Beautiful New Bolt Action 224 For You To Look At

Photo courtesy Masterpiece Arms.

If you’re reading posts on this site, then I have no doubt that you have an appreciation for beautiful firearms. Seeing fine craftsmanship and elegant design on a firearm can be as satisfying as seeing any other work of art. The difference, of course, is that a beautiful firearm is, typically, something that you can use for practical purposes.

With that in mind, here is a new rifle that you may want to take a look at (see the picture above). Our friends over at ammoland give us these details about the firearm:

MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles and Chassis Systems, is pleased to introduce the MPA 224BA Bolt Action Rifle. Built specifically to use with the newly released 224 Valkyrie caliber, the MPA 224BA Bolt Action Rifle is ideal for competitive shooters looking to make longer range shots and hunters interested in varmints and medium game with a 1/2” MOA accuracy guarantee.

The chassis is machined on MPA’s CNC Horizontal Machining Centers to exacting tolerances from 6061 aluminum. MPA’s unique pocketing system reduces weight and increases the structural integrity of the chassis. The chassis also includes a built-in bubble level, thumb notch, night vision bridge and lower mounted Picatinny rail. The new MPA Enhanced Vertical Grip is also included. It is also compatible with a user locatable barricade stop system, which requires the purchase of an optional MPA BA Rotating Barricade Stop.

The MPA 224BA Bolt Action Rifle includes a precision gun drilled, reamed and honed Spencer / MPA rifle barrel made from 416RQ stainless steel. The hand-lapped barrel is bore and land inspected on a video borescope. The chamber is indicated within 0.0001” or less to the bore of the rifle.

The MPA produced buttstock features an adjustable length of pull, adjustable cheek riser, and bag rider. The length of pull and cheek position are locked in place via a set of screws that are embedded into the buttstock body. It provides a very strong lockup of the cheek riser plate and recoil plate assembly.

You can find out more details at MPA’s page for the rifle here. I don’t know about you, but there is a simple elegance to the design of this rifle that appeals to me. It may not appeal to everyone, as traditionalists will want to default back to rifles with wooden stocks (which can be beautiful, too), but, if you want to try out the 224 Valkyrie caliber ammunition, this may be a nice choice to work with.



  1. That gun is not beautiful–not by any classical definition. As far as the cartridge is concerned, the market is already flooded with cartridges, and most new cartridges do not stand the test of time. The .243 Winchester has stood the test of time, and would have been a better choice. I suppose this thing is listed at over $1,000, too. I don’t see the rifle as being anything I would want to buy.

  2. Keith, I second that. There is no doubt in my old mind the cost would probably be out of my range.
    (no pun intended)

  3. Poor all around caliber to own. Easily broken as it isn’t solid. Ugly too. I will pass.

  4. Sorry , I am not up to speed , but I have never heard of a 224 cal. Have owned several 223 ,s and really like them . As far as the rifle its self , I fine it quite ugly , really , I would not buy it for myself .

  5. From what I see which is very little as it is covered with fab,Twitter adds, the thing is ugly. This weapon is not the one people will strive to get their hands on. Gadgets are not cheap and do little to enhance their appearance. Get to accurate sites knock down power and availability of ammunition without creating a new one. NOT for Me!

  6. After waiting for the antiamerican fb and other crap I don’t know about or care goes away, it would be a bad plinker in .223 with a mod to the grip would help too. Not to sure you could have a round larger than .243 on recoil with such a lite rifle shooting at targets? But I’d buy it if price was below $500, but not in an probably expensive round like .224.

  7. A SOLID CHASSIS RIFLE. SHOT IT AT SHOT SHOT 2018 1000 YARDS WITH SUB M,O,A, GROUPS. Army Canadian “SNIPERS SPOTTING”. Outstanding trigger and I believe ammo the issue here. Time will tell, but she shoots circles around all the small change rounds below her.
    L.P.Brezny: Authored three books on up to one mile shooting. ( Amazon )

    The Mgm’t,

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