The Newest Gun-Grabbing Doublespeak Will Make Your Blood Boil…


If you don’t pay close attention, a Government with any sort of power will eventually try to abuseConfusion. that power.  That’s why we must work hard to limit the powers of Government.

Makes sense, right?

What doesn’t make sense is when people who need to do their homework try to claim that protecting your 2nd Amendment rights diminishes the First Amendment.



In a column In the Tampa Bay Times, a writer makes the claim that a law to protect the Second Amendment diminishes the First Amendment.  It is a stretch.  The statute, passed by the Florida legislature in 2011, makes it illegal for local governments to pass regulations and ordinances dealing with guns, gun possession, anything to  do with guns. The law was passed because politicians in large urban centers persistently ignored the previous preemption law.  Local ordinances and regulations created a patchwork of firearms law to entrap any Floridians who exercised their Second Amendment rights.

The columnist referred to a St. Petersburg Councilwoman, Lisa Wheeler-Bowman, who wanted to pass a resolution supporting a special legislative session dealing with restricting Second Amendment Rights.  She was told that such a resolution, because it dealt with guns, might be illegal. It might subject her to fines or a lawsuit. It probably would not, but there was a remote possibility. 

The preemption statute did not interfere with her First Amendment rights at all.  It hindered her power to pass a resolution, to take official action as member of a governmental body.

Emphasis ours.

So, look at the quoted text carefully.  The writer in question, who needs to do her homework, was trying to pass a legal resolution to restrict the rights of responsible gun owners.  The First Amendment rights don’t protect the Government.  It’s for the people.

You can talk about guns and gun laws all you want as a Government official, but when you try to pass legislation that restricts gun rights … that’s what our Constitution protects us against.

Read the article, it’s a good one.



  1. After reading this article I don’t see how Calif. proposition 63 is not an infringement of our 2nd amendment rights and therefore unconstitutional!

    • It is an unconstitutional “law” and as the ninth circuit (the most liberal legislate from the bench bunch of corrupt “justices” in the country) they ruled that you cannot require a license or charge a tax or fee on a right. However that ruling was applied to something not gun or ammo related so I their minds im sure it doesn’t apply in this case as they don’t see the 2nd amendment as a true and legitimate right.

    • Something is only “Counterfeit” when someone else will not accept it. Proposition 63 will only stand muster until it is challenged in a court of “LAW.” Now that Trump is elected, he has a chance to appoint Second Amendment supporters to the Supreme Court. This unconstitutional law will be challenged before the Supreme Court and has every chance of being overturned. It will be decades before the anti-Second Amendment crowd will get a chance to repeal the Second Amendment. GO TRUMP!

  2. Our constitution was drawn up by delegates from “the states united”. We were originally separate states (units), each with our own individual governments. One example of this is that what works well in California may not be best for Georgia. This is my best reason for opposing a strict set of national universal gun restrictions.

    • West Virginia recently outlawed the gun control laws of local jurisdictions, preempting them by state laws. Aside from Senator Manchin, gun control efforts don’t meet with much favor here. The concept of America was that leaving most of the regulatory controls with the state governments gave us an experiment in democracy, that any other state was free to copy from those most successful the laws and functions of state government that gave them the advantage. Right now, towering levels of federal regulation successfully discourage anyone from trying to accomplish anything productive.

  3. Well there goes the Devilcrats plan to strip us of our weapons and their big plan to make us have to walk the plank of Communism put out by Clinton and Ovomit. They were planning to tak this country by storm,the communist storm thus giving them the dictatorship both were dreaming of. Problem was which one was to be Dictator and would the other one survive? Well we have beat that plan so now they must try kicking Trump at every chance they get.

  4. You want to see gun laws and restrictions…Just come to the great state of “The People’s Republic of Kakafornia”.. They are doing everything they can to take our weapons…I am to old to move so I will have to stay and fight…

  5. I am from the Communist state of California and I keep trying to convince my wife to move, no luck yet but I am gone before Jan 1, 2018. The latest laws and Prop 63 are so full of holes that they will have zero effect on crime and most are easily and legally ignored by most citizens. Democrats and Liberals are truly stupid and ignorant.

  6. I am still waiting for the day when an Attorney General of the United States of America will take to task any and all state and their subordinate government entities which have passed or attempt to pass laws which infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This is one of the most important jobs of the federal government, protecting our civil rights.

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