FBI Informant Proves That Gun Control FAILS


Active shooting situations are horrible situations, and no sane person wants to be involved in one if it can, at all, be prevented.

And it is that desire to avoid those situations that causes anti-2A activists to think that the way to prevent active shooter situations is to, somehow, prevent people with evil intent from getting their hands on firearms. Their typical method to try to do that is, of course, gun control legislation.

One of the major flaws in their thinking, though, is the assumption that the people who anti-2A activists think will prevent these shootings are, sometimes, exactly who make them possible. Today’s story is about one such gun control failure that could have turned out much worse. Cortney Weil writes,


A sheriff’s deputy in Philadelphia has been arrested for reportedly selling to an illegal immigrant several firearms, two of which may recently have been used in a mass school shooting.

On October 13, Samir Ahmad, 29, allegedly sold firearms to an FBI informant who also happens to be an illegal immigrant. The DOJ said that it has hidden camera and audio footage of the transaction, during which the informant supposedly told Ahmad about his illegal status and expressed fear that he might “get deported” if he were caught possessing a firearm.

“You don’t got to worry about none of that,” Ahmad allegedly assured him.

Ahmad supposedly gave the informant at least two Glock handguns and some ammunition in exchange for $3,000 in cash. He had also sold at least one other gun to the same informant back in April, the DOJ claimed.

In case you’re wondering, at least two of the firearms that Ahmad allegedly sold to the FBI informant had both been used in gun crimes, including one murder.

Now, an anti-2A activist (who, ironically, are often the same people calling to defund the police) will tell you that most law enforcement officers wouldn’t do this and that they will do the right things.

I agree. It doesn’t take too many people, though, who are willing to break the law to completely nullify any positive effect of the law, and this is just one more example of how gun control consistently fails.

Anti-2A activists simply need to put their efforts into methods that will actually reduce gun violence by getting to the root of the problem (which isn’t guns).



  1. Gun Control has NOTHING to do with crime. Only an idiot would believe that. But it has everything to do with People Control. The second Amendment was put in place for one thing & one thing only. Government Control.

  2. When desired items are made illegal, all that does is run the prices up. This has been the case with drugs and firearms for decades, and our government agencies are well aware of this. In order to make this once-great nation a safer place, rather than making certain guns illegal to own, perhaps our legislators should make severe mental illness and antisocial behavior illegal. Not only would that help prevent gun deaths, especially suicides, it would allow us to get a lot of the homeless off the streets and into facilities where they can actually get help.

    The only thing it does is make law abiding citizens victims and easy for the government to control …

  4. How many of the firearms turned in to “ no question “ buy back events are checked against outstanding cases? Doing so would at least reduce the records and make data bank searches faster.

  5. The question I always ask anti-gunners is “ how am I safer unarmed?” Needless to say I never get an answer.

  6. The Sheriff’s Deputy who got caught selling the ILLEGAL FIREARM to the ILLEGAL immigrant should at least be TRIPLE punished ! Once for selling a gun that was already in police custody as evidence of a crime. Twice for selling that weapon to an ILLEGAL immigrant who obviously didn’t have a F. O. I. D. card, and a third time for being an accessory to a crime not yet committed !!! And maybe even a 4th time for selling ammunition, and then there is also the crime of NOT reporting the income that he made making the ILLEGAL SALE!!! So, I guess that would make it at least (( 5 )) charges against the bogus Deputy ???

  7. I find Biden’s anti-2a stance to be disgusting. Especially his comment about semiautomatic weapons having no redeeming value. These people are insane. They will push the costs of gun ownership to astronomical levels if we don’t stay ontop of this. Then the only ones that can afford to protect themselves are the criminals and the wealthy.

  8. Two thoughts first and foremost Enforce the laws on the books. Example when an individual goes to a licensed firearms dealer to purchase a firearm there is a Background check 100% of the time; additionally prior to the background check there are federal forms which the purchaser must fill out questions on the forms ask if the purchaser is a convicted felon, under felony indictment, is an illegal alien, is a terrorist and if ever committed voluntarily or involuntarily to a mental institution among others. The firearms dealer reviews the forms and if anything disqualifying the transaction goes no further. Not only does the dealer explain that lying on the forms is a Federal Felony but it is also plainly stated on the forms where the purchaser signs. During the Obama administration AG Holder stated at a press conference that these background checks stopped over 38,000 ineligible individuals from receiving a firearm he was asked how many were prosecuted-LESS THAN 50!
    Second was the voluntary/involuntary commitment to a Mental Institution standard which kept mentally impaired from possessing firearms however these commitments were attacked (including doctors and hospitals) by the democrats so strenuously that commitments fell off and then Federal/States and Local governments started closing the institutions. There are so few institutions left today and those are pretty much filled by individuals accused of crimes who have be determined by the Courts not competent to stand trial. Many individuals brought to an Emergency Room due to mental episode/crisis can be held only 8-12 hours (state laws) while hospital tries to find a bed in a psychological hospital; no bed = individual being released back on the streets and without a commitment the individual can pass a background check and purchase/possess a firearm

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