Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US Government “created” ISIS?


Ever wonder where ISIS came from when you never heard a thing about this terrorist group until about a year ago?

Thanks to a lawsuit by Judicial Watch, a 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency assessment has been released (in heavily redacted form) that might answer how ISIS became so strong, so fast, and managed to form their Islamic State so quickly.

The report leaked online — ironically enough — the Sunday before Memorial Day in the United States.


In short, the report revealed the US Government did with its foreign policy what it always does — stick its nose into other people’s business and cause maximum blowback.

So let’s see how the Obama led US Gov helped create ISIS …

The US Government’s Foreign Policy  …

It’s no secret (or maybe it is to most people?) that the US Gov has been involved in covert regime change operations since the late 40’s (after the US became the world’s leading superpower at the end of WWII).

Almost immediately, they started meddling in the Middle East, which is — at least partially — to blame for that region being in complete chaos.

This, by the way, is not at all speculation …

Years after these events take place, the Government quietly admits to it in some form or someone leaks the story. The mainstream media ignores the revelations and the American people never look into it.

It appears the rise of ISIS is another example of the US Government’s mistakes. Here’s the story …

Obama wanted regime change in Syria …

In short, Obama wanted Syria’s president Bashir al-Assad gone.

Speculation abounds as to why, but many believe it’s because Assad refused to sign an agreement with Qatar to let an energy pipeline run north to supply much of Europe and bypass Russia. Assad’s rationale for opposing it was “to protect the interests of [his] Russian ally, which is Europe’s top supplier of natural gas.

Obviously, the energy in the Middle East — gas and oil — is super valuable and the US wants to be in control of it (not Russia).

So Obama wanted Assad gone …

According to investigative reporter Nafeez Ahmed in Medium, the “leaked document reveals that in coordination with the Gulf states and Turkey, the West intentionally sponsored violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad, despite anticipating that doing so could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    “According to the newly declassified US document, the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence of the strategy, but described this outcome as a strategic opportunity to “isolate the Syrian regime.”

In other words, the people in Washington thought that they could play chess with the Middle East and that all the islamic world were pawns they could move around on a board to achieve their end goals.

I guess it didn’t work out the way they planned …

Now, they’ve gotten so strong so fast, we have ISIS attacks in Texas, and they’ve practically taken over Iraq. In short, it seems the US Gov helped create a monster (and it got very out of control).

The Mainstream Media will never talk about this …

As you know, the mainstream media is basically the propaganda machine of the US Government.

From …

    “Americans are, on the whole, unaware of the true nature of the Syrian opposition (and Libyan opposition before) and the Arab Spring in general, because American media, from NBC to CNN to FOX to major and local papers, have uncritically played the part of propaganda tool for the rebel opposition and their advocates in Western governments. Ordinary Americans are kept in ignorance, exposed only to the moralistic clichés and sound bites of self-proclaimed experts and reporters who have typically never spent time in the Middle East, who don’t speak Arabic, or who have never engaged in a serious study of Mid-East history. Those who fit such basic qualifications are excluded from mainstream coverage as real analysis threatens to expose the false narrative.”

In short, whatever the Gov wants to accomplish, the mainstream media backs up. They paint one side as “bad” and the other “good” and then report stories in that light.

They try to build support for wars and US interventions this way. There was major pushback against Obama in 2013 when he wanted to get the American people behind a Syrian war — so he just did what he wanted to do covertly.

Russia Times picked up the story …

Surprisingly (or maybe not?) you can often get more unbiased reporting on world events from foreign news sites.

And you can see some screen grabs from their live report here from Russia Times …

turn on images to see the report

and here …

turn on images to see the text

Is this credible?

There are already people claiming this report is just “clickbait” and doesn’t prove anything.

I’d say the evidence is quite damning at this point …

And like I said, this is business as usual for the US Government.

In short, if you study history, you will see that this is quite common behavior for the US Government. The US Govt has been acting like the British Empire ever since the balance of power shifted from Britain to the US after WWII.

Let me give you the “easy button” way to understand how US foreign policy works — and how the mainstream media supports them …

Simply watch Rambo III …

turn on images to see Rambo III

History lesson …

The US Government gave money, support, and American lives to support Stalin during World War II — in Stalin’s fight against Hitler.

This allowed Stalin and Russia to make it out of the war alive and more powerful than ever …

Obviously, this was a case of stupidity (Stalin killed 53 million more people than Hitler, arguably making him more evil than Hitler) and it directly led to the Cold War that started almost immediately after WWII and continued for the next 45 years …

That meant for 45 years the US Gov had a policy of supporting anyone who claimed to be anti-communist.

