Utter Confusion Leads To Lawsuit Over “Assault Weapons” Ban


The folks in Massachusetts are fighting an important legal battle that could impact us all. A progressive state Attorney general could ban guns without passing a single new law.

If leftist get away with this, we could see lot’s of progressive government officials all across America do the exact same thing.

Here’s a break down:


Massachusetts can’t be allowed to reinterpret the law, allowing such could basically make all semi-automatics illegal.

This completely incoherent guidance is also a threat to our Constitution generally. Laws need to be understandable, these are intentionally vague.

The good news is that the same grossly incompetent leftists responsible for this new “assault weapon” guidance will have to defend it in court. Since the original architect of the assault weapons ban, Diane Feinstein, could never explain what a copy or a replica of an AR-15 was; it’s doubtful that even more incompetent state officials could do better.

It’s time for America to stand with Massachusetts on this critical fight for freedom!



  1. Just another liberal twatwaffle that doesn’t have a clue. Between women like her, Killary, Boxcar, and last but not least “we have to pass it before we can know what’s in it” Pelosi. I’m thinking we should never have given them the right to VOTE !

  2. Bring it on “Law Man.” Make sure your life insurance is paid up in full…, and your Fire insurance is still good.

  3. I really hope you succeed. To me The second Amendment should’ve been clear enough for the desperate Libtatds! Hopefully while you succeed. TRUMP BECOMES PRESIDENT! He reverses all these IDIOT’S anti gun garbage! AR AR AR AR AR!

  4. Explaining “assault weapons” to liberals like Feinstein v C (citizen)

    F – We must ban assault weapons for the safety of our children…….
    C – I know you are an internationalist, are you aware that a core element of ANY assault weapon around the world is the capability of firing more than one round per pull of the trigger?
    F- Why does that matter ?
    C- Well weapons with that characteristic have been essentially banned in the United States since the days of Al Capone.
    F- We must ban assault weapons and all those weapons look like assault rifles.

    C – If three young women are in Hollywood , after dark and wearing dresses just above the knee should they be arrested for prostitution.
    F. That’s a stupid question , we must ban assault weapons.
    C- But if you think about it the difference is that the weapon looks like an assault weapon and the girls is that while the rifle can never be an assault weapon, the three women are fully equipped to be prostitutes

    • Answer to 2nd F question. An ASSAULT weapon is capable of fully automatic fire. ( MACHINE GUN) They are not banned, but are strictly regulated by the 1934 FEDERAL FIREARMS ACT.
      To own an ASSAULT WEAPON (MACHINE GUN), You must
      #1 Be a legal citizen, 21 years age or older.
      #2 Obtain ,and complete , fully and correctly, the BATF form to purchase an ASSAULT WEAPON,
      #3 Pay, UP FRONT the $200.00 transfer fee.
      #4 Pass a background check.
      #5Clear a F.B.I. security check. (NOTE: #4 thru $5 takes approx, 10 MONTHS
      #6 locate a class lll dealer who will sell you an ASSAULT WEAPON.
      #7 Pay $15,000.00 and up to purchase the ASSAULT WEAPON,
      This is latest info from BATF as of 7/3/2016

  5. You know I live one state above these scum bag and a lot of them have migrated here ! I have watched this shitty state get worse and worse with there left loon shit hell you can’t cross into there state with a fire arm even if you a licenseD to from your state you will do a year do not pass go end of story . Recently I think I was last year or the year before one of there preachers came up here saying that our state was making it to easy to buy guns for people in his state Wich is the furthest thing from the truth they are no longer happy fucking up there state now they want to fuck up mine

  6. Tom:

    Does Mass. law have provision for recall of elected officials? You suggested same, I think it might be an interesting idea, viable is another story, and then does the law in Mass. provide for the recall of elected things? A number of states, usually Western states have such provision, does Mass.?

  7. The output of a political whore and or the types of people such persons hire, strikes me as a first class description of the lady, the proposal and her staff.

  8. All anti U.S. people such as her, should be put on a wooden boat, England bound and striped of their citizen ship…

  9. I have been saying this same thing for years: LISTEN UP YOU LIBERAL SCUM, “ASSAULT WEAPONS” ARE ALREADY PROHIBITED (unless you have a class 3 dealers license.) These semi-auto rifles are NOT, I repeat NOT an “assault weapon” Just because these Rifles have those “scary features” that make it LOOK like a military arm, It does NOT possesses the characteristics that comprise the rifle to be considered an “Assault weapon”
    An “Assault weapon” is a SELECT FIRE rifle capable of FULL AUTO or tri-burst firing.
    The SCUMOCRATS have just changed the definition to suit themselves of WHAT The definition of an “assault weapon” IS to try to push their SICK IDEOLOGY and a complete disarmament of “WE the People” so we can be “controlled”.
    As they all say in MY circle of friends, It ISN’T about the GUN, it is about CONTROL of the people.!

