More Drama At The NRA


Well, it looks like the NRA is going through another round of drama.

In case you haven’t heard, the best known pro-gun organization in the U.S. has suffered from reports of “coup” attempts as people are seeking to gain control of the organization.

One of the latest bits of information from this craziness is a recent lawsuit against recently departed NRA President, Oliver North. A recent story by the Australian Associated Press gives us the initial details:


The United States’ National Rifle Association is suing its former president, Oliver North, for what it called “conduct harmful to the NRA”.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in New York. It sought a judge’s declaration that the NRA isn’t required to pay North’s legal bills.

North stepped down from the post in April. The lawsuit said he “departed office after a widely publicised, failed coup attempt.”

The suit also accused top NRA official Chris Cox of conspiring with North to oust the organisation’s chief executive, Wayne LaPierre.

The New York Times reported that the NRA had also suspended Cox, who said the allegations were “offensive and patently false”.

What a mess. Sadly, though, this isn’t even the beginning of this whole dumpster fire of bad publicity for the NRA. Danny Hakim gives us some background information on the situation:

The genesis of the dispute between the N.R.A. and Mr. North is a related legal battle between the N.R.A. and its most prominent contractor, the Oklahoma-based advertising firm Ackerman McQueen, which employed Mr. North. The N.R.A. has sued Ackerman, claiming it withheld documents and records from the gun group, and some officials have suggested the company may also have been overbilling. Ackerman, which has said it did nothing improper, filed a countersuit claiming that it was smeared by the N.R.A.

In yet another lawsuit, the N.R.A. has accused Ackerman of breaching confidentiality clauses in its contract and smearing Mr. LaPierre.

The new lawsuit seeks to block Mr. North’s attempt to have the N.R.A. pay his legal fees, which he has sought as he fields requests to cooperate with other litigation as well as a Senate inquiry.

“The N.R.A. believes that Col. North seeks payments from the Association to which he is not entitled,” the N.R.A.’s outside counsel, William A. Brewer III, said in a statement. (Mr. North is a retired Marine lieutenant colonel who first came to prominence during the Iran-Contra hearings.) “The N.R.A. alleges that Col. North breached his fiduciary obligations — in a coordinated attack against the N.R.A. and Wayne LaPierre that involved others motivated by their own economic self-interest,” Mr. Brewer added.

This is a royal mess, and because many people see the NRA as the face of pro-gun America, this situation reflects poorly on all gun owners in the minds of many people.

We’ll see how all of this plays out, but if there is anything good that comes out of all of this, it’s that some people will hopefully pay attention to the behavior of executives in an organization before donating any of their hard-earned money to it. We want to make sure that the people running those organizations have the goal in mind and not their personal egos in charge.



  1. Believe nothing out of Australia. LEO’S around the world communicate through IACP as well as house them as guests. A retired high ranking Australian officer recently let us know the Australian Press is as bad as the American Fake News. He was no longer afraid of losing his pension. Firearms violence is up 335% since CONFISCATION. SINCE YOU USE THEM AS A SOURCE ARE YOU FAKE NEWS? BTW I called out Snopes 3 times in 1 week. LaCapria ran a sex site prior and her boss allegedly embezzled funds. And was found to hide assets to unfairly distribute marital assets. That’s who you want fact checking?

  2. Rulers are not a terror to good works but to the evil. Romans 13-3 Do that which is good and you will have praise

  3. The NRA needs to get in front of this. They must be constrained by the various lawsuits, but at the same time total silence is not the answer. Misinformation will fill the voids.
    Carr Baldwin
    NRA Benefactor Member

  4. I think the NRA needs new blood in management/leadership positions. Wayne LaPierre has been in charge for way too long. When one is in such leadership position too long, they think of it as their right or kingdom and can/will do anything to protect their kingdom, even perhaps dishonest actions. I was a member for a long time, but am no longer. I think the NRA has taken some positions to be considered the lesser of 2 evils. But evil is still evil. Anything less than protecting our God given right of self defense is giving into the liberals. And the NRA has taken positions lately that are the same as the liberal position.

    I think it is time for new leadership in the NRA and new positions to protect our God given rights. Anything less is caving into the liberals that are seeking to destroy the NRA. With liberal gun control raging, there is no middle ground to protecting our rights. There can be no compromising on our rights, which has happened in the past. And these compromises are the main reason, I will not renew my membership. Until there is a new leadership in place, I will give my money to other gun organizations, which may not be as large as the NRA, but are more effective in protecting our rights.

  5. As of now, I look towards Gun Owners of America / GOA who IS defending OUR American REAFFIRMED/RESTATED/ACCEPTED PRE-CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OF DEFENSE OF Ones’ self, family, Community, State or Country which shows up as the SECOND AMENDMENT of the Constitution.

  6. May I suggest that the ‘coup’ against Wayne La Pierre might be well deserved, and WLP should be turned out. Harry Reid’s last gasp in the Senate, good ‘ol Wayne failed to endorse a gun-loving Republican of the Tea Party stripe in return for a new gun range in NV. Harry’s continuous lying and slandering of his opponent (sorry – I forget there is no such thing as ‘slander’ in politics) continued thru those last 6 years and impacted us all negatively. Wayne had failed on many other occasions, and sold the gun community out with half-way measures and lack of defense when it came to ‘accessories’ for guns, giving Pelosi, DiFi and the rest more targets. WlP might be the NRA’s version of the Swamp that Donald Trump is attempting to drain.

  7. Fights such as this are absolutely asinine! There should be a coordinated effort by all the pro second amendment groups with no pitting one against the other. You see the frigging Democrats always coordinated with Republicans fussing with each other such as Rand Paul Pissing and moaning occasionally but seldom ever offering an alternative or solution to something. We shouldn’t be like that. The other thing we need to work harder at is getting EVERY gun owner as a member of a pro 2nd group. That could be the largest voting block in the world, not just the U.S. Make us a threat to stupidity in the U.N.

  8. The NRA no longer stands for gun owners or the 2nd! They stand for profit and profit only! Proof is in all the recent the bans bands they supported Trump and the ATF on!!! If you want to support a true gun rights outfit, support GOA!!! The NRA is selling us out for profit!!!

  9. Remember it was the 1968 gun control act that the NRA helped Ronald Reagan put together.
    That’s when I quit supporting the NRA.
    (GOA) Gun Owners of America is really the only good gun group 🙂

  10. We tried and failed to vote WLP out in the 90’s. Missed by one vote. We knew we had trouble when he went on TV and proclaimed “We agree with everything Bill Clinton said”, regarding a federal waiting period for purchase of a firearm, ” but he wants a 5 day wait and we think 3 days is appropriate.”
    Myself and many others did not become members of the NRA to go along with any such restriction on our rights to keep and bear arms and we almost got rid of him then but he tightened his grip and made sure no such vote ever got that close again by personally recommending most if not all the later board members in the issue that precedes the election since then.

  11. I am a Life member for 20years was a recruiter took no money was EVC on committees for years donated thousands especially in NY I am so pissed they took our money to live a life of high end trips to Europe Shopping Rodeo drive limos no money for any TV ads billboards lousy flyers in Arizona . Screw them ! Never again no money or help from me !

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