This included tons of “Islamic extremists” in the Middle East — most notably the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. That’s the story that you see play out in Rambo III.

Back then they were called freedom fighters. Then after communism failed (it crumbled under its own weight, because communism doesn’t work, not because of anything the US Gov did) these freedom fighters (and others in the Middle East) became “terrorists” that needed to be stopped.

In other words, this is nothing new.

The US has a history of supporting, arming, training and giving tax payer dollars to dictators and/or rebel groups around the world — trying to play the world like a game of chess — and then US officials are surprised when it blows back in American faces.



  1. If ANY of this is true (and I believe it is), It makes me sick, and it should make you sick also. But, it also should not come as a shock anyone to know that our government is right up there with, if not the the most corrupt and uncaring assholes on the planet. All of this SHOULD have been in the past, but alas and alack, it is not. I BLAME OBAMA AND HIS CRONIES for what is happening in the world today. All of them should be arrested by the our military, held, impeached, and then tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity!

    • @Jeffrey.

      My point was moreso that the entire Gov is corrupt and has been causing these problems since (even before) WWII

  2. Another True history article that should be read that points out the true colors of the U.S. and Russia is the true account story of Count Dracula, this true account did not play out the way that the story is told in modern day stories.

  3. I have to disagree with the statement that FOX participated in this propaganda which the others participated in. I have seen many former officers in the military interviewed who spoke the truth about how Obama, by removing our forces much too soon, leaving the Iraqi army untrained & ill-equiped to handle their protection. Obama has denied the proper weaponry to give them a means to protect themselves. FOX has pointed this out on many occasions while the other media sources said nothing!! I have personally watched FOX do this many times and it is highly irresponsible to include them, even in the same sentence. with the other media sources you have mentioned. The others have protected Obama by NOT reporting on what has happened leaving many Americans with the feeling that he is pristine in his dealing with this matter. He wanted to get out of the Middle East so badly that he just picked up & left, thus making a win in Iraq, which had happened under Bush, in vain! He has overruled his advisers & done it his way. FOX has reported on this endlessly while the others, who are in Obama’s “back pocket” protected his image by not revealing the truth as well as putting a spin on what they did report! This was seen intently when CBS gave Sheryl Atkisson the task of looking into the Benghazi scandal & little by little dropped her reporting resulting in her quitting after 21 years with CBS!! There are too many occasions to mention here, including the lies of Bryan Williams who actually praised Obama for offering to use the taxpayers’ money to fund education for people to buy their support when we are in debt over our heads & he either can’t see it or doesn’t care!

    • @ David:

      FOX hates Obama true, and reports negatively against him while the rest all praise Obama.

      But then again, FOX would probably never say anything bad about Bush. Obviously I vehemently disagree that there was a “win” in Iraq under Bush.

      Bush gave us the PATRIOT act — Obama extended it — now only Rand Paul is trying to block it from being extended again.

      The bottom line is the FedGov thinks they are all powerful, whether there is currently a democrat in office or a republican — it’s two sides of the same warfare/welfare state coin. No matter who is in office red or blue it’s less liberty for me and you (hey that rhymes!)

      • Well… anyway, they ACT like they hate Obama. But that’s just the usual smoke and mirrors to keep us ignorant of the truth.

    • Fox news is the alternate “tension” element of the mainstream media meant to keep us on the path toward World Communism. If you really pay attention to their “conservative” slant it is really Neoconservative; I’d not be surprised if John McCain watched Fox. ALL of the mainstream media – all of it – is owned by members of the Council on Foreign Relations which began in the late 19-teens as an organization determined to establish a One World Government.

      Neoconservatism began to emerge in the late 1950s as an “anti-communist” form of socialism. The truth is Neoconservatism is not anti-communist since all socialism is simply a stepping stone toward communism. Neoconservatives are less concerned about internal socialism and more concerned with external socialism. You will notice if you study the history of Congress since WWII that even when Republicans have the power to overturn the socialist programs the Democrats put upon us – they DON’T. In the early ’70s there was a mass shift of Conservative Democrats to the Republican Party – but they were and are still Socialists.

      Neoconservatism promotes world government. True grass-roots conservative Republicans have been pushed aside in favor of what can only be described as Trotsky Communists (as opposed to Lenin Communists). If you pay close attention to the Republican Party you will see how they have been the prime instigators of spreading so-called American Values throughout the world since the late 1940s. These are not true American Values – only American dominance!

      Fox News is all part of the big scam to manipulate the conservatives of America to continue our march toward the New World Order. Communists – in whatever form – still do the same things in order to accomplish their goals; they lie, they deceive, and they trick us. If this truly is government of the people, by the people, for the people then why all the secrecy and deception?

