No, You Can’t Shoot Creepy Clowns


Hidden gunYou know the Creepy clown craze is getting totally out of control when a Sherriff has to come out and remind the public that they can’t shoot creepy clowns trespassing on their property. It’s utterly insane that anyone would need “reminding” about not shooting unarmed trespassers who are not threatening your life, but apparently public hysteria reached a point where the Lafourche Parish Sherriff saw his warning as necessary. From

[quote_box_center] “If you encounter one of these clowns, report it immediately to law enforcement, and do not take matters into your own hands,” said Sheriff Webre. “We have seen several people commenting on social media that they would use deadly force against these individuals if found on their property, but you cannot legally shoot someone merely for trespassing in your yard, whether they are in costume or not. Again, we ask that you contact law enforcement, and let us handle the situation.””Spooking your friends is one thing, but terrorizing a community is an act that will not be tolerated,” Golden Meadow Chief of Police Reggie Pitre said. “I would like to encourage everyone to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween season, but creeping around as an evil clown is not recommended unless you feel the need to be charged and/or arrested. Apparently clowns can be arrested even if they are not trespassing: “Per Louisiana R.S. 14:313, the wearing of a hood, mask, or facial disguise of any kind is prohibited in public places with obvious exceptions for certain holidays,” the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Yes, it’s actually illegal to wear a mask in public in some places: [/quote_box_center]

Creepy clowns have been sighted all across the country and few incidents have involved them chasing or otherwise harassing people. It’s one of those media driven trends, where bored teenagers are copying what they hear about on TV. Just a reminder: You can’t shoot creepy clowns, even if they are in your back yard or running for political office.



  1. When I was a kid, back in the middle ages, we country folk would have settled this problem with a butt full of rock salt. It was a very good and cheap way of keeping riff raff from stealing our crops. Those were the good ole’ days.

    • Do you actually ever know anyone who was shot with rock salt?

      I am really curious as I always hear the “stories” but wonder who in the heck got shot that way?

  2. Oh, yes we can…we do not know the intentions of a trespassing clown, we do not know the intentions of a clown just randomly chasing people…they could have a gun or a knife, they could be terrorists in a clown suit out to cause mass casualties…so, YES we have the right to defend ourselves as we see fit…we do not rely on law enforcement to protect us because they are not obligated to, we are responsible for our own safety and protection…so, the police can kiss our a–es, and the clowns better beware…PERIOD…

  3. I live in the country and anybody trespassing( especially creepy clowns ),except for Halloween is subject to be target practice.With ammo cost or unavailible there is likely ‘NO’ warning shot!

  4. Despite the media nonsense,it’s refreshing to know that clowns are doing their job to amuse the public.

  5. You can’t shoot them yet. Fish and Game hasn’t set the bag limits or set the season and tag requirements yet. ;^)

  6. Golly! Can’t I just shoot him a little bit? with a paintball? with a piece of my cat’s litter?
    (In no way is anything said here to be construed as threatening to anybody’s life).

  7. You won’t get into trouble if you don’t rat yourself out. The advantage of living in the country. Nobody pays attention to gun shots, especially now since hunting season just opened.

  8. I don’t know where you live but my son had one on his front porch with a skinner knives and they ran off when he got his hand gun out. They dropped tier knife so when the sheriffs department showed up they told him if you can shoot them from the front door it. They said don’t shoot them if they have Thier back to you. We have had multiple attacks on women around southeast Texas and law enforcement reminds us that we can defend our home and the stand your ground law.

  9. Not in Pennsylvania!we havethe castle law!If you feel that you are threatened by anybody on your property, or they are trespassing,and you tell them to leave,and they don’t ! Then there fair game!!! Blast the bastards!!!

  10. Take the advice of VP Biden… Just get you a double-barrel shotgun and head to the porch. Fire a shot into the air. Clown will run away. Problem solved. If we would all just listen to our elected officials, the world would be a much safer and peaceful place. (Yeah, I OD’d on the sarcasm a bit.)

    But on another note, this story reminds me of a joke… Two cannibals were eating a clown when one turns to the other and says, “Does this taste funny to you?”

    Good day everyone!

    Molon Labe

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