What Hillary Refuses to Say About 2nd Amendment Is Beyond Alarming


Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive democratic party nominee, and now gun owners are getting nervous about the possibility of her ending up in the White House and imposing a whole new set of restrictive gun regulations. She’s not going to be able to do it without having to answer a few questions along the way though.

An interviewer forced her to do exactly that just the other day when he asked her if she believes that the right to bear arms is an individual freedom protected by the Constitution.

Any reasonable politician, even a lot of liberal ones, would’ve simply said yes and moved on. But she took a different approach.


However, it’s the things she left out of her answer that are scaring Americans the most.

See the video below:

Did you notice anything strange? If you listen closely, you’ll notice that she never says that she does believe that the 2nd Amendment is actually a Constitutional right! She weasels her way out of the question and pushes her own leftist absurdity instead.

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  1. Having been familiar with Hillary for at least 25 years, I find it hard to have any faith in anything she says!

    On the other hand, I do no have much faith in Trump!

    • Then you have only one other choice, vote for Gary Johnson… Remember, your vote does not determine who the next president will be. The winner is the candidate who receives the most votes from the Electoral College. Johnson is running as a Libertarian (not a Liberal… there is a big difference, look up the definition of Libertarian and Liberal)… If he can get enough votes that will cause this election to be a 3 party race instead of a 2 party race, and it will get him into the stage for debates… If you don’t like what he has to say them vote for Trump or hillary (her name is not capitalized intentionally)… I think Johnson has some very down to earth ideas like imposing term limits, making government much smaller, legalizing Marijuana (folks, incase you didn’t know, Marijuana can be used for medical treatments, paper production, clothing, acme many other things… In other words, it is not just for getting high… Look it up!).

      • I’m comfortable letting everyone know that I voted for Gary Johnson the last election …

    • We all know Clinton wouldn’t know the truth if it kick her in the pants. You can not trust or believe a thing she does or said. We may

      not like Trump but he is the only chance we have to keep America from falling.

      • Hillary earlier did say she likes the way Australia conducted it last gun regulation. Total confiscation.

  2. Whether you love or hate TRUMP, any thinking individual would have to realize that he has the very heart and soul of what Americans want and need. If you want the 2nd Amendment upheld, VOTE TRUMP. We are not electing someone as a pastor. We are not going to vote on a ‘perfect’ person, for there is none (only Christ was a perfect man and perfect God) for if there was one like that for president, he/she wouldn’t be acceptable to most out of jealousy.

    • Well said no one is perfect 90% of what people are saying about Donald Trump are made up lies. The propaganda War is the most important battle for the left. Our constitution did not come without blood should the value of protecting it be taken lightly absolutely not. Salvation comes with a price it is all worth our protection. Lies always Cloud things but truth will always bear it’s own light.

  3. More double speak from Hillary. If you can read, read the second amendment the way it was written. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” What part of that is open to interpretation? The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall Not be infringed. Period and of story.

  4. The bill of rights are just that, rights that insure our freedom as individuals. Anytime I hear a person refusing to acknowledge those rights, those freedoms, I understand that that person desires to rule, to decide for me what I can and should think and say and do. The Constitution makes it clear that no person has that right, to rule over another person.

    Mrs. Clinton does not care about anything having to do with our liberty, because she believes that she is wiser and more intelligent than we are, which gives her the right to make all of our decisions for us. After all, we are to stupid to know what to do with free speech, religion, or a gun.

    In truth, I’m insulted by her arrogance.

    • Victor, very well said! What galls me as well is that she believes, as does Obama, that as President they have the power to arbitrarily and unilaterally override the Constitution. That document is NOT outdated even though it is more than 200 years old. It is alive and well and until amended legally, should be obeyed as the supreme law of the land, excepting God of course. But I digress…in order to remove, invalidate or otherwise amend the Constitution, a Bill must be passed and ratified by 2/3 of the states, if memory serves me correctly. The President does not have the right to override or ignore the law; only kings, queens and other tyrants can do that at their whimsy.

  5. Trump needs to just keep hammering her and telling her to disarm all of her bodyguards and everybody around here that are heavily armed protecting that idiot she talks so much gun control .will let it start with her disarm everybody around her that’s protecting her trump Brought it up before he needs to keep on that line that woman belongs in prison why she’s not there and why we’re even talking about her is beyond me

  6. Hellary wouldn’t recognize truth even if she met it on the street in broad daylight. She lives a lie since high school, if not before. Satan will have fun with her after she’s gone-oh wait, she’s his sister.

  7. All you democrats who are gun owners better think twice before you vote for Hillary. No matter what she says she wants total gun confiscation.

    • Excellent statement, Mr. Cbujan. So very many individuals that have no real working time with older firearm items, and current situations (politics ! ) have little, if any, experience with current legal and use of current firearms will find current operations of said firearms to be grossly different than 50+ years ago. I am 80+ years of age. 20 years of military and then another 20 years of Commercial Airline (UAL) certainly brought some differences, in many areas to me. I grew up on a 40 acre farm, along with timber country land which, back then, owners loved for hunters to monitor the woods. (Kept loggers from stealing loads of timber)
      Everyone had guns and practiced often. Ducks, Geese, Deer, Squirrels were normal fare, along with the fish from the creeks, etc.
      Now I own a number of guns from very small up through some really good ones. I now have 3 acres in a few-homes area with much larger vacant lands around. I shoot every so often, or go down to where my sister lives on the old farm place, and do considerable shooting if I so care. I don’t think that the many area land-owners mind as most are old-time friends and family. Some of the local officers are in that bunch and so we have some good evenings telling stories. Hope you people that are happy with “Ill-lary” don’t try to intervene. HA!