    • @Bill:

      I fail to see how this is an oversimplification?

      It’s simple because the whole thing is simple …

      The rest of the world attacks the US because the US Gov acts like an Empire.

      I’m not protecting President Obama, I would love for him to be impeached or court martial’ed. At the same time, I’d love for Bush to be court martial’ed too. They’re all corrupt is the point and they do nothing but grow the warfare/welfare state at the end of the day by stealing from the American people.

      • The problem is the United States has become the servant of the United Nations. It’s. police force. Most of the recent wars were dictated by the U.N through Unite Nation Declaration’s } while the citizens of the U.S have become the servants of the U.S. Government. The U.S. Constitution was created for that government to be come the servant of its citizens. The U. S. government bureaucrats have become King Obama’s royal court. We are just peasants paying our taxes while king Obama plays golf. There is no reason for Obama’s royal court (bureaucrats) to create any document that has 22000 pages so NO ONE has time to read it before it gets voted on. They all swear to protect the U.S. Constitution, yet act has tough it does not exist. We need to get back on our knees as George Washington did, before this country became a country, for help from the ultimate source of justice and mercy by the creator of our spirits so that this country can be source of refuge to those who become loyal citizens while we should get our knees for the guidance needed to save us from the Fraud that many elected officials represent. We need to honor the creator of justice and mercy by voting for official of good character,
        trustworthy, and loyal to the true cause of FREEDOM.

        • I agree with you John. THAT is what Americans need to come to grips with … the fact that we have become an immoral, narcissistic, bully and it’s our political pimps to blame, with us a close second for electing them!!!!!

  4. Pogo the possum to his pal Albert the alligator: “We have met the enemy and it is us”. Largely speaking, yup. This post is spot on.

  5. Caleb, you are 100% correct in everything you say here. Fox news is just as guilty as the rest. What people don`t see about Fox is that someone has to be the devils advocate so both sides of the coin look opposite. In other words, they can both claim they are right while the other is wrong, when in fact…..they are BOTH wrong, and evil in their intentions. Much like you Caleb, I am a PATRIOT, and I love my country and it`s people, and like the rest of the country, I have my children, grandchildren and existence to keep me constantly busy.
    The two party system as we all SHOULD know, is but a ONE party government, to act as a shield pulling the wool over everyone`s eyes by keeping them busy fighting back and forth about who`s right. They appear to be opposite sides of the coin, but are anything but that. The Patriot act was the biggest, and worse lie to ever be passed into law! It makes the ACA look like child`s play. We can Love America, love it`s people (manipulated as we are) and HATE our government, and still be PATRIOTS! I would die for this country, but only for IT`S protection WITHIN these borders. Of course back when I was seventeen I joined the USN and unquestionably believed in everything our govt. told us. If we closed our borders we would not need to worry about Isis or anyone else. Close the borders, manufacture, buy, and sell ONLY American products and we would once again flourish. Sorry, got a little off track, but you get what I`m saying. Great article though.
    God Bless America, and the 2nd Amendment!!!

    • @ BIGMAG47

      Absolutely sir.

      I don’t agree our borders should be closed. In fact, the founding fathers pointed out that we should ONLY interact with the rest of the world via trade — that makes our ties stronger — and not get involved in wars.

      To quote Thomas Jefferson’s 16 “essential principles of our Government” — “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none,”

      George Washington advised, “The great rule of conduct in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations [and] having with them as little political connection as possible.”

      Like most things with the Federal Government — if they had stuck to the original principles and ideas of the founders — we would have no problems and be much, much wealthier (including every single American citizen who would get to keep 100% of their income!)

      But I totally agree with everything else you’ve said. I would go further and say that what you said, loving your country, the ideals it was founded on and our people — while hating the Government — IS the definition of being a patriot. The country and the government are definitely not the same thing.

  6. If this is business as usual then why was Obama on TV telling the world that he is going to do nothing to stop them crossing Iraq were it could have been all over instead he protected them and supports them

    • @Rally:

      I disagree that “it could have been all over” — they’ve been fighting “terrorists” in the mideast for years.

  7. I agree that RED & BLUE are in bed with each other, also government can not mind it’s own business . I also agree that the patriot act was bad deal. It gave government way to much power and should be let to expire. I also served my country, US ARMY, and I love my country, but dislike the administration and the under handed way they think they can do things. They should be charged for their crimes against this country. WE THE PEOPLE, must stand and repel the tyrants that try to take our freedoms. We are a nation of law, and our founding father had great wisdom in creating the Constitution.

