Journalist Made a Laughing Stock After Shooting AR For First Time and Saying This


The liberal media has a way of bending the truth. Most of the time, they bend it a little here and there to make it fit with their leftist narrative, but they keep most of the core parts of the story truthful. Other times they bend the truth until it breaks, leaving shards of misinformation scattered everywhere.

That, friends, is exactly what this NY Daily News journalist did after he went to a local gun range to fire an AR-15 for the first time.

He decided that since he’d never actually fired the gun, he should get some first hand experience to inform his reporting. At first, it sounds like his intentions were good.


Honestly, if he really did what he said he was going to do – shoot the gun and give an accurate representation of the experience – it would’ve been a good thing. Instead he shot the gun and then made the rest up as he went along.

See what we mean in this post from The Blaze:

New York Daily News writer Gersh Kuntzman fired an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle for the first time at a gun range in Philadelphia — and he left absolutely “terrified.”

Kuntzman claimed he wanted to “better understand the firepower of military-style assault weapons and, hopefully, explain their appeal to gun lovers” in the aftermath of the deadly Orlando terrorist attack that left 49 people dead and dozens injured.

The writer recalled shooting the popular firearm being “horrifying, menacing and very very loud.”

Kuntzman said he has shot “pistols” before, but he was horrified of the AR-15’s “explosion of firepower,” which he called “humbling and deafening (even with ear protection).”

“The recoil bruised my shoulder,” he added. “The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary case of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.”

This guy must have been banking on the assumption that nobody who actually knows what they’re talking about would read his story. For example, anybody who knows anything about AR-style rifles is aware that they have possibly the least recoil of any rifle on the market, making them highly unlikely to bruise anybody’s shoulder.

Oh well, it’s par for the course as far as the media is concerned. Give us your thoughts in the comments.



  1. This alledged journalist is a complete AssHat. I doubt that he actually even fired an AR-15 during his range session. If he thinks that this weapon bruised his shoulder then he had better not let anyone older than 4 pat him on the back because that would break his back. And by the way, the AR-15 is NOT a military style assault weapon, it is only capable of firing one round for each pull of the trigger. The New York Daily News should fire his ass for poor journalism, and outright lying about his experience. Show them you care by refusing to purchase their so called “newspaper” and let them go broke.

    • i have fired an ar from my chin with hardly any recoil whatsoever. it is no louder than a 9 mm hand gun. so mr news man stop youre lying and tell the truth for a change.

    • The new york daily (not so news) would not fire this jerk for his lies as they mostly only print lies. Probably, they’ll give him a raise.

      • I don’t think lack of testicles is the problem. Plenty of women fire AR-15s, without experiencing the “horrifying, menacing and very, very, loud.” effects that this “snowflake” is whining about. Perhaps he should try shooting my Mosin Nagant 91/30, loaded with 200 grain rounds. THAT will give him something REAL to whine about, if he survives the experience.

      • i was thinking maybe he should come sight in my .308, and that ain’t even a BIG gun. I have a Winchester 101 Featherweight chambered for 3″ magnums. Torch THAT off a few times, missy! AR’s being gas operated, and only .223 or 5.56 caliber, were specifically created for a generation of troops that weren’t already used to a guns recoil. It’s just the engineering that makes them into anything useful. All these pundits and politicos show how little the know about what they are trying to get regulated every time they open their mouths on the subject. Dial 1-800 WAAAAA!

      • Maybe this guy would like to try my Marlin 45-70 with the 300 grain hollow-point loads my cousin worked up for me. We call it the “Bear Repealant” load and developed it specifically for (tent) camping trips out West. Mr. Kuntz-man would be begging to have the AR-15 back after a few of these down the tube.

    • Whatever college he received his degree from needs to ask for it back because he learned nothing about journalism.

    • We will always have the idiots out here that roam this vast Nation. Years ago they lied undercover. Today they boldly lie in the open with a snumge on their face. Why do they dare do this out in the open. Because they think the American People are stupid. Come to think of it, we do have a Nation of Idiots. He is proof.

  2. In the famous words of Bugs Bunny “what a maroon”. The 5.56 or 223 Remington bruised his shoulder! There are prairie dog hunters who who shoot hundreds of this round a day without any Ill effects. The reason they use this round besides it’s inherent accuracy is the lack of recoil. They shoot the rodents 300 yards and beyond and due to the lack of recoil they can see where the bullet impacts through the scope which is usually 10 power or more. Try that with with say a 22-250 another varmint round. The noise terrified him, he would probably leave the country if he fired a 30-06. What a lying POS. Were you recently castrated? Oh that’s right you would have to have a pair of balls for that to happen.

    • LOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Axx Off. You hit that nail right on the head.
      There IS very little recoil to a 5.56 round. I have placed my Ruger mini-14 against against my crotch in a demonstration , fired 20 rounds and walked back to the podiums microphone without missing a step. Even made love to my wife that night without problems of any kind.
      Thank You BUD44 !!!

