California Court Makes Unprecedented Concealed Carry Decision – You Won’t Believe What They Ruled


The Supreme Court of California just made a landmark decision regarding concealed carry rights, and it’s setting a new precedent for 2nd Amendment rights in the state. The scary part is this: if you thought that concealed carry was a fully protected right under the 2nd Amendment, then according to the court, you’re totally wrong.

The decision says that concealed carry is not protected under the 2nd Amendment, and now Californians will be expected to give a “good reason” before being able to carry a concealed firearm.

Read more about the decision from CNBC:

A divided federal appeals court in California ruled Thursday that there is no constitutional right to carry a concealed handgun, adding to a division among the lower courts on gun rights outside the home.


By a vote of 7-4, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld a California law that requires gun owners to show a good reason before they can get a license to carry a concealed handgun.

“The protection of the Second Amendment — whatever the scope of that protection may be — simply does not extend to the carrying of concealed firearms in public by members of the general public.”

The court declined to say whether the Constitution protects openly carrying a gun in public. It said that question was not at issue in the case.

Gun owners in two California counties challenged the requirement that they show “good cause,” as defined by county sheriffs, before they could get concealed carry permits.

Thursday’s majority opinion traced the rights of gun owners from medieval England to the founding of the United States and through the Civil War, finding that local laws almost universally prohibited carrying concealed firearms in public.

In 1897, well after the adoption of the Second Amendment, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that “the right of the people to bear arms is not infringed by laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons.”

The appeals court said it followed the U.S. Supreme Court’s method of looking to history to resolve gun rights issues.

“Because the Second Amendment does not protect in any degree the right to carry concealed firearms in public, any prohibition or restriction a state may choose to impose on concealed carry — including the requirement of ‘good cause,’ however defined — is necessary allowed by the Amendment,” the 9th Circuit said.

Many states have similar restrictions on concealed carry, and the lower courts are divided on whether they violate the Second Amendment. So far, however, the Supreme Court has declined to take up the issue in the wake of its landmark 2008 ruling that found a right to own a gun at home for self-defense.

Do you think this anti-concealed carry sentiment will spread to other states? What do you think this means moving forward?

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    • Hey dummy why don’t you hang a “GUN FREE ZONE” sign on your front door the mortician would love to have your business and it would stop you from voting !

      • Who says being dead would stop you from voting? Happens all the time for democrats!
        Now you know why this court is known as the ninth circus across the nation.
        These bozos in black robes would be comical, accept there is no comedy here.
        I would love to see these judges take a walk through south central unarmed. This is the problem, this is the chicken egg theory. No law shall infringe, yet the court recognise those stupid laws!
        My attitude out there is the same when I worked in the Chicago ghetto for 15 years! I would rather be a live criminal that a dead person they obeyed the laws!
        California has truly gotten out of control on all their gun legislation.
        The criminals don’t give a rat’s ass about the laws! And even though I have prided myself on obeying the laws, I sure as He’ll can’t rely on police!

  1. Hey Simon ! For those of us ignoramuses out here, could you explain what a ‘ Click bait title ‘ is ? Thanks Man !

  2. All these elitist anti-gun people should be banned from having armed body guards then. While we are at it, take away their security, bullet proof limos, and all the other shit they have to keep themselves safe, while fighting to make the rest of us victims.

    • Exactly. And when unjust laws are passed, especially those that violate our rights, defiance and resistance becomes MANDATORY!

    • Hey, Pissed Off… Excellent comment, couldn’t have said it better myself. You can bet the judges that created that rule will still be carrying theirs. Just nothing like these political idiots trying to turn law abiding citizens into criminals!

  3. Oh its okay to take our rights, but leave the senators and congress. They don’t live by the same rules. They think they are better than us. We the people put you in office and we can take you out. Most all of you have been there too long, lining your pockets with our money.

  4. tell o take away the guns used to protect his daughters and first lady that I can not carry to protect my family he wont do it because he is a complete jerk why do you deserve to have armed guards since you say all they do is kill and your doj lady also says the just need to tell thekillers that you love them and they will leave doing no harm so according to her your armed GUARDS need no guns very best to you and the DOJ LADY

  5. Why don’t the ignorant voters in the states that vote Democraps in realize what they are losing. Ifm califonia didn’t havethe anti gunner Democrap government these judges would not get appointed. Kinda amazing the stupidity of the voters willing to give up their rights to voted in royalty who were originally meant to be in to serve the rights of the people. Government has gotten to powerful. We’re headed to becoming the . We’rew heaed to becoming the United socialistic states of america. Kinda like the ussr was.

    do we want that.Seems the ones voting Democrap does.

