200 vet visit. We even, with the owner’s permission and amusement, shot up a school bus in the junkyard to celebrate graduation. What we didn’t do was go around shooting people. I don’t even comprehend the thought process it takes to walk into a school or mall or crowd of people and start shooting them. But I’m certainly not stupid enough to think a gun could make me do it. And I honestly don’t think Joe Biden is that stupid either. But politicians play to the crowd.

    • “I honestly don’t think Joe Biden is that stupid” – Don’t bet on it. News today has been about his irrational rejection, state of denial of his son’s daughter, his grandchild. Whom he has never met, whom he has no reason not to care about as his descendant. Irrespective of his deranged personal feelings, that act is political idiocy for someone running for office. No one will admire him for it, give him their vote for it. Millions of mothers will find it loathsome, despicable, almost inhuman. I know I do. Visualize that character depicted in a (pre-Woke) Disney movie. It would mark him as demonic. With a descending scale leitmotif.

  7. In a “nutshell:)” 1st n foremost, “History isn’t repeating itself, It’s exceeding Itself:)” 2nd. HUMANITY has dipped to an all-time low:( Yes, humans have no directives pple want 2 help, but everyone is out of touch:)

  8. One city in Georgia, Kennesaw, decided to implement a law that ALL citizens would be requred to be armed! Except those with a particular aversion, religious, etc, would NOT be rosecuted. Strangely, when this law went into effect, ALL Kennesaw criminal activity percentages dropped. DRASTICALLY! I don’t know the present percentages, but they’re STILL way below national averages! Dems STILL can’t believe this!



  10. It just makes me wonder what the Elites promised these “community leaders” to destroy society? Were they promised powerful positions if they helped subjugate the populace? Were they promised positions of authority over their fiefdoms when the Elites took over? How long will it take them to realize they will serve only as long as they are useful to the masters, and will be tossed aside like used napkins when the masters don’t need them anymore? “Useful Idiots” indeed!

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