  3. This lerson is supposed to ne a news reporter , not a gossip collumn or some fictional stort writer . As such he should be held to a higher standard of telling the truth about which he is writing and giving a nuetral view , presenting both sides of an issue so people can make up their own minds from an informed position . Apparently there should be laws to this effect with an ultimate punishment for blantantly lying or efforts ro control public opinion gettung them banned for life from reporting news . We should do this with teachers too , any teachers caught pushing opinions onto students instead of teaching them how to think for themselve so they can make their own decisions , should be banned for life from teaching anyone

  4. This person is supposed to be a news reporter , not a gossip collumn or some fictional story writer . As such he should be held to a higher standard of telling the truth about which he is writing and giving a nuetral view , presenting both sides of an issue so people can make up their own minds from an informed position . Apparently there should be laws to this effect with an ultimate punishment for blantantly lying or efforts ro control public opinion getting them banned for life from reporting news . We should do this with teachers too , any teachers caught pushing opinions onto students instead of teaching them how to think for themselve so they can make their own decisions , should be banned for life from ever teaching anyone again

  5. What a pansy. How do you think people got their food 100 years ago. Grocery stores? The only way I will think differently about guns is whene Jesus comes back. Till then, How are you going to protect yourself? Run? You’ll only die tired. As for the Orlando shooting? 100 people with beer bottles would have been devastating…

  6. What a joke! If he wants some shoulder punishment he can try my Mosin M44 carbine. If the bullet doesn’t get them the fireball will!

  7. Both previous posts are absolutely correct. I grew up around guns, mostly because my dad was a gunsmith. He was one of the country’s foremost gunsmiths, written up in both Ruger’s and Stoger’s annual issues, as one of the few who could take a solid piece of steel and machine a complete new breach, action, etc., from it. He gave me my first rifle, actually a shotgun, 20 ga., single shot. I shot more squirrels with that thing than I can count. We had several acres of woods on the backside of our property and the wildlife was abundant in there. I’ve shot everything from BB guns through elephant guns, (those are the ones that shoot a bullet the size of most males’ thumb. It’s huge and packs a wallop of a recoil. A small to medium sized person would want to either be setting down or leaning back against a wall or tree when shooting this rifle, or it would put you on your butt. And never once did any of the guns, pistols or rifles, jump up and start shooting indiscriminently, by itself. It always required me or someone else to pick it up, point it and pull the trigger, to fire, always, every single time. I’ve shot AR-15’s, several times, out target shooting and if it had a different configuration, we would have called it a plinking rifle. It makes very little noise, there’s practically NO recoil, you have to pull the trigger each time to shoot and it’s deadly accurate. That’s probably why it’s a favorite rifle for what they call varmint hunting.

  8. My 13 year old step daughter has never once complained about recoil, sound, or brass flying by her head as she has let loose with over 1000 rounds from an AR. Oh, did I mention she is 13 years old and 95 pounds soaking wet? And no symptoms of PTSD either. the only thing I can figure is this guy is a wussy.

  9. it’s all in the name with a capital K, for he surely is one ,with no man involved what so ever.besides being an out right liar ,wussy comes to mind with liar ,or lying-wuss ,i’m surprised no has wash his mouth out with massengil douche’ for lying ,he probably goes to a bar and orders a vinegar and water over,he is the new winner of ”the steven glass award” for truth in journalism .as if !!!!

  10. “The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face.” – Huh? The picture in his article clearly shows his right cheek against the rifle with the ejection port on the right side.

  11. What is really scary about this lying journalist is that there are people out there
    who will hang on every word he says. We may not be the dumbest people on
    this planet but we are sure running a close second. People, do not believe the
    media, learn to research things on you own. Politicians love dumb voters and
    don’t ever forget this fact.

    • Josef Stalin loved dumb voters too. He called them “useful idiots.” We have a lot of those
      in USA who voted for the socialist wannabe regime in Washington in 2008 and 2012.

  12. All we have today are muckrakers and yellow journalists who cowtow to their liberal agenda. I would hate to see what a 600 double nitro would have done to him, probably put him in the next county. Just goes to show what people will swallow today, because they don’t have any common sense. They do have communism though. I bet he buys all his coffee at Starbucks too.

  13. This person is plainly a lying propagandist. To refer to him as a “journalist” is a grevious insult to the few honest reporters or newspaper men and women that might still be found.

  14. This is almost as good as the other journalist who went to buy one. His aim was to prove how easy it would be.
    That blew up on him when he had to go through a background check and was unable to purchase it. Seems he had charges for assault on his wife and other charges.

