[POP QUIZ] More Guns = Less Crime (or does it…?)

More Guns, Less Crime
More Guns, Less Crime Book by John Lott
We should celebrate our current heroes — the unrecognized heroes that are still fighting for freedom today.

Enter John Lott.

“Who the hell is John Lott?!?!” you’re probably wondering. I’ll show you…

As every gun owner in America owes John Lott a debt of gratitude. Lott is an economist and political commentator whose book, More Guns, Less Crime, makes the definitive case AGAINST “gun control” and for the private ownership of firearms.


Lott’s work gets cited alongside that of criminologist Gary Kleck because both men have worked very hard to provide actual statistical proof of the validity of firearms ownership.

Photo from Wikipedia, used under creative commons license
Photo from Wikipedia, used under creative commons license

Lott is the founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center, which Raquel Okyay called “a research and education organization that studies the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety.”

The gun control group calling itself the “Violence Policy Center” (which I think used to call itself “Handgun Control, Inc.,” a name that was deemed too honest) recently released another faulty “study” purporting to show statistical support for gun control.

Lott has worked hard, and continues to work hard, to get the word out that these “studies” (like all gun control statistics vomited forth by these anti-civil-rights groups) rely on grossly distorted figures and ridiculous leaps of logic in reaching the conclusions that that get repeated ad nauseam in the news.

Lott recently gave an interview in which he found errors like “triple counting” in the gun control data.

Lott has been endlessly vilified by liberals and “progressives,” just like Kleck has, because these men provide the ammunition we, as free citizens, need to combat left-wing lies.

I want to underscore that point: There ARE no studies to support the validity of “gun control.” When these are examined, they are all found to be lies. This is because it simply isn’t the case, in a rational world, that a person is more safe when he is disarmed and helpless.

To put it another way, the facts of reality support the idea that an armed citizen is a safer citizen because he has the means to protect himself. Liberals and progressives hate gun ownership because they hate anything that empowers the citizens to resist their attempts at creating an all-powerful cradle-to-grave state that tells citizens what to do, think, eat, and believe from the time they are born until the time they are die.

Progressives are statists who will not rest until every living creature lives under their boots and thumbs. They are allergic to facts and always prefer convenient lies.

John Lott fights to repel these lies with actual truth. It can’t be easy, and he is often giving interviews to hostile parties who make fun of him and disrespect him. He continues with his work because he believes in it and because he wants you and me to be able to protect ourselves with legal firearms.

Dedication to individual rights of this type deserves to be recognized. I applaud John Lott and I hope he continues to do his work. I hope he continues to give the liberals heartburn and I hope his statistics will fuel the defeat of progressives in many a debate for the next several years.

Thank you, John Lott, for standing with us.



  1. Thank You Mr. Lott. We need more people like him to help get the real truths out.
    God Bless.

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