  8. Notice….Not once did she answer a questiin or make a statement that made any sense. She is the Queen of double talk and can talk for hours without saying ANYTHING.

  9. If Hillary becomes president, which she might, blame it on The Republican Party Apparachnicks, the party leadership who, it turns out, will have well and truly “screwed the pooch”.

  10. The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Apparently that now means “reasonable restrictions” may be put on that amendment. Reasonable to whom? You? Me? Hilary? Bozo the clown? I’ll bet to Hilary it means NOBODY EVER OWNS A GUN AGAIN! Unless, of course, the Queen personally allows! Oh, you can’t talk to the Queen? Well, I guess that’s a right you’ll just have to do without!

  11. Hey Kilary, why don’t you tell the truth for once You say you want gun control like the Australia but the truth is they are a full confiscated state and are not only telling us to NOT give up our gun rights but they’re fighting to get their gun rights back !! What you want is to get all guns off the street not just gun control making the honest law abiding citizen to pay the price for your gun crimes ! Gun control will not make the streets any safer as bad guys don’t go to gun shops!!

  12. Did you notice she said some of the earliest laws dealt with firearms? She is absolutely correct. If you check it out, the Continental Congress required households to have a musket or other firearm kept ready and loaded, which is why the militia were referred to as Minutemen (ready to “go” at a minute’s notice.) And incidentally, even today, all able bodied males in the USA are considered to be militia, a manpower pool to be drawn on in the case of war or other national emergency.

  13. I firmly believe that Hillary will, within the first 100 days of her presidency (if she can get herself elected) suspend the 2nd Amendment outright, by executive order, or weaken it to such a degree as to deny all citizens the right to own, or carry, firearms for their own personal protection.
    Please recall two things: a) that the first thing that Mao, Hitler. and Stalin did, the moment they assumed power, was to confiscate all firearms, and b) that this led to the total subjugation of their respective civilian populations. Being caught in possession of a firearm was punishable by execution.
    Please recall, as well, that in the past, the term “progressive” was commonly accepted as being synonymous with the term “communist”. Teflon Donna describes herself as being a “progressive”, if you recall during many of her campaign speeches. The lazy American public no longer takes the time to find out the meaning and source of the buzzwords candidates use to get themselves elected. The word progressive, they wrongly assume, to mean a CHANGE (Remember that word from the Obama campaign?) for the greater good, and benefit of the American people. The CHANGE Obama had in mind was to CHANGE America from a Constitutional democracy into a socialist, totalitarian state. The coup against the United States, initiated and strengthened on his watch is scheduled to be completed, and enforced on Hillary’s watch.
    Some voices are saying that the 2016 election will be the last valid election in which the American people have any say as to which candidate is elected if Hillary wins. You do know that communist countries regularly hold elections in order to give the impression that their elected officials have been chosen for office by the populace. How can anyone believe that to be true, when there is only one name on the ballot? Oh, yeah! He won by a landslide, didn’t he, and wasn’t the will of the people reflected in that “vote”?
    Trump may be a bag of worms in his own right, and for different different reasons, but, of the two megalomaniacs, I consider him to be less dangerous than Teflon Donna.
    It is sad to be forced to say that America loses, regardless of the outcome of this election, in my opinion.

    • Since we know what she believes generally and specifically , being a communist that she is… anyway she’s stated before that SCOTUS got it wrong on the 2nd amend.. she also supports Australian style gun control.. they should not have turned theirs in.. She’ll never get ours..

  14. The question asked deserved a YES or NO answer. Neither of which came out of her mouth. I don’t trust anyone who dances around a direct question and talks out of both sides of their mouth. Go ahead George, ask Trump the same question. The answer will be as direct as the question. That’s all I’ve heard from Trump…Direct and concise answers through out his campaign. Something a politician can’t or won’t do. GO TRUMP!

  15. She did say in an earlier speech she liked the way Australia decided to conduct gun control, total confiscation.

  16. Have you noticed what no one is saying? We have a presidential candidate on record as saying that she refuses to uphold the Constitution as written! We can go to the video but to paraphrase; she does not “believe” (and she uses that word often in this speech) that ANY of the rights protected in the Constitution are absolute. She says every single one of the legal amendments to the Constitution are subject to her regulations! How is she even eligible to run for president after this statement? Has ANY candidate ever been so brazen as to be investigated by the FBI, and then gone on record as saying that they will not obey the Constitution? Where in the hell is the ACLU? She has already said that free speech is subject to her regulations! She has said that a woman’s right to vote is subject to regulation! The fact that you don’t like guns is no reason to give her a pass on this statement that every single part of the Constitution is subject to regulation. The Constitution was written to specifically prohibit the president and Congress from regulating those basic human rights. I am baffled.

  17. “If it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulations.” Why is she not in prison?! She is not eligible to be president with a statement like this! She refuses to uphold the Constitution! She admits it!

  18. She can’t even keep her oath of office that she took when she went into office about four or five years ago she and Obama went to the UN to try to do away with our rights of the Second Amendment. How in the world did they think that would work since we are a solvern nation. That’s not up holding her oath of office.

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