  8. I believe this is true on the grounds that I have been fighting a case in court for around 3 years and around 11 months and going for American Rights. I have ovet 200 exhibits filed and the court system with held documents that prove how may charges got dismissed the judicial misconduct is over whelming our Government court system is not for justice I have tried to get my story in the news stations but the government controls what is allowed on the news stations and what is not. SO the American Citizen only get to see what the government wants us to see and not real stories I will try again to see if the news stations will take my story now after 3 years and 11 months. You may want to look up the kids for cash story where judges were putting innocent children in juvenile prison for cash and made around 1million dollars in kick backs of tax payers money off the innocent children and then look up 10 convicts presumed innocent after execution and read there stories. Our court system is out of control also. And these judges murder innocent people putting innocent Anerican men, women and children in prison by with holding exhibit evidence ignoring exhibit evidence and that is ok with are government why?

  9. I agree with John. We the People have elected this bunch of political pimps, as did our parents before us. The “People” have become “sheeple” and believe everything they are fed – especially if it’s free.

    Our country started out great, but is now a pariah to the rest of the world. Even though we have done huge good to desperate and poor countries, we get no thanks because we have balanced all the goodness out with interference and greed.

    I love my country, but the political pimps who run it and those who voted them in are destructive and pathetic.

  10. George Washington warned us in his 1797 Farewell address to not become entangled in foreign affairs. The wisdom of our Founding Father is no less than profound! When our government operates outside of our borders we have very little control over it and even less knowledge of its mischief!!! When Jefferson also warned us about foreign entanglements we heeded our third President for 145 years and this coincides with the prosperity and growth of our nation – even despite the illegal Civil War! The Illuminists, the Communists and the Progressives have always hated this Nation from the ratification of the Constitution to this day. At the turn of the 20th Century the Progressives managed to intrude Government into business thru Roosevelt’s Anti-Trust laws. This opened the door for massive Government in 1913 with the 16th and 17 Amendments, and the Federal Reserve Act. in 1919 Wilson took removed our economy from dependence upon Gold in favor of illegal Certificates of Deposits SPECIFICALLI prohibited by the Constitution. Wilson, the first Communist President of the United States, tried desperately to shove us into the League of Nations in that quest for the New World Order. FDR came along with the first massive Socialist shift with his new Deal. (Which to this day has never worked – it took a war to save his ass!). This on the cusp of the Great Depression; completely orchestrated and manipulated by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England! In turn the depression was manipulated into causing the social upheavals that finally triggered WWII – Both Germany and Japan were cornered into striking back as the world powers (Britain France and the US) heaped overburden upon them. FDR said; “everything in politics is planned – even if doing nothing is the plan”. By the end of WWII the US was the leading Superpower and heir to the throne of the British Empire.

    During the Cold War the US Government put on the front that it opposed Communism but the intention was to build the Military Industrial Complex. At any time the US could have destroyed the Soviet Union by simple stopping the economical support we aided them. During the Cold War our government propped up the Communist governments thru trade and military industry not to mention calculated “mis-steps” and even insecure loans, food aide, etc. Do any of us really believe Fidel Castor really fooled our government? Do any of us find any real justification for the Korean War and Vietnam War? Is there really any doubt that McAurthor could have broken China? Wars by that point were won by Industrial might and China and Russia combined had nowhere near what the US had in these resources!

    We have been fed a false history. We have been duped into believing our Government has only had our best interest at heart. Our government stopped being our government in 1913! And now we see…

  11. I have read all of your comments on this post….NOW the question is…do we just sit and post our comments and never do anything except that???????? I agree with all you have said. I also have been in the military. I have see and believed all the government said. Now we as all the great nations before us are at the brink of collapse. The Romans (just to use as an example) fell because everyone got to greedy (government so to speak) and left the people behind, now mine you I am not the smartest apple in the cart…but I am smart enough to see the end of our country coming soon if we the people don’t stop it before hand…and I am afraid it may even be to late now!!!!!!! short of a complete remove of all the government we have now and going back to the original constitution and starting over. The only way that is going to happen is very costly in the amount of lives lost. I hope you can read between the lines…..

    • @D.O.G. I think the Fed Gov has set a course that puts the government (not the country) on a collapse course. I don’t think a traditional revolution is necessary. Like most corrupt dictatorships when it all comes crashing down it does and the crooks escape on private planes with their money … the question is what will replace it?

      The American revolution led to the Land of the Free
      The French Revolution led to the reign of terror.

      We have to get most people to want liberty again.

  12. Hi there, I read through a few of your articles
    here. I did have a question though that I hope you could answer.
    I was wondering, Can off-duty police officers have the same authority as on-duty officers?
    I’m about to get hired as an officer so It’s something
    I’d like to know. I would really appreciate any help you could give me!

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