  15. He probably already had PTSD from the noise of an electric pencil sharpener. He now has a fear of sticking his finger in one. As far as the bruised shoulder, he would probably have broke it and his collar bone if he fired a shotgun. I can imagine how disorienting he would be with a couple of mosquitoes flying around his head. That could cause enhanced PTSD. Maybe he should just leave guns and reporting alone and go curl up in his mothers lap and suck his thumb. That is what babies do.

  16. Im tired of those idiots blaming firearms its the idiot behind the weapon .more people r killed by hammers shit let banned thim .oliar and killary sell firearms to foreign countries that end up in the cowardly isis hands. Iwish America would wake up and see that we got territoist as pres n the Clintons

  17. I have had the pleasure of firing every thing from a 22 caliber up to and including a .50 caliber. All I can say is it is satisfying as hell when you put
    a round down range and hit a target with a resounding thump. That included pistols, rifles and fully automatic machine guns. I have worn
    hearing protection when playing at the range but in some situations you do not have the time to tinkle on yourself and look for hearing
    protection. I have also been at Air Bases with military jet blasting off around the clock 24/7 with little break in between. Didn’t effect my
    sleep one bit. I have felt the impact of enemy artillery, rockets and mortars in my immediate area. Outside of making me check my weapon
    it didn’t bother me to much. Must admit I was much happier when it was over though. I had friends who roamed the jungles, deserts and
    other climes when performing their duties, were they scared, hell yes, only a fool would not be. But did it give them PTSD, in some cases,
    but this ass hole writers has no concept of what was going on except he wet himself like a baby for no reason. If what he described bothered
    him the I would hate to see him at a football game or any sporting event when it gets loud as hades. He would curl up and crap all over him
    self. Can you imagine him at any event where they even have fireworks? I feel sorry for this individual but then I just saw where individual
    was from, the nanny state of NY. I know there are MEN there but apparently the omitted that when he was born and perhaps ne needs to
    check and see if they omitted something, say a brain.

  18. I think this reporter should sign up for PTSD in the wake of having fired an AR-15. Oh my, such stress associated with shooting this gun !!!!!!! I have to laugh when I think of all the truthful people who never get interviewed and are being very honest about what they are being interviewed about. This guy is a liar, a shill of a reporter and should not be allowed to write for any news outlet period. If he can twist the truth around about something such as this, what would he do with something that is really significant in America ???????? Get rid of this moron !!!!!! He doesn’t deserve to have a job in any media outlet. Period !!! Fire his ass for lying and do it so that he can’t collect unemployment insurance. He doesn’t deserve anything.

  19. What an anal. He definitely wouldn’t be able to survive a 7MM Ultramag. He’d be crying like a baby with the recoil even with a Limbsaver recoil pad. Even then, he’d probably swear it broke his shoulder and had to be rushed to the hospital. Let alone the “explosion” would have left him deaf. My 13 year old grand daughter has fired multiple clips through mine and begged me to reload for more fun. Hate to see him get a grease burn from flipping hamburgers. Probably end up with 1st degree burns in the Burn Unit. What do you expect from a Liberal? The truth? Yeah, wishful thinking.

    • In reference to an earlier post, it scares me to think there are folks who will treat this idiot’s words life undisputed gospel. On that note, let’s see him try a British .303 Enfield. Or have a girl scream at him !

  20. Having spent 20+ years in the Navy, I have used the M-16 multiple times, without Damage! For “Pete’s Sake” it is only a 22. How much can the “Kick” be? Anything to cause “FEAR” and “Panic”! He wants to FEEL a Kick, he needs to fire the DMG 😀

  21. I cant decide whether hes really that uneducated when it comes to weapons, or if hes that uneducated about journalism.

  22. What a pussy. I have put hundreds of rounds through an AR (and GEE no bruises) I would like to see him shoot my 12 gauge (or ANY of my deer rifles) I don’t think this idiot could fire a 22 long rifle without having to go to therapy.
    What a crock. Harold Hutchcraft, you are right…He needs to go back home to mommy and live in his room and play with himself. (less STRESSFUL) and his POOR FEELINGS wouldn’t be hurt.

  23. One semi technical observation which demonstrates the profound depth of the lies the reporter wrote.

    AR-15/M16 all have a large spring contained inside the legnth of their stocks, against which the bolt strikes upon firing each round, which spring absorbs the impact, compressing on each cycle of a round being expended.

    There is NO other rifle being sold on the world market which features a softer shoulder impact for the person firing the weapon.

    There is no doubt the prevaricating reporter is a consumate sissy boi, however, his contentions describing his “experience” as detailed in his report are entirely fabricated and exaggerated.

  24. Give me a break he suffered PTSD for an hour after fireing the weapon so i suffer from PTSD and I found that insulting.pussy!

  25. Having fired AR-15s,270 win,308,Rem.30 06 rem,7 mm mag I will have to say the AR-15 has about the same recoil of a 22 Winchester magnum very little. This reporter needs to fire a real rifle like the Rem 7 mm mag or a 30 06 or an 8 mm mag that way the moronic idiot would actually know what recoil is.And noise from a rifle being fired granted the AR is loud but I have fired Rifles with a much louder report.!!