    • The Democrats are malcontents and don’t have brains enough to know when their rights are being taken away. I am sorry to say that I live in the “People’s republic of Kakafornia”.. Communists rule here….

  6. To say the Justices(?) in Caliphoney are even close to the correct legal argument is like saying that Men on Mars will come down and ZAPPPPP them today to remove the trash from the world. They
    are ignorant, self opinionated left wing useless liberals idiots at best. Back in Colonial days when
    our Constitution was first written Long Guns were openly carried. Pistols were carried concealed
    from view by their clothing. Since the simpletons were only apparently educated by the
    common cord classes and other mentality corrupted and disturbed they must have missed that
    lesson plan in school. Concealed carry is part of the intent of the 2nd Amendment and no
    matter what they try to claim it is part of our right also. The 9th circuit court is the most corrupt
    in the land and has been overruled so many times that they just need to fire the judges and
    find someone who can read, right and understands the Constitution as IT WAS WRITTEN not
    by some interpreted by some lost in space left wing fool witn out the capabnility of actually
    reading what is written.

  7. I have a very good and demonstrably valid reason for wanting the right to carry concealed. When it’s raining out, I want to be able to put on a raincoat to go outside without breaking the law. given that criminals don’t give a damn about laws against a concealed weapon, the law against carrying concealed discriminates against the law abiding citizens. You might argue that both are subject to equal prosecution if caught, but that ignores the existence of laws that prosecute the convicted felon for carrying a gun and laws against the possession of a gun for the purpose of breaking the law. The criminal, therefore, is in violation of the law for having the gun no matter how he carries it. The law abiding citizen is not.

    • AND a felon is allowed to “not incriminate himself,” while that can make honest citizens into criminals. A plea bargain will not go as well for honest citizens, while the multiple violations of career criminals only if caught. Criminals are used around election time, when legislators want to make us think government will/can/should protect us as much as they protect themselves. (can you say “smoke and mirrors?”)

    • Interesting, and acceptable good logic, Francisco, my amigo. Except for the brainwashed counterintuitive fact that there shouldn’t be laws for the permanent disarmament of convicted criminals because as you know they are constantly making laws to make E ERYONE a convicted criminal of some sort so they can…eventually disarm everyone! And it won’t be for just violent felonies, They already make ‘attempted misdemeanor of potential domestic violence’ a gun forfeiture crime! And they have illegal no fly lists and soon illegal gun prohibition if you’re on another illegal Bureaucratic agenda list!

      Your raincoat analogy was very good in direction of should other’s suffer for a law that applies to someone else.

      But the most critical aspect of our legal We must stop addressing the comparative measurement of laws that shouldn’t exist in the first place. And that are only used to promote Totalitarianism

  8. Welcome to Maryland, where you must have a “good and substantial reason” to qualify to be issued a ccw…oh and protecting your family or self defense are not “good and substantial” reasons.

  9. ? Your are surprised? Been like that in New Jersey for 35 years, I wont believe how they ruled? why not.
    I would love to get a carry permit in NJ but its not happening unless your a retried policeman, Welcome to my world

  10. Good reason to Carry concealed so we don’t cause some leftist @$&:! Person to have a self induced heart attack

  11. Well if concealed carry is not mentioned in the 2nd amendment I guess we’ll just have to go back to open carry.

    • CBUJan, They’re NOT!, Don’t you realize yet that stopping criminals is NOT their true agenda? They are only interested in disarming the American Free enterprise oriented Liberty loving Patriots, so they won’t interfere with their Totalitarian agenda to eventually have complete control of our personal money, after they get control of our physical abilities to resist. In other words ENSLAVEMENT.

      One of the few things in life that still befuddles me is how many relatively intelligent people still don’t get that>

      Ironically, They actually NEED a good threatening criminal element in society-which is Really why they created the police state crackdown on minoriities so they can keep it growing to make more specifically tailored disarmament laws, like ‘domestic violence’ and so many more i see coming into my congressional and Senate Bill feed i get daily). Laws really designed to disarm gun owners, because of the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on Constitutionally Free Americans. Making gun prohibition a permanent punishment for criminal behavior! The ultimate below radar trick-tool to disarm enough people so a physical revolution can’t happen.

