Top 5 Pro-Gun Laws President-Elect Trump Can Sign


The immediate threat of national gun control has been greatly lessened with Trump’s upset victory. The NRA got on the Trump train early by taking the unusual step of endorsing Trump during the primary. If President Donald J. Trump repays the favor to the 2nd Amendment community, here’s what we can expect (from Bearing Arms): [quote_center]

Ending Gun-Free Zones On Military Bases

President Trump will have the authority to executive authority to pass an executive order allowing the United States military to carry firearms on duty. Our domestic military bases and facilities have been the site of numerous terror attacks and mass shootings. Trump can reverse that with the stroke of a pen. He would also apparently have the authority to end firearm bans on other federal property, but there are so many laws and regulations that I don’t want to make that claim prematurely.

National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

There is significant momentum towards establishing national concealed carry reciprocity in all 50 states. President Trump, working with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, should be able to get this passed into law within the first 90 days. There are four different bills to choose from in the House and Senate.


Legalizing Silencers

Making a hearing safety device criminal was one of the dumbest things ever done under the Administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt… and that’s saying a lot. The Hearing Protection Act is already written and has co-sponsors. It should be passed within the first 60 days of President Trump’s administration, which is a blessing to high-volume shooters such as myself who would like to better protect our hearing.

NICS Background Check Reform

Gun control supporters want a “universal” background checks on all gun purchases in order to create a de facto gun registry… and that’s just not going to happen. What is going to happen is that President Trump, the House, and Senate are going to work on legislation to close the gaping holes in the existing background check system so that it is more effective, ensuring better and more accurate updating of prohibited persons. This will likely run in conjunction with mental health reform to both help people in crisis obtain the help they need, and ensure that fears of losing their Second Amendment rights won’t keep people from seeking help for a temporary but important mental health crisis.

Allow Importation of Collectable Historical Firearms

President Obama has stymied the importation of historically significant firearms provided to allies after the Second World War and the Korean War through executive orders. The Collectible Firearms Protection Act will allow the reimportation of hundreds of thousand of M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, and M1911 pistols.


Of course, the selection of a pro-second amendment Supreme Court justice will be the most important thing Trump needs to do.

Recall, that leftist David Souter was put on the SCOTUS by Ronald Reagan. Gun owners need to be vigilant in vetting any Trump selections. Democrats in the Senate will be threatening to filibuster, so the battle has just begun for the Supreme Court. However, the future of the Second Amendment looks much brighter today than it did on Monday.




  1. I feel California gun laws are blatant discrimation acts and a vile infringement of our 2cnd amendment rights! That is illegal! We should be able to enjoy the same guns rights as the rest of the nation! You can take your bullet button,30 round mag ban,ammo back ground checks,multible guns bans and shove em up your FUCKING ASS! I hope Donald Trump straightens out our unconstitutional PRICKS we have in California and stop FUCKING with tax paying law abiding citizens! HEAR ME DONALD, THANX.

    • I agree with you!! We live not far from the calif border in az and it makes no sense how 20 miles up the road the gun laws are so strict and un fair lol

    • CA is one of the worst crime laden states in the U.S. & has the, most ridiculous Constitutional violations of gun laws along with everything else that pertains to U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights … ! CA is not only controlled by asinine libtards but also let illegal foreigners advance terrorism against their citizens … Asses like their gov brown are the #1 problem against justice to stop criminals and illegal foreigners invasion on the U.S.A. ….. ! Government For & By U.S. Citizens is nil & dead in CA because the dems destroyed Freedom & Rights while the CA citizens let the dictatorship happen to themselves .. ! Best for good citizens to leave before CA falls into the ocean ! This so called “Sanctuary city” for illegals is a criminal haven of treason stench by officials of hell !

      • In case you haven’t noticed, states with the strictest gun laws have the highest CRIME rates! California, Illinois, New York….Unfortunately, the ‘leaders’ of those states can’t be swayed by facts. They are convinced that inanimate objects (guns) kill people.