  26. My nephew’s son shot my AR-15 and he loves it. I shot it first, his dad shot it then he decided on his own that he wanted to shoot it. And kept shooting it until the magazine was empty. He’s only 7 yrs old. He’s hunting this year with his dad’s Mossberg .223/5.56 coyote gun. Boy, if this guy is that tender and bruises that easily, he sure wouldn’t want to shoot a REAL rifle. Knowledge is power but this guy’s a nut job. Lol. But his statement is to glorify the media and contradict the truth about firearms to get a promotion or move up the ladder at his place of employment. But the REAL owners and shooters know that an AR is not going to bruise your shoulder no matter how many times you shoot it.

  27. As has been expressed, this unprincipled, demented. member of the pseudo-4th Estate is totally lacking in credibility. As is his editor and publisher. They don’t realize that they are being manipulated by the ignorance of the mob. They print what their readers want to hear – not the truth. I can picture this “gossip-monger” on the golf course swinging a 6 iron like a club. A club that is just as lethal as any firearm. And, he curses and swings the club out of control with anger over a ball that has bested him. Pay no attention to the mad men on the golf course. They are running from the meaningless attacks of the golf balls they look down at.

  28. well the guy is an idiot, what would he do if he was in the military shooting a fully automatic m16 , or a 60 cal. machine gun , now they 60 cal. really makes a lot of noise, he better stick to the rainbow club , what a sissy

  29. If brass was flying in front of his face he must not have known that right handed, and left handed shooters use different guns so the brass won’t do that!

  30. An important point seldom addressed by the Left: NO ONE is compelling Mr. Kuntzman to own or possessing a firearm. Yet. After the Roberts decision on the ACA, some government agency may, in the future, require ownership and maintenance of a firearm – for our own safety and protection. Or pay a tax penalty to cover cost of police action and emergency Medical. Like Obamacare. There has been no move in Congress to require that, even by Progressives (who tend to make such laws). Conservatives, who support individual autonomy, are unlikely to propose such a law. Mr. Kuntzman, however, not satisfied with his freedom not to possess a firearm, seems inclined to infringe on the freedom of others who desire to possess and bear one – and who have no desire to infringe upon his freedom not to have one. I find people who seem driven to impose their own ideology on others significantly annoying and very possibly in need of psychiatric care.

  31. What a wimp; is there a journalist alive who tells the truth without exaggeration, distortion, or outright lying? Very doubtful.

  32. After kitty Couric (a prostitute for the Marxist Eliets) and her fabricate story on sat lite what you expect as they are bearing down on deciet to TRY to dis arm
    The real American people who believe in freedom and the constitution ! Obama has lied and even run guns to get people killed not only in Bengazi but the fast and furious caper that was to play on the hearts of American people but went bad for this lie and deciet and even murder! This came out today from a ranking govt official said that Obama has told the FBI ,and their boss Comie ,not to tell the truth of what really they found , their finding in Orlando and here another cover up from this TRANSPARENT OBAMA govt , just like Bengazi and the Clinton scandals that goes again right back to Obama! These criminals in the White House thru the halls of congress and its black robe thugs will get many people killed putting these ILLIGALS and Muslims forcefully into states , that for 1 are broke from
    The purposely over spending to TAKE more of your money so you have less and keeping those whose pockets ,they Paid for their own power!

  33. That was not irritable and anxious that’s called excited. I have a 450 Bushy that thumps, the other two are nothing shooting all day

  34. I am a 74 year old woman, and I have shot an AR and love it, wish I had one, used one of my relatives AR’s. No bruises , Didn’t even wear headphones. Oh and I have also shot a 12 gauge , a 410, a 357 Ruger, and a police protector 38. Oh and I belong to the NRA ,have a concealed weapon license . So how come this so called Journalist has the unmitigated gall to even open his chicken s— mouth.

  35. What progressive liberal has a working brain, leave along know what truth is. They are the ones to follow a flock of sheep over a cliff and wonder where government to tell them where the danger is. Remember government NEVER acts……it reacts…..wrongly, a day late and a dollar short, but wants you to pay more for nothing/less.

  36. I have an artificial shoulder thanks to a gun shot wound while serving in Viet Nam and I still shot the AR-15 because there is no recoil, unlike my 12-ga. Also, I undersdtand that it was not an AR platform that was used in Orlando but a Sig Sauer. An fact that is not true in his story.

  37. this pussy needs to buy some testicles from a queer so at least he can pretend to be a male

  38. This whole thing has nothing to do with gun control. It’s people control. They want to control us. Our 2nd Amendment was intended to prevent a tyrant government from controling we the people. If the anti gun left and some on the right continue we will see another Revolutionary War. Communism is on the move in the USA and we the people will stop them. God Bless America.

