HUH? Obama Administration’s Final Gun Regulations Take Aim At Pot Heads


Obama’s ATF is making last minute changes to one of the most important forms a gun owner will ever complete: form 4473. That’s the form you fill out to buy a gun from a licensed dealer.

The changes really aren’t that draconian or ridiculous (as you would expect them to be), but they do get a little crazy when they target a most unexpected audience: marijuana smokers.

Is this some sort of revenge against weed tokers for voting Bernie, when Obama wanted them to vote Hillary?


But seriously, look at these regulations (from the

[quote_box_center]Another notable change to the form is the inclusion of a bolded warning to potential transferees from ATF.   The warning provides that “the use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medical or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”  This warning is a continuation of ATF’s policy that was first published in an open letter on September 21, 2011.  Under ATF’s policy, not only are users of marijuana prohibited from possessing firearms, but a person may not transfer a firearm to an individual if the transferor knows that the transferee holds a medical marijuana card.  Importantly, this second prohibition applies even where the cardholder does not actually use any marijuana.[/quote_box_center]

So, even if you have a medical marijuana card, but don’t actually use marijuana anymore, you still can’t buy a gun. I thought the liberals were the ones telling us that all the laws against pot were racist? Now Obama is demanding that we threaten every gun dealer with bold print, telling them not to sell guns to people with marijuana prescriptions.

The anti-marijuana language is rather bizarre, there is no real political advantage to doing this. Maybe, Obama’s ATF is genuinely worried about guns in the hands of people who use medicinal pot.

Perhaps, Obama just doesn’t want anyone to “shotgun” their weed.

Whatever the reasons, you can read about the rest of the changes to form 4473 here.




  1. Unless one is a historian, either by profession or avocation, it is difficult to connect the dots of how nearly we avoided all out Totalitarianism within, oh, less than a year from now, had Hitlery won.

    People seem to forget any history they might have once known, because today’s world is much more complicated and forces one to concentrate in the here and now, and now colleges are not even offering American History as a class anymore.

    But the fact remains that alcohol was once more restricted and banned than pot is now in America in the so-called roaring 20’s prohibition era because of the political agenda of power elite control over the masses. In fact, Pot wasn’t even considered an illegal plant or controlled substance yet back then

    So if the alcohol prohibition law had NOT been repealed and had sustained until today…


    You’d be deemed a criminal if the caught you a ‘shootin your empty beer cans!

    Time to REPEAL both the 1968 Gun Control Act which made ex-convicts and now other lesser ‘criminals’ the recipients of permanant, lifelong, eternal, gun bans, even though they are law abiding citizens and no longer incarcerated! Thus making it absurdly easy to manipulate and manufacture laws against your political or national opposition of the people, to effectively disarm them any time they feel like it.

    Just as they had been doing until last election day.

    You can’t believe the stack of introduced bills and Acts pending in legislation that would do exactly this had Hitlery become Potus. And it wouldn’t have stopped with just Pot. If you really peruse the 4473 you’ll notice other ‘caveats’ subject to an arbitrary administrative decree for quick enactment of making people subject to be disarmed by gun bans.

    The greater issue here is not only that Pot prohibition laws be repealed, But that the ability to disarm an individual, and then virtually an entire American populate, like they do in other countries, simply be making laws with un-constitutional punishmets, (other countries, by the way, do not have American Constitutional models) So we must first REPEAL their main disarmament weapon. The tyrannical permanent gun ban for criminals/convictions. Without that, they could never disarm us all unless we were all in prison for some bullshit agenda created crime.

    This latest ATF 4473 push is a last act of defiance and a veiled message. Don’t think for one fast draw split second that they’ll ever give up. While we’re all chucking it up, they’ve already launched a counter attack.

    Celebrations over for Real Patriots. Lets get back on the stack and continue to ‘remind’ our reps that they better start some counter-legislation now. To start wth, All you silencer afecionados should start an ear banging campaign against this highly physically damaging deficiency in the ATF’s insisting on permitting damage to our ears and unneccesary noise pollution.

    • Liberals are too stupid (or high) to remember history and the clarity of the information it provides to move forward. Let us use “True Progression” as the term.
      History teaches us what went wrong (though most of written history is lies) in the past so those mistakes are not repeated. Though, I do believe the rich and powerful and career politicians no longer care. Such as liberals. So why all the years and hatred? They’re getting what they want.
      It is time for “Progress”. It’s time to give the Government back to the people who work. Not to the freeloaders, traitors, thieves, and elitists. But most importantly, back into the hands of morality, humanity, and GOD!

    • You can get arrested for firing a gun and having alcohol in your bloodstream and the same law holds for use of mj…… we can have twice as many arrest should the idiots get caught…..

  2. This is something I predicted from the beginning when they legalized pot in Colorado, the very reason why the feds did not intervene. I personally know people who will not even get a medical marijuana card for the very same reason.

