NRA Ad: Clinton Will Protect You With A Phone


screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-5-04-47-pmHere’s how Hillary plans on protecting you: call 911 to report the crime where you are about to be victimized. That’s basically the message behind this new advertisement from the NRA. Watch the 30-second ad below, it’s pretty cool:

Remember, that the NRA is trying to reach moderate voters to change hearts and minds about guns. It’s pretty hard to argue against complicated laws like assault weapons bans in 30 second TV spots. Short appeals to the emotions like this ad are probably the best that they can do with limited time.¬†Attacking Hillary is great, but the NRA might experience backlash by backing Trump.


Donald Trump doesn’t exactly have a perfect record on guns. Plenty of #NeverTrump conservatives canceled NRA memberships over the NRA’s endorsement of Trump during the primary.

The NRA is a single issue organization and they’re right to go after Hillary, but should they also aggressively be pushing Trump? Might getting behind Trump¬†backfire and turn off libertarians, independents, and conservatives who have beef with Trump on other issues? What would you do if you were in charge of the NRA?



  1. So I need to rely on a phone. A person is misbehaving and becomes a threat. I call the police. It takes them some 15 minutes or more to get to me, perhaps half and hour. Meanwhile the threat gets worse. Then what can I do? I know what to do. Defend myself. I must be prepared to defend myself when time has run out to do anything else. Common sense.

  2. I call my brothers, Smith and Western, and they are there in an instant to protect me and my family.

    • I hope you call better than you spell! It’s Smith and Wesson. Don’t mean to be picky, but the libs jump on anything that makes us look bad. George H. W. Bush gave up his membership one time, and he’s reported to be voting for Hillary. The “Never Trumpers” need to realize not voting for the only game in town that supports the Second Amendment is a vote for Hillary, and quit sucking their thumbs and vote for Trump.

  3. Hillary Clinton can stick that phone up her big fat A?? If someone to my door I have a cell phone NOT

  4. She never said anything about taking your guns. Maybe u should get the facts, instead of NRA bull shirt.
    To some of u people, if u have never pulled a trigger on a human, u may miss.
    If u have been in war, u know what i am talking about.

    • Would rather miss and them shat themselves and leave than wait on someone to come save me. Everybody knows this was Obama’s agenda and it will be Hillarys. They are both puppets of the elite who know they can not adavnce their plans till we are unarmed. Thats why you have all these false shootings, You know Sandy Hook, Orlando, Aurora, just to name a few. Pull your liberal head out of your butt and wake up.

      • Ha, Stupid, I guess u don’t understand English, Obama never said to your guns, nor has Clinton.
        I am not a lib, but i do believe in back ground check.
        I am an independent, I voted Republican last time, but know way in hell, will I vote Trump, he will destroy our country, I did not fight to have some clone destroy my country.
        People should understand, that he will not bring jobs back, and if he did, you would have to work for $5.00 hr, other wise their is no way a company can compete, world wide. He has been very clear,
        that he does not want a min wage, why do you think that?
        And if u have been listening, Trump wants to get Tuff on crime, I think their is a bigger chance of him taking my guns, and yes i have guns.

        • No neither have said directly that they’ll take all our guns, but the more they can tighten their grip with increased regulation, the more we gun owners will find our RIGHTS under the 2nd amendment INFRINGED. If Hillary got us restricted to single shot cap and ballers, she’d still try to say that she wasn’t trying to restrict the constitution. Hillary will destroy what Obama hasn’t. Bless America.

    • Please practice frequently and take classes at front sight or another training facility. Then muscle memory helps not to miss.

      Viet Nam Vet
      USMC 68-72

    • WHAT????? She never said anything about taking our guns? What planet have you been living on? She has said it and quite often as a matter of fact. Maybe you should get your facts straight ,pal. No, I haven’t been in a war , but people can learn how to defend themselves.

    • And she never will, Leonard. Given the opportunity, Hillary will take your guns away from you as an exercise in “protecting our children”, with “common sense restrictions”, for the “safety of our communities”, and similar verbiage, but never straight out. She doesn’t do anything straightforward, and this won’t be any different. Remember, Mao Tse Tung, bless his old Commie heart, said it first, and best: “Political power flows from the barrel of a gun.” And she doesn’t want you to have any, any at all……

    • She said the Australian confiscation of all their guns, except for those kept by the crooks, would be worth looking into. Sounds to me like she wants our guns. Once the camel’s nose gets into the tent, it’s all down hill. BTW Mr. Bare, it’s Smith and Wesson. I don’t mean to be picky, but the libs will jump on anything that makes us look bad.

    • You must be living under a rock when you write something like this. I am a retired LEO chief and not only does she want to take firearms away she wants to do it in an underhanded way that people like you will never understand. Every US citizen has the right to protect themselves. Take a look at each and every country that does not permit the private ownership of firearms and how that philosophy became reality. Get your head out of the sand and use the brain you may have been born with.