        • I agree,California is right on the border so people are definitely in need of defending themselves. Illinois is pretty much up to the National Guard now, there were almost 300 homicides just over the weekend. In the try for a gun grab, NY (my home town) told them where to go. The (law abiding gun owners aren’t convinced that guns kill only politicians who do not carry and criminals will lie and say so.

          A funny thing, I thought you might want a laugh. You know how the white water witch lied and said she ran under sniper fire. It must have been an extremely bad sniper. I was one for 12 years run lol. If I was aiming at you, you died. So when I heard that I was like tell me more.

    • Thank you. All gun laws made against the legal citizen is not only unconstitutional, but criminal, in that it violates the main law. Shall NOT be infringed!

    • I agree with you, buddy. I used to lived in Los Angeles and San Diego areas when it transition into a Pinko Commie state and the State Senators and congressman are exempt even using advanced weaponry. They should be removed physically and thrown in prison. I will enjoy torturing them to death for betrayal of the U.S. Constitution.

    • Mark, I totally agree with you on your stand for CA gun law reform.
      There is an overbearing and unnecessary set of unworkable restrictions
      here in CA not found in any of the other 49 states. More unworkable
      laws on top of already existing numerous unworkable laws seems to
      the be the hallmark here in the sun shine states.
      One suggestion though to you Mark. Foul and unnecessary profanity
      will hardly work in making your point against the subject at hand.
      Otherwise, you are right on!

  2. Repeal 18 USC 922(o) which prohibits the private ownership of full-auto weapons manufactured after 1986 (also known as the 1986 full-auto ban). There is no reason we cannot buy new, or modify our AR15 / AR10 platforms, for full-auto service if we are law abiding gun owners; to include at minimum active and/or retired military or law enforcement. We should be able to get these by paying the $200.00 tax and filing the proper forms like we did before the 1986 ban … AND … without paying exorbitant prices to dealer/collectors for whatever was serialized before then. I argue the government has the right to tax small arms but NOT over-regulate them. Currently the GOA has filed a Heller decision-based lawsuit against this and I hope GOA wins hands-down. The manner in which this law passed back in 1986 (or 1984) was extremely questionable to begin with.

    • EXACTLY Glenn….If we can Pass all the other Background Checks to purchase weapons – WE should be allowed to purchase these as well !! We need to Contact the White House once Trump becomes President, & Contact the Representatives that work for US ! I know I will.

  3. Mark, I admire your fervent and knowledgeable remarks regarding California’s gun laws which ARE filled with resounding ignorance and stupidity. Your ideas were thoroughly understood and your expletives only confirm
    Gun Grabbers perceptions of gun OWNERS. You could have easily commented without them and had far more impact.

    • Not to mention that being retired military or law enforcement doesn’t mean squat. I know some pretty low speed- high drag former members of both. Next thing will be a person needs to be former SWAT, SRT, or Special Ops. What nonsense. A law abiding legal age citizen is all that should matter. It is the duty of every citizen of this great country to be able and willing to bring up arms against any real threat to this country, whether they be foreign or domestic.

  4. I think that all gun owners should apply for a nationwide permit to carry. As long as the holders of such licenses are not suspended, all background checks would then be unnecessary, for both new or used firearms sold from other individuals. We don’t need any more background check laws, such as those recommended by people like Sen. Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin. It’s time to keep criminals locked up, and those convicted of murder to receive the death penalty, quickly!

    • John, YOU ARE CORRECT. The uneducated , ANTI_GUN , liberals (MOSTLY DEMOCRAT) continue to call for more BACKGROUND CHECK laws. They apparently do NOT know ,OR DO NOT CARE, that they are of little consequence —-NOTE–This report came from CDC ( CENTER for DISEASE CONTROL)– A virulent ANTI-GUN group. —-In a recent year 76,000 applicants LIED on the BATF form required to purchase a firearm.( A FEDERAL OFFENSE) . Of those , only 4700 were forwarded to BATF for processing. —-OF those ONLY 44 were prosecuted. SO MUCH FOR MORE LAWS. We now have more than 22,000 gun laws on the books.
      Wonder why they DO NOT work??? Could it be for LACK OF ENFORCEMENT ????

