This Guy Assembles a Rifle Blindfolded in 30 Seconds – Why the NRA Still Hates Him


Jason Kander is a Democrat who is running against incumbent Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt.

Blunt has aggressively attacked Kander over 2nd amendment rights. And for good reason, too…

As the Kansas City Star reported in June, the battle between Blunt, 66, and Kander, 35, has been intense — especially on the issue of gun control. The National Rifle Association has awarded Blunt an “A” rating and has given Kander an “F” rating.

Kander must recognize that these attacks are hurting his chances of getting elected, so he recently created an ad in which he assembles a rifle blindfolded in less than 30 seconds. As a former Army vet who served in Afghanistan, Kander is quite familiar with guns…


Of course, just because you can assemble a rifle blindfolded doesn’t mean you’ll uphold the 2nd amendment. As The Blaze reports:

“It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at assembling a rifle when you consistently vote against law-abiding citizens’ constitutional right to self-defense,” NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker told the Associated Press. “Voters will not be fooled. Jason Kander is just another politician lying about his record to get elected.”

While Kander’s ad is cool to watch, Missouri gun owners should think long and hard about voting for him in the election.



  1. I’m 65 and can put my AR back together blindfolded, but where we differ I support the 2nd and I would like to know why these butt wipes think current back ground checks don’t work. I also don’t understand why it is acceptable for Hellary and Obama to be gun and weapons runners and not have to answer for their dereliction of duty and tyranny. Where is the prosecution? Also do you support the Constitution and its Amendments you fought for, please answer that Kander.

    • I absolutely believe in and support the 2nd amendment. I am a veteran and life member of the NRA. If he wants to show his expertise is reassembling a gun ,why pick the easiest one to do? Let’s see him do it with a 1911. All who are in office take an oath to defend the Constitution. Any who usurp it needs to be removed from office for breech of oath. The oath doesn’t say defend it if you want. These people are not only unpatriotic but anti American.

  2. Manual dexterity is one thing, possibly an admirable trait.If the fellow is weak of poor on gun rights/Second Amendment Rights, that is very good reason for the NRA to oppose him. Enough said,I would think.

  3. Not supporting the 2nd amend and bent on destroying the right to carry is not going to get my vote….nice he has dexterity…..

  4. This ass-hat claims NRA is supporting him. I live in Missouri. if the NRA is backing him, I turn in my card. If not, SUE!!!!!!!!

  5. Most anyone who has served and carried the M16/M4 rifle could assemble the rifle with a blind fold. The bolt carrier was already assembled all that was done was the upper and lower receivers and an optic was slapped together. Did he practice a few times? Certainly the rifle parts were arranged on the table so he could easily find them. Maybe a card trick will be his next political stunt?

  6. Look at the voting records of both candidates. Kander has been against conservative values on every vote as far as I can tell. One of his complaints against Blunt is the fact that he is overpaid. Will Kander refuse to accept the salary of a senator, or is that the reason for the great push to become a senator? Kandor is one of the “elite” who wants to refuse to allow the average citizen to have the means to protect them selves and be able to protect their nation against a tyrannical government. History is filled with accounts of nations that have disarmed the citizens and then became dictatorships or have subjugated their subjects. You will notice that I did call the citizens, citizens until they were disarmed and then then called them subjects. We are one election away from losing the second amendment, which protects all the other amendments and indeed the whole Constitution. If America loses the right to bear arms we will also loose our freedoms.

    • Missourisam, I very much agree with your statement. I could not have said this truth better myself. My stand is that when God’s Nation, the Israelites were out in battle and they were right with God, He never told them to put down their weapons. No, God told them to take their weapons with them to battle. This proof is history and throughout the Old Testament. So if God stood behind mankind to use weapons then, of course, they be righteous with God, He is saying the same thing today. God does not change.

  7. Any one that studies history will tell you that the only thing that prevented the Japanese from invading the mainland IS THE 2ND AMMENDMENT! There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass is the way the Japanese put it! If the Japanese were afraid then it’d be smart of the liberal jerks in our own government to be as afraid!

  8. I will be supporting Senator Blunt and every Conservative running in
    Missouri this November! Any DumbOcrat is anti 2nd and anti anything
    I believe in!!!

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