    • Cliff, You are correct. Using their thought processes and intelligence, one could take a 6 cylinder Chevrolet, Paint some numbers on the doors, and BINGO — You have a NASCAR race car ready to run 208 miles per hour.

      • You’re correct except you should have said “lack of” in front of “thought processes and intelligence”, however the libs won’t be able to follow your solid logic as they lack that ability also.

  10. The US constitution has an amendment called the second amendment; It allows free Americans the right to own and use firearms. Now a firearm can not kill only the unlawful user can kill. The most reason for a fire arm is for personal protection; it can also be used for national defense. With our leaders dumping Moslems into America without knowing their intentions has caused Americans to be on the defense.

      It acknowledges that we have those rights. The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to get it passed.
      With no Bill of Rights, the Constitution is invalid. The only constitutional way to modify the Constitution is by amendment not by statute or strained definition by the SCOTUS.

  11. As long as the U.S. Constitution is in force such actions like this are unconstitutional due to state constitutions have to be in line with the U.S. Constitution and where the GOD given right to keep and bear arms is secured by the 2nd Amendment MA or any other state cannot legally pass such a law.
    What people like those who propose such laws count on is ignorant constituents and those who cannot afford to challenge them in court and as a government agency they use taxpayers money against the taxpaying citizen.. Remember these people the next time you vote, loom u their record.
    NOW, whether or not your a gun owner apply for a License To Carry, make it a money issue and when you apply state your reason as: Constitutional and for any legal purpose. Then join a “Gun Club”.

  12. The problem is that none of these elected officials know what they are talking about and are only interested in two things being reelected because voters don’t care and secondly they find what liberals are crying about and make a campaign issue like Connecticut’s 2 Senators both are idols they need term limits

  13. First off, what part of “The right to keep and bear arms” do these communist jackasses not get? Second most people are not willing to give up a one thousand dollar gun no matter what. Revolutions have started on less. I’m not make suggestions just looking at history which most people in this country don’t do.

    • They don’t get ANY of it. I wonder if any of them have even read the Constitution they swear to uphold. You might think it’s the cost of the gun that makes people not want to give it up, but it goes deeper than that, and it should. It was said in the old west that God didn’t make men equal, but Col. Samuel Colt did. The gun is the great equalizer, not just on a one-to-one basis of defending you and yours from crime, but also keeps the people free from government tyranny. For that reason, anyone who advocates gun control should be viewed as a tyrant.

  14. Few if any easterners know what an assault rifle is. The post above me does. An assault rifle is a fully automatic rifle. There are many hunting rifles that would fall in the same category as an AR-15 on the market and have been for a great many years. They do fire the same as the AR-15. Most have circular magazines protruding under the barrel. There are also semi-automatic shotguns. Pump action rifles and shotguns can also be fired about as rapidly from the hip as any semi-automatic rifle. Actually, so can lever action rifles.

    One other bit of news for uneducated easterners is that the rifle that the Revolutionary War soldiers were precisely like the best rifles by the government or any nation. That means that the Second amendment calls for typical military capability weapons for defense. Today that is far advanced of the rifles of the Revolutionary War.

    Many of the soldiers in the war had their own rifles and took them home. After all, they owned them.

    This kind of crap comes from ill informed people when it comes to guns.

  15. You playing games there is anything can be considered an assault weapon if you stab a man with a ball point pen it’s an assault weapon if you poke a guy in the eye with a bobby pin it’s an assault weapon, so this is a play on words to go all out to get the guns away from the people for the Marxist delete controlled not only the US but the world. The founding father says if you give up your weapons for safety sake you will lose both in the end. Let’s learn a lesson from history people it’s time to draw the line and get ready for the battlefield because the cowards on the left hide behind the people they hire with guns to protect her scummy ass is from weed the people. God bless America and my evil go to hell

  16. i fought for my freedom come take my weapons away i have lived to see what people can do to other people fuck u i will not go down quietly i r not afraid

  17. Passing laws that prevent criminals from getting guns is like having yourself castrated because your next door neighbors have too many children

    • Apt analogy. Laws “to prevent criminals from getting guns” only prevent the law-abiding from getting them. It’s like the libs want to define everything as an “assault rifle” because they can paint up the term like it’s something evil, yet they don’t even understand the definition of criminal. We should have a citizens committee to recall every politician who doesn’t uphold the Constitution as they are sworn to do.

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