    • I have never understood why anyone needs a permit to carry a firearm! The 2nd amendment is and should be enough! IF anyone wants a Gun, and everyone should have a piece and KNOW how to operate and field strip that piece and carry at will! “FRE EKING” Guns do NOT kill people, only people kill people! there are laws on the books that IF you kill someone in cold blood and premedited then you need to be, IF Proven, put in a chair and 1 million (or so) volts need be applied! The ONLY reason for permits and gun control, as HISTORY will prove< is to CONTROL the populace! Nations always take over other nations and each other but always preceed that takeover by installing gun control! SEE Cuba, Russia, China, Vietnam, S.Korea and any other nation that was taken over by it's own or others! I am fro FREE possession of Guns and that means in the home and on the person, w/a LOT of ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY! This plan keep crime down, way down, and nations at bay from attacking. Japan did not attack this nation after pearl Harbor due to this FACT!

      • I completely agree with Bruce! I am for FREE possession of guns; for protection of yourself and your loved ones, wherever you are, with Accountability and Responsibility for your actions. I believe our Police need our support, they are sadly outnumbered and are being killed by violent criminals that all the ‘gun laws’ you could possibly dream up will not keep guns out of their hands. The more that good people carry concealed the lower the crime rate. Bruce is also right that the Japanese did not attack was because they were afraid that we were all armed and they would be outnumbered. I would like to pose a question, Why do the top Democrats want to disarm all citizens by repealing the 2nd Amendment?

  5. A solid, effective, universal background check, that is exactly the same from state to state, and is a federal second amendment compliant document should be implemented along with universal federal gun laws that superseed all the many state and local laws that out of state people are not aware of.

    Like red lights for motor vehicle laws should be universal and mean the same everywhere.

    Universal concealed carry requirements for safety classes and shooting ability tests must be the same and be universally accepted state to state like driver’s licenses

    Silencers need to be universally allowed as hearing protection devices.

    • TOM, SEE the CDC report above on BACKGROUND CHECKS. The reason given by BATF when questioned as to ONLY 44 prosecutions when there were 76,000 violations, Their answer—-
      “WE do not have the necessary funds AND We have learned that juries are JUST NOT WILLING TO TRY THESE CASES.

  6. Why have ANY background check laws at all, if they don’t work, which they don’t’?
    They obviously DO NOT stop prohibited persons from obtaining guns, and serve primarily to infringe the rights of lawful citizens who are NOT prohibited. Over 96 percent of the denials are errors – over 22,000 people annually are wrongly denied their rights. Do you REALLY think we can set up a more accurately run system if the government still runs it, especially when there is no downside to their mistakes? Do you think they do a good job with the Post Office, with Obamacare, or with the Social Security Office? When was the last time you went to the DMV? You want to let that kind of bureaucracy run a background check system and you think it will be any better? Get REAL! Only a few decades ago we did not prohibit felons from having a gun once they had “paid their debt to society” (ie, served their time and were off parole) and our violent crime rate was not appreciably different than it has been since we started requiring background checks.
    They do not stop mentally ill folks from getting guns either. It is already illegal for a person who has been judged (ie, adjudicated in a court) as mentally incompetent, to buy or own a gun. What you are talking about here is changing the definition of “mentally incompetent” and making such determinations without the legal protections of “due process,” and THAT is a VERY slippery slope indeed. As a psychologist, I can assure you that we are not able to predict violent behavior with any sort of accuracy yet, and may never be. At present, research finds our BEST future violence predictions to be about 40 percent accurate, and those predictions relied heavily on a history of past violence, something that isn’t present until AFTER the person’s first violent act (which might be a shooting). Do you want to allow some liberal psychologist to simply take a SWAG and be deprived of your right to defend yourself effectively based on THAT?! That is exactly what we are talking about when we discuss changing the current mental health requirements for banning gun ownership.