      • Dan I think u should get your head out of the sand. Your not just miss informed, your just plan stupid.
        Trump is not going to fix our country, he will destroy it, he does not even understand what the job is,
        he thinks he is the only person that can fix it all. President signs the bills, congress makes laws, not the president,

    • Maybe you should pull your head out of your butt and face REALITY. Clinton’s main objective is to kill the 2nd amendment and make YOU all subjects of the queen. Ovomit is starting it on Saturday by turning a perfectly working internet over to a global group and maybe then you will realize what a fool you are !!

    • You must have your head someplace dark, killary has said one more than one time she is for the same ban they did downunder, you know take every firearm from citzens. You are the one that needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

  5. kilary Clinton can kiss my ass, I will not be left defennseless to make her and her liberal crap feel good.

  6. I have a similar problem, but first, tell me what is the lowest speed possible for a fired projectile? I live in the country with unimproved roads and there is no way that Hillary’s phone will be able to protect me. With the speeds of bullets these days it would be necessary for the police to travel at the speed of light. This does not include time suiting up.

  7. Like many other “superior types”, she has publicly provided armed security, all the while she would delete my right to provide, at my own expense, for my own safety6 Strikes me that there is something terribly wrong with her attitude, and the a.

    • Exactly. Hitler’s NAZIS had guns. Fascist liberals have guns. Hillary enjoys complete 24/7 armed protection at taxpayer expense. When fascist liberal politicians disarm their guards only then can they be credible.

  8. It is the truth pure and simple! Liberal fascists seek citizens guns for the exact same reason Hitler’s NAZIS took German citizen’s guns.

  9. It used to be said “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six”. While this is ABSOLUTELY true another more recent statement is even more apropos. “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away” The late Charlton Heston said it best when he was the President of the NRA. “From my cold dead hands will you ever get my guns”. The unmitigated gall of the likes of Charles Rangel and Hillary Rodham Clinton believing that they have some God Given Right to armed protection at somebody else’s risk is unbelievable. Without some heroic action on the part of an armed bodyguard neither of these TURKEYS would last a New York Minute. God help the Secret Service and any and all employees at the White House should they be forced to put up with another four years of close association with this screaming harridan. It’s bad enough that the Secret Service is stuck with her for life. If she should lose this election, which I fervently hope she does, life for Bill, Chelsea, Mark and the grandkids will be a living hell ’till Grandbitch finally strokes out.

  10. Fuck that crooked scumbag cunt!! Lock her up!! Trump will win in a landslide. Just sit back and watch on Nov 8th !!!!!

  11. Liberals want to disarm Americans because it makes we the people unable to defend ourselves from an oppressive government. It makes it easier to control unarmed people. Look back in history and every time it was when a population of people were disarmed that the government took absolute control.

  12. When seconds count, 911 help is only minutes away. If you don’t think we have gun control now, just try buying a gun. What we don’t have is criminal control.

  13. I don’t know where u all get your info, I give up, you people are just plan miss informed, do your own research,
    don’t just listen to others, who probably don’t no really what they are talking about.

    • Good I’m glad you’ve finally gotten the message TROLL! Now go somewhere and don’t come back!

    • Wow. You must be really really “special” since you seem to be the ONLY one on here who knows anything at all. I guess the border patrol, ice and the police union know NOTHING about what is going on in this country. I don’t need to listen to other people, I listen to the candidates and what they say and DO!! I also know when someone is not telling the whole truth and trying to cover up what they have said in the past and what they believe now. It’s called reading between the lines. Most people can do it but it seems you are handicapped in that area. Too bad but think I will go with the people who KNOW!!! Not someone like you who has had his head in the sand for 30 years if your even that old. If not, go back in history and read about ole Hillary and Bill than maybe you can make a real informed decision. As for me it is Trump/Pence all the way to the WhiteHouse.

    • So obama don’t want to limit firearms either, why did he sign an executive order changing it so even gunsmiths have to register with the Secretary of State and forced to pay a 2500 fee for threading even 1 barrel he will be considered a firearms manufacturer, so he is trying to force them out of business,

  14. Steven Leonard where have you had your head stuck lately, Clinton said that the Supreme Court got the vote wrong on the second amendment, she is out to get our right to have guns, she said that, that is going to be the first thing on her agenda once she is elected. If you can’t figure that out on your own, you do have your head stuck in the sand, its people like you that are going to make keeping our 2nd amendment rights, and your talking about your fighting for nothing, I guess what our fore fathers for England for our independence was for nothing, Trump is our only hope to keep our guns. Obama and Clinton both would give up our rights for gun ownership to UN, wake up and smell the roses.


  16. If you want to check response time, call your local pd tonight after it gets dark and tell them you heard something outside your door and you are afraid that somebody is trying to break in, start the timer and see how long before they are there, remember a break in and your death only takes a few seconds

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