  39. If a news media will film.this and air it.I will put the butt of the stock any place on my body and fire 30 rounds and not get a bruise and brass wont burn me . Any place.medias.put up or shut have been calked out. Don’t do this your all liers and bought by liberals which you are but here’s your chance to show your butts or your ignorance.

  40. I think this guy is a little mentally ill and Disturbed hevloojs like a little fairy princess creating his little fantasy land to help convince people the to be big is a piece of crap libertard is he is… daddy should have wiped him on the curtains

  41. Talk about a pussy…. PTSD? Come on, he embarrasses those that truly suffer from it. Deafening explosions? Really… Sulfur smell, yes it is gunpowder. I suppose an AR-15 could be ‘horrifying’ and ‘menacing’ if anyone were pointing it at you, but that would be true for just about any weapon or firearm. And if the police and SWAT units need to carry these weapons (and they have their reasons), then I want to carry one for the same reasons.

  42. I had my nephews, 8 and 10 for a few months and was home schooling them. This was back when Killary and Bilk Linton were in office. I beat them with a belt named Hillary (when they needed it) and when they were good and studied their lessons and got correct answers on their “tests” I let them use my model 12 sawed off pump on a gallon, plastic milk jug named Hillary, also full of water using a 1 oz slug. Then, their dad brought them each an SKS with 30 round clips and a gook satchel of 1000 rounds when they finally went to school and got a good report from the principle. We would let them rap off 30 rounds from the hip at a dozen Hillaries from forty feet. They loved that. Of course that brought the sheriff. By that time life had gotten chickensheet for gun owners. Anyway, they are firearms enthusiasts to this day and the hate Hillary Clinton and president Effineegar as well as all homosexuals. They are good boys, raised right. And they believe in the Bible and God. Couldn’t have raised them so well without guns.

  43. this guy is a wuss, just like all liberals. i would like to take him snipe hunting some tym. why dont you grow a set you prick.

  44. This guy is a total moron,anyone thats ever shot an AR-15 knows there is zero kick. He should have shot the AR-10(.308) if he wanted his shoulder bruised.

  45. I shot a video the other day of my 67 year old wife shooting an AR. She is the mother of 2 grandmother of 2, sever diabetic, with quadruple heart bypass. His last name says it all he truly is a Kuntzman.

  46. All of the above commenters have missed the important information regarding this piece.

    First and foremost, Gersh Kuntzman is not a journalist or a reporter. He is in the words of his own newspaper a ‘tabloid hack’. Educated at the Sorbonne and the Yale School of Drama, Gersh Kuntzman is a play write and are your ready… a blogger. He writes an opinion column and has since someone with no intelligence whatsoever, gave him that job. No reporting, no journalism, no meat and potatoes information just one drama graduate’s opinions.

    Second, being a drama graduate, his greatest concern is to create drama. Drama sells newspapers. Drama gets him the attention he craves. The verbiage he applies to his columns is intentionally contrived to elicit emotional responses which in many instances results in a huge outpouring of criticisms which are misinterpreted (by him and his employers) as his being a successful blogger. The more he stirs the pot, the angrier readers get and the more they write with the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair due to his brilliant stupidity. Do a quick search of his name and see how many websites and news organizations have picked up this article. Then see how many castigate him for the absolute ignorant method of writing. He is getting the biggest ego stroking of his life after touching off this ridiculously massive retaliation to a drama piece on firing an AR15.

    Gersh Kuntzman and others of his ilk are the people who should have been left to wither and die on the vine. They have nothing really to offer except hate and discontent. But no, we had to jump right in and prove his point for him, he is popular by intent.

  47. Having fired over four dozen versions of AR-15’s in about every conceivable configuration of barrel length twist rate, stocks standard or free-float, gas tube or piston systems, various scopes, red or green dot systems besides the standard A-2 military sights and of course wearing proper ear protection and having instructed several dozens of people (women, men and teenagers as young as 13 & 14) in the operation, functioning as well as shooting, cleaning, dis-assembly and re-assembly and have never seen someone experience and react to shooting an AR-15 as this so-called journalist wrote. I am left to conclude he is either the biggest wimp around and shouldn’t play with adult toys that go bang, or he is completely full of BS and need’s to find another occupation maybe inside the Obama administration as it appears he would be a good fit!!

  48. Had to do my annual qualification with my AR-15 patrol rifle. But due to recent surgery I could not lay flat on the ground .
    So I layed on my side and placed my AR butt stock on my nose and used my Eotech to qualify. Where you put the dot is where the round goes. I didn’t even get a bloody
    nose from the recoil. The poor reporter is such a liar and gun hater, that he should never be allowed to report on anything to do with weapons. I just retired from Law Enforcement after 40 years and I want every good citizen to have a weapon to defend themselves and their families.