  7. My number one concern throughout this election and previous ones has been Protecting the Second Amendment Of the United States Constitution. I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack but it was clearly easy for me to see that it is the most important one because without it the rest aren’t worth the paper that they were written on. And that’s the reason for the big push by deep pockets to get rid of it. There is plenty of history that shows unequivocally that any country that the peoples ability to have access to firearms gets taken from them or is volunteered for to do so that country fell into a insane form of totalitarian dictatorship where all rights are stripped away. The most infamous one would be what happened in Nazi Germany. If six million Jews had six million firearms and ammo I wonder what the history of the world would be like on that subject and how would the world be today? Can’t change bad history but can be wise enough to learn something from it.

  8. I have great hopes for Trump keeping his promises. He has stated he wants to be the best president ever. Liberals were on his case for bragging, and claimed he was arrogant. He is arrogant, as any man who has made his own way and succeeded. He did build his company himself, not like Obama that never did anything but teach voters how to commit voter fraud until he was picked by the Chicago political machine to become the poster boy for liberal communism. Because Trump is proud and arrogant he will be the best president he possibly can, because he don’t like to fail. Beats the hell out of a president taking a world wide trip whining about how terrible the mess was that he inherited. Inherited hell, he campaigned and lied to get that job, and then found he was not man enough to handle it. The thing the voters that elected trump have to remember is that he will be facing established politicians that hate him, that fear him because he is threatening the status quo, and a lying media that hates him also. It took many years for this nation get in this mess, and Trump can not undo it Constitutionally in two years, when the midterm elections are held. If we don’t back him, lose faith and saddle him with a liberal majority congress he will not be able to make the changes he has promised. That would spell the complete destruction of the USA as we used to know it before the Clintons, the Bushes, and now Obama, the puppet of George Soros, an avowed communist one world government advocate.

  9. I voted for, campaigned for, and contributed to his requests for funds. I am elated that he was elected. BUT, looking at his picture for this article, SOMEONE should inform him, KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU ARE PREPARED TO SHOOT. This is one of the TOP THREE admonitions for a NEW GUN OWNER.
    #1 Make certain that the gun is unloaded and the action is open. #2NEVER point a gun at ANYTHING you are not willing to shoot or kill. and #3 above.

  10. I find it amazing that the GUN CONTROLERS, can’t seem to se the fact that in every area where these draconian gun laws are enacted, crime goes up, not down. They have to be blind to their own failures. I sometimes wish that the country could go back to the 50’s in certain ways. Oh well times change, not always for the better.

  11. I guess the first thing I should do is tell everyone that I am much happier now than before the election, but still ticked off at the rush to cause the USA more problems that the Obumma is implementing such as the shutting down of the electronic surveillance of the US/Mexico border. He reminds me of a little kid that gets in a snit if they don’t get their way. And this is the a**hole that questioned Trump’s stability as to being in control of the nuclear football. It has been in the hands of fruitcake the past almost eight years.
    I for one will have patience with Trump if he is trying to keep his promises, support him in every way I can, and remember well the ones that block his attempts to make America great again, and do everything in my power to see their defeat in any future elections.

  12. We (members of the NRA, Gun owners of America, and Jews for the preservation of gun ownership to name a three of the leaders) should come up with a list of federal anti gun laws that are worthless and infringe upon our right to “keep and bear arms”, presenting same to our conservative legislators for repeal. With Donald Trump as president there will never be another opportunity, at least in our life times, for success. After all sixty million people can’t have it wrong.

  13. #1 The pitcher that is shown is not the right way to hold that revolver (hammer cocked and finger on the trigger) that is a no no, you should ALLWAYS assume that it is loaded even if it is not. #2 Why would you want only the military and the police past and present to beable to have fully autos? I grown up with guns I don’t know everything but I do know how to use them safely. #3 Charging $200 or so why? If you can legally but a gun then that should be all, no other fees or anything elts. #4 Thank you President Trump. #5 Be safe and may GOD Bless This Nation again.