  3. Obama is a world nut case how he thinks like an idiot, I,be been stoned in the past still get my deer, so he is such a dummy Trump will reverse his silly laws.

  4. So that means that his daughter can never own any kind of weapon because she is a POT SMOKER also.So her father most be with her at all times to protect her when she goes to buy her POT when she needs it.

  5. Bound and determined to make sure that Americans in good standing are criminals one way or another to get our guns ! Veterans with PTSD, people ever treated for a mental health issue ie depression etc.
    ATF needs to stand down then again this is another directive from Obozo ! I still won’t be happy until this muzzie sympathizer swings from a gallows.

    • Richard, you are correct. That’s one reason a lot of Vets won’t apply for a MJ medical card. I’d rather have my guns to protect me from this evil govt.
      Wow, the OB-momma is a big pot smoker and has the guts to sign a law against it. This law must only be for us little people only, of course!
      God Bless America, Guns and Weed!

  6. people using mind altering substances should not have fire arms marijuana is a mind altering substance just like cocaine or lsd you simply can not legally drive a car or operate machinery while using marijuana either way you end up in jail or out of a job or both but stupid people do stupid things then in court they lie through their teeth until the blood test results come back and the insurance company simply will not pay and you the drug addict simply can not pay so off to jail with you

  7. A true communist maneuver, a little now and a little more later and before anyone realizes it they have it all.

  8. Mahatma, you cannot tell me that all criminals who have been released are now “law abiding citizens.” Were that so, there’d be a lot less violence and many more empty cells if not prisons. Sorry, unless there’s proof of reformation, then we’re a lot safer not giving them guns.

  9. Dang and here I thought Ovomit was a happy pothead himself. Now the pot smokers will raise Cain over this,he is trying to get all the odds and ends to be on the uprising trail so he can throw martial law at us before Trump can become Preident. This ego driven communist Muslim wants to become the Dictator so bad he will go to all means to get there.

  10. Since the Constitution nowhere authorizes the federal government to prohibit the use of ANY drug (including alcohol) it is a right reserved to the States. Therefore any state law regarding such overruled the unconstitutional federal restriction. What is needed now is fully informed jurors to refuse to convict anyone brought to trial for refusing to comply with this federal overreach.

  11. F@@@ the ATFE. we need to prosecute all involved with fast and furious including obumbum himself, holder might have taken the fall but obumbum did not do anything about the selling of guns to known criminals illegally by the ATFE under holder. why did he resign 2 days after an appeal court ordered the release of those documents and why did they not release them? i would bet money that those involved which had nothing done to them except i believe one or so was transferred have been promoted now. the killings with those guns are still happening and the death toll is in the thousands. send them all to jail. disband the ATFE. legalize all drugs, we should have learned our lesson during prohibition. we need to pull our heads out and smell the democrap. we need to regain a lot of lost freedoms that have been taken by both parties. we need to realize that there can be no freedom with out tolerance. people have the right to live their lives the way they want not some majority. WTF!!!

  12. POT is the GATEWAY DRUG to the hard stuff……Legalize POT and be prepared for higher crime, more murders, greater child abuse, fraud, car jackings, robberies, greater drug use, etc., etc., etc.
    Only an ignorant idiot, drug dealer or crack head would consider legalizing POT.
    (OR a politician on the TAKE!).

  13. I feel that this is another step in creating a new class of second class citizens. My HMO has me labelled as a smoker, because I told them that I smoked for a year or 2 in my 20s, but now I have a big S on my paperwork like I have been a lifetime smoker.
    Just admit to illegal drug use and you are branded for life(not now, but I see it coming). And not only illegal drugs, it could pop up that even those pills the doctor gave you when you were having your first divorce or breakup, could just tag and bag you.
    We know that the rabid anti gunners will use every chance they can to get thier way, just look at Ca’s prop 63, which says I will not be able to order ammo through the mail, I can not import it myself, and I will have to get a license to purchase ammo in Ca, as well as passing a background check when I do so. will there be a waiting period? If not at first, will that creep in?
    Being Ca, I forsee a time when certain types and maybe even certain calibers of ammo are not legal I collect certain milsurp guns and ammo, will they make it impossable for me to enjoy shooting them?
    The whole point of collecting cars is to drive them around and to enjoy them. I do not think that having useless guns(for lack of ammo), or worse, having them rendered inoperatable would make me want to continue my hobby.

  14. The only reason that pot is a gateway drug is the people that sell it. Maybe not at the bottom level, but I am sure that many of the people that sell pot will sell other drugs because they make money from it. Either to supply thier use or to get rich, they will continue to do so. If the sale of pot is legal and the establishments are regulated, they do not want to loose thier license, similar to a liquor store losing thiers.
    Keeping legal pot smokers from a means of protection is just wrong. They, just like any other resident of the US have the God given right of self protection. Taking away the right to own a firearm is denying that right.

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