  49. Well… dear buddies… he certainly didn’t wish to present an accurate picture of this exceptionally superb long-gun did he? FYI: Yours truly was privileged to have bought the first run of AR-15s from Armalite, Costa Mesa CA around 1965. And BTW… it had no appreciable recoil at all, plus it most assuredly wasn’t excessively loud either… and there wasn’t anything particularly terrifying about it either… i.e., unless he’s just an unalloyed, unreconstructed sissy….

  50. Well, he evidently didn’t wish to provide an accurate depiction of what he experienced, did he? Yours truly bought the first run of the AR-15 Armalite from the factory in Costa Mesa CA. There was no appreciable recoil… plus it didn’t have much of a report either… and it just wasn’t that terrifying… i.e., unless he was an unalloyed, unreconstructed sissy….

  51. Enough said about this puppet. The problem is the country is Not run by the people for the people as was intended and one of the ways to keep us from doing our Duty as stated in the Declaration of Independence of taking out the Trash when needed/required, is to Misinform the People, Dis-inform and use miss-direction to keep our attention on meaningless issues, ie: blow jobs, etc. while our rights and freedoms are slowly striped away with barely a mention. The “news” media rarely tells the truth about anything and become comfortable with the “bigger picture” excuse they are talked into lying for. The sad truth is most of the people will believe whatever they hear on a news program thinking “they would never lie to us”. That’s why it works.

  52. I have taken my grandsons shooting at the range to teach them gun safety. My 12 year old grandson loves to go to the range and spend the day shooting.
    I started with him when he was 10. First on a Henry 22 cal Golden Boy and a Remington 22 Cal. Then he wanted to try my 30-30 lever action which hurt his shoulder some so he used a small sandbag on his shoulder and that stopped the problem. I also had Mosin M44 that had a impressive kick back and made a loud sound, and after many rounds fired my shoulder did feel a bit sore. When I got my AR15 we all went to the range. We all loved it. Little kickback much lower noise level, the brass casings are designed to NOT hit you in the face (so really curious how this untrained wimp held the rifle) we all fired many rounds through it. No sore shoulders, no hearing problems, not hit by any flying brass casings. My 12 year had a smile ear to ear easily seen through his safety glasses and ear protection and no sore shoulder. I had a hard time getting it away from him so I could use it. So to Mr Wussy if you really want to learn how to shoot a AR-15 my 12 year old grandson could certainly teach you and maybe even get you past the fear factor.

  53. I worked at the Arizona State Prison Complex in the early 80’s, and I still remember one instructor, Sgt, Wayne McGinnis, who addressed the recoil concerns of most women and a few male cadets, who might never have fired a weapon before. We used the Ruger Mini-14, also a gas operated semiauto rifle firing the .223 Rem cartridge, as does the AR-15. He would hold the Mini-14 to his chin and rap through a five-round magazine, rapid fire. This demonstration of the low recoil of the .223 round even helped the cadets when we shot the riot gun for familiarization. I seriously doubt if this so-called ‘reporter,’ ever fired a round, or he would have been impressed by the mild recoil and report of even the 5.56mm NATO military round. I have owned a Mosin-Nagant rifle, and this reporter would have died from the report and recoil of that baby.

  54. For a seven year old girl to shoot the rifle several times in a recorded demonstration of her skills, it shows that this guy is the ultimate wussy. The guy shouldn’t be allowed to go in public. A rain drop might hit him and knock him out. He needs a ten year old bodyguard to protect him. This guy should be laughed out of his job. It just goes to show how far the left will go to exaggerate something (lie) to make a point.

  55. The only pistol I can see this guy firing, is one with his Nintendo games. The .223 round in the AR, has little to no kick. If this guy got a bruised shoulder from shooting the AR, he more of a sissy than Obama.

  56. Just another “Useful Idiot” Walking the walk and Talking the talk. The sound of Hilliary & Obama’s voice causes the same reaction for me, and I’m not “making it up”! Journalism has become nearly as corrupt as the so-called profession of Law aka” Lawyer, and being a Professional Politician. In my working life I was exposed to very loud Noises, Heavy Building, and the only mistake I made was not using ear plugs enough. Anyone who has an IQ the size of their shoe understands that the report of any weapon is going to be “very loud”!

  57. This clown is a lying jerkoff. Not only should he be laughed out of the business, he should be thrown out bodily.

  58. What a wuss! Pay no attention to the man behind his mommy’s skirt! He is a perfect reason for re-instituting a mandatory universal military draft. I do not believe he is telling the truth about shooting the weapon. It sounds like and reads like a homework assignment for an undergraduate course in “Creative Fiction 101.

  59. Recoil? He sure wasn’t shooting an AR…. But what can you expect from the news media. They are biased and I haven’t seen any of these communist rags to ever tell the truth..