    • The prices. They’ll charge as much as they can. Since it’s getting more difficult to buy a gun, let alone ammo or oil they’ll keep hiking prices up. I think I have a “how to build a glock” it’s probably send for the cd if it’s like the how to build an AR. If I have it, it’s still much cheaper than $200.

  14. About Mr. Trump’s finger on the trigger, he is waiting for Harry Reid to open his mouth again!!!! SUPPORT DONALD J. Trump in any way you can. GOD BLESS AMERICA STAY LOCKED AND LOADED


    Mine: Repeal the unconstitutional law outlawing Automatics. Repeal short barrel laws. Repeal suppressor laws. Keep PRIVATE SALES in tact. Make a FEDERAL LAW prohibiting any laws against GUNS.

  16. The world, including America, is, has always been, and always will be, dangerous place. The only thing in it that gives me fear is the fact that if I wish to travel to certain regions of my own country I may be incarcerated for carrying a firearm for the protection of my family and self from the very real threat of violent criminal elements known to exist and known to prey upon the traveling public. I once lost ownership of a very dependable Smith and Lesson .38 Special to the People’s Republic of California that was seized by a CHP officer within sight of the Arizona/California state line.The revolver was stowed in my vehicle legally, IF I HAD BEEN 200 YARDS TO THE EAST! The charge? Being capable of causing harm to the people of the state of California. Under such a broad term, not only anybody but, Everyone in the state of California could be charged, for possession of a book of matches or, an automobile, with being capable of causing harm to the people of the state of California. Common sense gun laws? Their is no common sense in the government of California. Their is no common sense in the gun grabbers minds.

  17. I believe, DT could also clarify regulations for domestic mining of lead and allow manufacturing of ammunition in the US to flourish once again.

  18. I would hope that while the collectable firearms are allowed to be imported that would include ammo. Milsurp ammo to go with milsurp guns is a way we can enjoy our collections, without having to purchase ammo that is not really made to the same specs.
    The milsurp Tokerov ammo seemed to disappear overnight, only to reappear at 4 and 5 times the price per round. I am sure that there is still much of this ammo that isn’t armor piercing stll in the areas of manufacture, even if it is not the same country.

  19. It would be very nice if we could repeal the full-auto nonsense of 1986. No reason why we should not be ale to purchase new and/or modify existing receivers if we file the From 1 and pay the tax.

  20. Hey guys; why is it that with all the debate, argument, disagreement, and distrust that goes with ALL gun control issues have we never said anything about what else this does? Anyone with a real brain and a little common sense knows that all this gun control hoopla is only a liberal take on control of the citizens by taking away our rights even if its one at a time. And that I’ve seen so many times over the last 6 decades. Most current gun owners and family members know about what the second amendment is about. Now that being said, what about our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Doesn’t that come into play anywhere???
    Life…my right of self protection by law ( no matter I am ).
    Liberty…this is what the 2nd amendment is ALL about ( and that’s why there afraid of it ).
    The pursuit of happiness,…what if my happiness is going to the shooting range or hunting instead of playing bridge or baseball or going to the beach. I think there a much bigger issue here. What say you????

  21. None of the Constitution should be changed to begin with. California, only a few miles from the border, everyone should be able to defend themselves. I have a buddy who was another bull marine and met Gen. Mattis, he and a few others are okay, the rest are snowflakes that I don’t care about anymore. Illinois, I’d leave that to the National Guard, Chicago has clearly shown that it can’t control itself. As for NY, they tried a gun grab in my home town and the people just told them where to go. They still elect idiots though, although a bright light in Bo Deetle is coming up next election, so maybe.

    I thought you’d like some fun. Remember the white water witch saying she ran from sniper fire? I’ve been a sniper for 12 years and never missed. It was one ofthe very few times I spoke to my tv “tell me more.”

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