      They’re not stupid. Otherwise they wouldn’t be so successful at stripping our rights like an outlaw psycho biker gang rapes an airhead young student at spring break? They know too well that no laws will prevent a person with criminal intent from getting a gun or anything else, and the play this for Nazi propaganda gullibility to make it seem ‘nationally reasonable’?.

      Here’s another fucked factoid> The Insurance lobby had no prdoblem getting the House and Senate to move out on Repealing the Obama Care laws and system,

      But We, the People’ can’t even ban Constitutionally Illegal agenda laws, and start a movement to repeal all the early planned laws like the 68GCA and the 1934NFA ?

      Remember it like this. It doesn’t matter what kind of disarmament laws they make, if the punishment can’t include prohibition of firearm ownership, THERE’S NOTHING IN THE FUCKING WORLD THEY CAN THEN DO TO TAKE YOUR GUNS!

      buh, buh, but but, “we don’t want criminals or mentally disturbed persons having guns, do we???”

      BWAAHahahahahahhahahah! You stupid fucks.

      Does anybody still not comprehend why…if the HellBitch is crowned, They WILL GET ALL YOUR GUNS, and there ain’t shit anybody’s gonna do about it.

      • There isn’t anything anyone can do about it ? How wrong you are. Watch Molon Labe, 1) we can tie them up in court for years. 2) We can charge them with treason, which should have been done a long time ago. And 3) we can do what our forefathers did, which was to go batshit crazy and do head shots when they least expect it. Aim small, miss small. After all, they are traitors and our enemies. We know who they are. The Constitution is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. If they subvert it they deserve a traitors death. Our Founding Fathers knew that these rat faced psychopaths would eventually attempt total control, and that’s why the gave us the 2A with the phrase “shall not be infringed”. Every one of the thousands of gun laws are infringements, no matter how you slice it, and they are null and void. Any authorities who enforce them are traitorous pieces of human excrement. They are illegal laws that DO NOT have to be enforced. Period !!!!!

  12. Then don’t conceal it. Strap that bad boy on your hip and open carry.. Let them stuff their opinion. “The right to keep and bear Arms.” Keep is self explanatory. To bear, is to carry or bring something, according to the definition in the Cambridge Dictionary. So you’re covered under the 2nd Amendment. Tell those stupid ass justices they need to study their US Constitution some more !!

  13. Back to the courts in 2017-18, if we’re not all under arrest, post-confiscation. Nowark is right. And the 2nd Amendment is all the permission needed. No judicial administration can make decisions like this. Trust no government official. Patience.

  14. OK, Here is a troubling thought. The Second Amendment was for hunting, and self defence of self and family, and to protect us from foreign forces, and domestic attacks. So this would mean you can’t defend your self out side of the home? or hunt?
    This is a very poor ruling by the courts

  15. california is no longer part of the United States. the thugs are going to love a gun free zone that large

  16. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. How we carry them is not an issue. Concealed weapons helps to prevent misunderstandings by both the public and police. Is that not obvious?


  18. The way things are going now you would think your local sherriff should be passing out the CCWs to any person who wants one here in Cali..maybe even waive the damn fees to obtain one..police and sherriff are understaffed due to budget cuts..they should welcome help from the law abiding public..

  19. “The right of a FREE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms” (means own and carry)! How else would you carry them? There are only two choices, open or concealed. It is plain English. The right to bear arms is an ancient right that pre-dates our country by thousands of years. Look it up. Today’s judges are bought and paid for by the media and the rich politicians. They have no interest in serving the people or protecting the people, unless of course oit ois their people or family.


  21. Yeah, well I’ve been warning people about this for years and almost nobody gives a shit. That’s a strange force of human nature. Do nothing but complain and blame and do Molon Labe ‘moutholution’ until the last minute when it’s too late because the enemy at the gates once again picked the lock and got in, while you were playing ‘Angry Birds’ on your mind control machine between watching kiddie cartoons on the MSM lie box?

    Here’s the test to see if you’re a real American Patriot, or just a dumb-ass sheeple, like most of those on-the-dole suck-ass government sycophants in Califuckya. (They called them ‘Loyalists or Tories in the 1770s. Same traitors, just wearing an older style of Nike gym shoes):

    Did YOU-not your mommy or your nit wit neighbor, But YOU, MR, or Ms. Molon Labe, make at least one notification to all your ‘rrespective’ (hahahah) Representatives this week and every week from now on to inquire as to why they no longer are doing their jobs to protect our In/un-fucking-alienable that are supposed to be Never Infringed?! Did you skip at least one of those 100 gram Fatburgers this week and donate that ten bucks, instead, to one of the non capitulating, no compromise Gun rights groups who DO regularly bug the shit out of and threaten our hired hand reps with summary job termination if they don’t quit their treasonous agenda pursuites? If the answer is no then please STFU and go back to your ‘Chairborn Ranger’ REMF position, and massage your 1911 between your regular mental masturbation war games, and STFU.