  60. What exactly is “Temporary PTSD” for an hour afterward. Perhaps he should try to see a Psychologist for the first time so he knows what it’s like. How does one confuse “Temporary PTSD” with euphoria, or a woody, if you will? I have introduced my wife, daughters and granddaughters to an AR. All are wonderful shooters.

  61. My first expireance with an M-16 was in July 1975. Fort Lost in The Woods Misery. Drill shooting instructor instructed us to fully load our magazines. Put rifle stock on our testicles. Turn selector switch to full auto and squeeze the trigger. Two seconds later and an empty magazine. Drill instructor was doing this as well. He asks if any of His girls were hurt. No one commented. He then sez, come on MEN, we are going to become proficient in shooting. We didn’t faint, we didn’t have nervous breakdowns, we didn’t have bruised balls. We sure as hell did not have bruised shoulders. I would like to see this wimp have an arm wrestling match with a Barbie Doll. Trailer Trash Barbie Doll.

  62. You know he is lying when he talks about “The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face” which gives the impression that the rifle is full auto. Yes, the AR15 is loud. Intelligent people use ear protection. If he is “terrified” by firing the AR15, he should just go crawl back under the rock he crawled out from under. My AR15 is a BB gun in comparison to my Glock 20. Me? I’m a 72 year old 100% disabled Viet Nam vet, and fire my AR15 on a regular basis. There is no fear…

  63. He says he bruised his shoulder? Maybe he didn’t keep the stock pulled tight. He says he’s fired handguns? What type? Semi-Pistol or Revolver? What Caliber? At what age? How long ago? Has he had ANY experience with long guns?

  64. Many years ago a friend of mine was a detective in NYC and arrested a professional med person that was putting women under and raping them. After the arrest some a-hole from the Daily News asked for a statement and the answer was NO COMMENT…..the very next day there was a two page spread about what my friend said which of course was
    nothing but all lies made up by the a-hole from the newspaper. Best thing is not to buy these newspapers and perhaps
    they would end up going out of business…..but then what would the idiots of this world have to read about/

  65. Many years ago a friend of mine was a detective in NYC and arrested a professional med person that was putting women under and raping them. After the arrest some a-hole from the Daily News asked for a statement and the answer was NO COMMENT…..the very next day there was a two page spread about what my friend said which was nothing but all lies made up by this a-hole. Best thing is not to buy these newspapers and perhaps they would end up going out of business…..but then what would the idiots of this world have to read about/

  66. Many years ago a friend of mine was a detective in NYC and arrested a professional med person that was putting women under and raping them. After the arrest some a-hole from the Daily News asked for a statement and the answer was NO COMMENT…..the very next day there was a two page spread about what was said which was nothing but all lies made up by this a-hole. Best thing is not to buy these newspapers and perhaps they would end up going out of business…..but then what would the idiots of this world have to read about/

  67. What a puss even I can handle one and I am a 62 year old women. I carry a concealed weapon and men are impressed at howconfident 8 am 8n handling a full size 1911. By the way the best gun ever made. Tell the w7ss to get a razor and test it out on his junk. I’m sure he will go down after that.

  68. You half a wimp my five foot nothing 95lb daughter can handle that rifle like it’s nothing. You are either the silliest person ever born…or the biggest liar. Either way you have no integrity and should be ashamed of yourself.

  69. His “horrific” experience must have made him wimpier that a little girl. Many female youth shoot the AR in competitions and actually hunt with the “BIG GUN”. I have seen small arms instructors hold the butt of the “monster” against their crotch and fire the gun. I feel sorry for his “bruised SHOULDER”. The AR is a semi-auto version of the M-16, and is a LEGAL hunting carbine/rifle in many states. If that small “experience” leaves him with temporary PTSD, I would like him to witness a 8 year old girl shooting 3-gun competition. He would be ready for a rubber room. LOL.

  70. He is the reason we need gun control and the only reason. He should be charged with impersonating a writer.

  71. Interesting that this ‘journalist’ went to a gun range to experience the reason why the AR15 is so popular. What he should have done is spend time in a muslim community to try to understand why they hate us so much. If the casings were “flying past his face”, he must have been holding it upside down or sideways. He figures his readers are too ignorant to research facts on their own and just trust his writing. Typical lib.

  72. Yet another gun hating liberal. Who has to lie just to make a story. The A-15 has almost as much felt recoil as a .22. This thing should be ashamed to call himself a man. PTSD really are you nuts? This rifle is one of the most accurate rifles out there. And all of you screaming for a ban on ASSAULT guns do you really know what that means? You think because a gun looks like a military rifle it is one. Well you would be wrong once again. The AR-15 for the record one more time can only fire one round at a time. The true ASSAULT rifle has select rate of fire. That for the miss informed means full automatic or 3 round burst. Hell the mosiñ nagant rifle mentioned above several times kicKS like a mule and was one of Russia’s main battle rifles. It is a bolt action and can only fire one round at a time it does make a good hunting rifle as it will bring down any game in America lol. So you lying stack of liberal SHIT you should apply at the inquirer you would be great at making up stores there to.

