WATCH: Navy SEAL shows 1 simple drill to shoot faster

Kyle Defoor

Ever wanted to shoot faster?

Of course you do!

But how do you shoot fast, like really fast, and still be accurate?


As former Navy SEAL and professional firearms trainer Kyle Defoor shows in the video below, most instructors can’t explain how to shoot faster they simply tell you to “go faster”.

But doing this 1 simple drill can make you a faster, more accurate shooter. Check it out:

Kyle Defoor Reveals The Cadence Drill To Shoot Faster

Kyle attributes the drill in the video below to a guy named Bill Go. I’m showing my ignorance by saying I’ve never heard of him but I’ve done this drill in a few live training firearms classes and it’s a winner if you want to shoot faster but still be accurate.

To Recap …

** 6″ Target at 5 yards and you’ll need a shot timer to get your split times

** You’re shooting 6 round strings (bill drills essentially) – helps to have at least a 12 round mag

** First 6 rounds is saying “one thousand, two thousand, etc” in between shots – you fire when you’re done talking not when the sights settle

** Up the speed by shooting and saying “And one, and two, and three etc …” for half second splits. Says 80%+ of people stay in this half second split for a LONG time. Shooting when time is up, not when sights settle.

** finally, speed up to get quarter-second splits (pro speed) – timing is saying “one, two, three, etc …” shooting as soon as you say it not waiting for the sights to settle. To shoot this fast and still be accurate, you’ll need all your fundamentals more than solid to keep the pistol where it needs to be and control the recoil to get the hits while still going this fast

What do you think?

Want to try this drill out?

Have you ever done a version of it?

Did this video help you at all?


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  1. Everyone forgets about “Crimson Trace” when they are wanting to shoot faster and more accurate. With Crimson Trace, where the red or green dot is, that is where the bullet strikes. You do not need to align the gun up with your eye to be accurate.

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