    Becuase with the coming HellBitch Hillary total confiscation Totalitarian Regime, that YOU LET happen…You will get what you deserve, and deserve what you get.

  22. This is not ok (the 9 th Circuet Court IN S_F ) HELL NO!!!! ” THIS IS JERRY B, AND OBAMA ” HELL NO , THIS IS NOT RIGHT AND NOT GOOD FOR THE “U, S, A, ” ( B_S )

  23. As a free Anerican, on free American soil, I thoroughly believe the following: EVERY ADULT AMERICAN ( not convicted of a violent felony) must be granted the right, which we already have, to choose to carry a loaded weapon at all times & in all places. John F. Phillips, former Marine during the Viet Nam war.

  24. As a free Anerican, on free American soil, I thoroughly believe the following: EVERY ADULT AMERICAN ( not convicted of a violent felony) must be granted the right, which we already have, to choose to carry a loaded weapon at all times & in all places in the present-day Americ. John F. Phillips, former Marine during the Viet Nam war.

  25. The ONLY way for Americans to be safe in present-day America is for all citizens, not convicted of a violent felony, is to carry concealed at ALL times. John F. Phillips, former Marine, Viet Nam war

  26. In light of the tragic mowing down of a vast number of people in France yesterday, I propose legislation to ban all white trucks and to begin the immediate confiscation of all white trucks from all law abiding persons. I also propose to make it illegal to conceal the ownership of all white trucks by hiding it in a garage.

  27. Tell them it is for your own protection and your right given to you by the Constitution. Also, since they can’t and won’t protect you it becomes a safety issue for you and your family.

  28. I know we have been looking at California like a division of the Republic, but our brothers and sisters in California deserve constitutional rights like the rest of us. I believe we should all do our part by doing everything we can legally to reverse this blatant violation of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution. I also believe that the individuals responsible for the violation of Second Amendment rights in the 9th District Court should be removed from office, and the court should be dismantled. We have seen time and time again in history the actions of tyrants are indeed infectious, and left unchecked will lead to disastrous consequences. One common component to all modern genocide is an unarmed society. From the Nazi Party to East Timor and Indonesia. If we allow these tyrants to revoke our constitutional right to bear arms, we will end up with a systemic police state where leadership can revoke rights simply by decision. We need to push back relentlessly until we clean the leadership out of office who deny American people of these constitutional rights. We can boycott support, funds, supplies, and services to the 9th Circuit Court. Contact our representatives and express our concerns and demand accountability. And yes, if we can use the synergy of other political movements we need to use it as a force multiplier for our efforts. I don’t see this as a conservative issue, I see this as a free America issue.

  29. And people in California said people in Texas was crazy. The California justice system just got stupid. Just like obama, hillery clinton and all of the government outlaws. The reason I call them outlaws is because, they oppose to up holding the GOD given rights and laws of God for His people. Our government leaders, and our so called justice system consider themselves above the laws of GOD and man. My American brothers and sisters if we the true Americans committed the crimes that these people do guess what?. We would be dead are in prison. America our leaders and our so called justice system from top to the bottom have made themselves immune to prosecution. our fore Fathers are rolling over in their graves.

  30. I did leave a comment; but you censored me. I will try and make myself a little more pleasant. America get your head out of the sand, and stop turning a blind eye to the GOD GIVEN TRUTH!!!!. America our so call government leaders and our so called justice systems, from top to bottom. Has sold America and its PEOPLE to the devil, in other words Satan. The sad part of it is we the people for the people and by the people we let them do it. We allowed the anti-christ to take control over us. We allowed the anti-christ to force our so called U.S. supreme court justice system, and our so called government to take GOD’S HOLY WORD AND PRAYERS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS!!!!!. America until we put GOD!!!! and His Word!!!!, and PRAYERS!!! back into our Homes, schools, justice system, and our government. America until we do America is doomed like Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah. GOD did not allow these people to get away with SIN, SO!!! why should GOD!!! allow America to get away with its sins!!!!!!!? America wake up. Time is running out.

  31. Sounds to me like a little arm twisting was done to the Ninth Circus Court of California-(do this to the 2nd Amendment, and we’ll let you live to see another day). Smells kinda fishy.

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