  73. This dingbat should be around a Barrett 50 cal for a minute or two if he thinks the AR15 is loud and boisterous. What a clown!

  74. My Glock 23 is louder than my Colt AR and I wonder what stance this dodo was using to cause “…casings to fly past my face…”? He is a liar for sure and anyone reading his story should realize that. Another case of journalilsm trying to MAKE the news instead of REPORT it.

  75. He fired a different AR then me, No kick, Not as noisy as my 357,Brass never came close to my face, about as intimating as a BB gun.

  76. If this fellow’s comments as to his terrible discomfort are true following his first firing of an AR 15, I would suggest that he never be allowed a driver’s license. It’s obvious that his emotional inability to deal with the technology of a firearm that he operated while still, would render him inept at driving a potentially equally lethal automobile.

  77. Give the dipstick a squirt gun to fire and you’d probably get the same set of lies! My Glock 23 probably has more of a kick than my Colt AR. And the bang is not much louder than fireworks or a car backfire. I better not hear of this dummy being near any fireworks this Fourth of July!! He’s a liberal dingbat! Journalists are supposed to REPORT the news, not make it up!

  78. this lying sack of human shit needs to lose his job for the lies. everyone contact the employer and demand it!

  79. The People’s Cube ( did a pretty funny parody of this pitiable nancy-boy. I highly recommend it. (I didn’t even know what The People’s Cube was talking about until I saw this e-mail from JPFO.)

  80. The People’s Cube ( did a pretty funny parody of this pitiable nancy-boy. I saw their parody before I received this JPFO e-mail about the original article; I didn’t know what The People’s Cube was talking about, but now I know. I highly recommend this parody.

  81. I was in the Regular Army in the ’80’s. For you who already know, please excuse the the added explanation. During Basic and AIT, we were trained to use the M-16, the full-auto version of the AR-15, but otherwise, it uses the same ammo (5.56 NATO or .223 cal., respectfully), kicks just as hard (not at all, really), has the same basic furniture (configuration: barrel length, open-sights, etc.), and, other than the AR-15 being only semi-automatic (you have to pull the trigger every time you want to fire the AR-15, versus the “…short, controlled bursts” we were taught to fire with the M-16), they are almost identical. I log-in here only because it reminds me of a salient and memorable experience for me and a very memorable experience for my buddy. The DI, the drill-instructor, before any firing of the weapon for the rest of us on the first day on the range, called the biggest “bad-ass” out of formation and had him take a loaded M-16, aim it down-range, but told him to rest the shoulder stock against his “privates,” not against his shoulder. Much to his surprise and with some delay, he fired, but it didn’t bend him over or double his knees or much of anything at all. This was done to show the “city boys” how little it actually kicks. He did it as instructed and, I assure you, he would have still been able to go out that night (had we not been in training and had we been allowed to do so – not!). Anyway, this fool, the “reporter,” is making himself out to be just that, a fool. I’m sure he’s a product of “higher education” in the “liberal arts” in the States, these days! It gives one the option to lie, so long as it makes the PC point sought by so doing. Enough said, other than it’s a great, high-velocity, smallish round & weapon, perfect for varmints of all kinds, and it can be broken down and put back together in about a minute, but not by this guy who’s propagating a lie, nothing more, nothing less. S.O.S. Never Hillary!

  82. The Air Force considered me to be an expert (I have the ribbons) with the M-16 (aka: AR-15 in the Army version of the same weapon), and the 50 cal Barrett. I’d like to know how old that reporter is. In the late ’80’s, and throughout the ’90’s, women were dressing their sons in pastels, and teaching them how “icky” guns are. It may not be his fault that he never manned up. Was he raised by a single mom (I mean NO disrespect to the brave single moms out there), such that he had no significant male influence during his formative years? It seems obvious he never served a day in a military uniform. What was his editor thinking when he gave this not so manly man an assignment for which he was totally unprepared? This was an assignment about which he had no knowledge, and one for which he was not prepared physically (the icky gun was too loud), mentally (did you note his distress), or emotionally (he had to make up stuff, hoping nobody would notice). Bet he thought he’d get away with it.

  83. Only a Anti-gunner would say crap like this! To falsely misrepresent somthing he knows nothing about period! Lying Anti-gunners suck!!!

  84. should change his name to oscar mayer because he is certainly a weiny,if he actually felt that way and isn’t lying through his teeth he has reached a whole new level of wussification and should wear a helmet 24/7,the guy is just acting out because his parents gave him that last name ,and he was teased in middle school when kids asked him if he spelled it with a ‘c’ or a ‘k’.

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