NRA Reveals Something About Female Gun Owners That Leaves Liberals Flabbergasted…


Well now…

The National Rifle Association just released an informative info-graphic about female gun owners that will leave gun-grabbing liberals mystified.

For example, almost 92% of women picked a gun that best fit their hand and body. Only 9.4% picked one for “looks.”


Kinda defeats the “girls with guns are bimbos looking for accessories” theory that most liberals think.

Check out the info-graphic and more on the NRA blog.


And while you’re there, follow the links over to Outdoor Hub, where even more of these handy info-graphics are published, like one on shooting fundamentals:

Becoming a competent shooter requires mastering the basics—to the point that they become practically instinct. With the help of the NRA, we’ve detailed six shooting fundamentals below. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an introduction to shooting or an experienced marksman reviewing your form, it can help quite a bit.

Enjoy the tutorial.



  1. Great. The number of rapes and assaults will go down and the number of dead thugs will go up. Put that in your pipe and smoke it libs. Don’t mess with the women. Around 300 women were kidnapped, raped and murdered along the border with Mexico, probably by the same people. If some of them had been armed, some would have been able to get a shot in, and some would have hit the mark and put an end to this before so many were killed. I think it Louisiana governor that advised all women to get a concealed permit and arm themselves. Even elderly people are no match for younger person but a weapon and some training or military evens the field if they are armed. Obama’s ideas, YUK

  2. you go gals, i know quiet a few women that can, and do out shoot men, all the more power to them, bye no means are they the weaker sex, they gust approach things differently from men, I personally think that every women should be armed. take advantage of your rights, remember its better to have a gun and not need one than to need one and not have one. my hat is off to all the women who stand with their men, for they are better men because of them, a mans backbone is only as strong as the women behind them……………………………………………………………………….

  3. IMHO: A female is stupid not to have and carry a gun.
    Men are for the most part, bigger and stronger than women, and unfortunately some male’s are bully’s over anyone that is smaller and weaker than they are.
    Simply put, the only thing some assholes understand is a fist or bullet in their face.
    Sad but true.

  4. Go get them ladies. It makes you as big as any man. I have seen woman out shoot lots of men. With a rifle at 1,000 yards. .Have you heard of the little 12 year old with a shot gun that killed one an sent the other running. She was a trap shooter.

  5. When I became a police officer I decided that my wife should learn to shoot for self protection when I was working nights. I had a model 10 S&W 2inch round butt in .38. I took her out to the range, and started to explain sight picture and trigger control to her. At 15 yards she raised the gun, pointed and shot the center of the bull. Then she said what did I do wrong? I told her not a thing. She instinctively point shoots, and is deadly accurate.

    I also found that many, many women when threatened, and have not been over burdened with too much “info” and simply taught safe gun handling will hit what they are shooting at instinctively. As more women find this out, I think there will be more women owning and packing a gun for their own protection, and the protection of their family. More women are learning that guns are not evil, but simply a tool that can save their lives and anyone that tries to disarm them do not have their best interest at heart.

  6. I can say that women with guns is a tradition in my family. My grandma kept a 410 shotgun on the wall in her kitchen. Whenever we had a family gathering there, squirrel stew was one of the dishes she served along with the other stuff. By the way, she kept the squirrels down because they would raid her chicken coop, destroying eggs and eating chicks.
    My mother owned a .38 caliber “police special.” I still remember the time, when I was five years old, that a vacuum cleaner salesman forced his way through the front door. Suddenly, she was standing five feet away with her pistol aimed at his head. He suddenly turned around, ran out the front door, ran ran across the street, through the neighbor’s front yard, knocked down a clothesline in the neighbor’s back yard, and i don’t know where he went after that. My parents had a hard time, finding out how to return his vacuum cleaner.
    By the way, we children were very thoroughly trained in gun safety, always being warned, how if we carried a gun, we always had to have it pointed down and treat it like it was always loaded. Cap guns and playing “cowboy” with cap guns were strictly forbidden. The only accident we had only caused a hole in the floor.
    My daughter is grown and had gun training and target-shooting in her teens.

  7. As an avid hunter and fisherman and living in NH I see lots of women who are armed. Our Fish& game Club started a women only shooting time at our gun range. It was first set up to give women a chance to learn how to shoot and by women instructors. At first we even supplied revolvers to women that had no firearms. It we=as open to any young women and women no men were allowed on the range during their 2 hours of open range firing. The turnout has been unbelievable. Presently now many women show up with 2-3 hand guns and they are excellent shooters . I would not want to try and cause them any harm they are strong women who could put muggers in serious danger.

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