The Common Factor In Mass Shooters That No One Is Talking About


There’s a truth about mass shootings which may surprise you. The first thing that may surprise you is that both gun control advocates and serious supporters of the Second Amendment will agree that there is a common factor in most mass shootings (you’ll likely agree after you’ve read this article). What people will disagree about, though, is what that common factor is.

Gun control advocates, of course, will give the same old tired refrain of “We’ve got to get the guns off the streets to keep the children safe!” And they keep doing this in complete defiance of historical data from multiple cultures that shows that gun control does not reduce overall rates of violence or murder. In fact, it does exactly the opposite.

Now, if you’re a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, then you’re likely wondering what is the real common factor between most mass shooters. Steve Watson gives us that information:


Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine have published a study that reveals most of the perpetrators of mass shootings in America are people with undiagnosed psychiatric disorders.

The study focused on 115 assailants of shootings committed between 1982 and 2019, and then narrowed that number down to ones who survived.

“We found that most mass shooters in our study experienced undiagnosed and unmedicated psychiatric illness,” the researchers noted.

Describing the findings as “striking,” the study notes that symptoms of clinical psychiatric disorders were identified in almost all the shooters, 32 out of 35.

Over half of the perpetrators, 18, were found to have schizophrenia, with psychotic symptoms including the belief they were receiving messages from demons and seeing hallucinations ordering them to “kill, burn or destroy.”

A further 10 of the shooters were diagnosed as bipolar, delusional and suffering from personality disorders.

You’ll also find it interesting that none of the shooters were receiving medication treatment for their mental disorder before the shooting took place.

So, there is the truth of the matter. The guns were never the problems in mass shootings. The psychological disorder which caused the shooter to believe that they had to kill people was the problem in the overwhelming number of cases.

When are anti-gunners going to wake up and smell the coffee and try to deal with the real problem instead of blaming inanimate objects?



  1. The point not mentioned is the fact that the majority of the mass shooters are either Democrats, affiliated with Democrats, or are a member of Democrat or liberal leaning family. This would explain the mental problems!!!

  2. True they have ” PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS ” ( mental problems ) but they still have enough mental senses to go to GUN FREE ZONES for maximum effect …
    The tool is not the problem its the person …
    So gun control is nothing but the first step in PEOPLE CONTROL …

    • You said it Robert. GUN FREE ZONES. You might as well hang a sign saying “MASS MURDERERS WELCOME”. Also I don’t think letting repeat violent felons out of prison early helps matters either.

      • That is the point. They know the problem.

        And Big Bro knows who to pick for “Enforcers” for their New World Order (as FDR once said, “It is not new andit is not order.”

    • Right you are. Think of Newtown CT. The shooter had Ashberger’s and those are usually not violent. But, as a barrelmaker from MD found out, he was drugged up with SSRI’s that have a reputation – in certain doses and certain people can turn peace-loving people into homicidal maniacs. let’s see: he didn’t buy any guns (so why sue a dealer/); he murdered his mother in order to get her guns (so why sue the manufacturer?); So why not sue the drug manufacturer? After all, it used to be that any side effect – even if only one person is affected – is leagally required to be reported on the insert. I often see that reqirement bypassed occasionally – why? Does Big Pharma have that much power that they tell government what to do?

  3. Mental health has always been behind mass killings in America and other nations. However, state and the federal governments have turned a blind eye to this fact since it takes time and money to treat mental illness. The democrats would rather attack the second amendment since they want all guns to be eliminated from the public square in order to ensure political control of the populace. All socialist countries have disarmed their citizens before eliminating freedoms and controlling all aspects of an individual’s life. Minorities have known this for years as the democrats have been their master for over 100 years and want to continue this relationship which minorities do not mind since they get frees stuff from the government, economic slavery at it worse.

    • Essentially, the mass killer using guns is psychotic, and the liberals’ insist that these individuals should only be in mental institutions that the psycho approves, and of their own volition! This means the LIBERALS are mainly responsible for these NOT being cared for in institutions, and NOT ‘guns’! As well, all those who vote against using public funds for institute maintanance are also liable! Ive been saying this for years!

  4. We the people are the problem. We keep electing jerks to high government positions. Even dummies like Joe know that the gun isn’t the problem. Even Nanny knows that the sicko who shoots the unarmend people is the problem. All the research in the world will not change anything because the elected officials have not desire to stop the killing.
    As long as we keep electing people like AOC and ADAM SHIFTLESS the political parties will continue to produce folks just as Woke as they are. Maybe it’s time for the people who want real change to talk to their jerk neighbors.

    • Are you sure that it’s “We the People” electing these sleazebags to office, and not Dominion Voting Systems?

  5. I thought a large percentage over the last say 175 years were Democrats? I think we should not let Democrats have guns. Sounds real good to me?

  6. This is what happens after defunding the mental health facilities. crazy people roaming freely. Not the guns or gun owners fault. It’s just these delusional, bipolar, schizophrenia and disordered personality psycho democrats and their misguided reasoning for gun bans.

  7. The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.

    • Russ, your proposal can never happen. Your proposal suggests that the same people who vote for abortions should also vote for saving the children. That is a contradiction. If a woman who is pregnant has the right to terminate (murder) her baby, then why shouldn’t any person have the right to terminate another person’s life? The liberal / socialist leaders cannot deal with this truth, because it is a TRUTH. They are mentally deranged as mass shooters.

      • Might we suppose that if the Democrats in Washing to Dc. were legally put totally out of the white house and Congress, and had no more control of anything, that they would be the first to get some guns, and resort to violence to regain power and control. would this be especially true if Trump, or DeSantis were President, and real law and order were restored?

  8. Please fact check to see if I am wrong but as I recall the de-funding of mental health came about from issues from both sides of the political spectrum. There was the observation that wharehousing of individuals with mental health issues was not working. But turning people with mental health issues out onto the street was and is an huge fail too. This has equally poor outcomes for both the individuals and society as a whole.

    The notion of gun control to reduce access to weapons those who are not mentally fit to use them is done with good intention. But this begs the question of how do you put in place a process to make that kind of decision? How do we get care to those who need it before they become It also doesn’t prevent criminals from getting weapons for use in crimes. And the fact is house holds with gun owners are more likely to be shot by a family member than to be shot during the commission of a crime or shot outside the house in a mass shooting.

    PS. While I don’t currently own a weapon, I am a NRA trained rifleman from a high school rifle team, served in the military and can fire a two diameter group on a target at sixty feet with a pistol. Just sayin’.

  9. I thought I saw somewhere that no concealed carry permit holder has ever committed a mass murder. The same article said that the crime rate (all crimes) for concealed carry permit holders is less than the crime rate for police officers. Can anyone cite the source (and the reliability of that source) of that assertion? I can’t remember.

  10. The vital common denominator is,after years of study,the victims were unarmed. It makes no difference with what mental problem the shooter is afflicted, as long as this is so. The shooter deliberately selects victims he thinks are unarmed usually by selecting “gun free zones” as the kill zone.98.6% of all shootings take place in such “safe” places. Abolishing gun free zones would disallow this selection of supposed unarmed victims as uncertain.

  11. FBI crime data base. Also gives true data of unarmed,meaning no firearm,people shot by law enforcement,twice as many whites as blacks. The number of blacks shot each year is always 30 or less,not the hundreds ,of the anti gun false narrative.

  12. Why aren’t they going after the illegal gun owners!? This is the true problem! Honest people with a CDL, are not criminals, Again it’s the illegal gun owners! Gang members and drug dealers!

  13. The best comments are given by Sturgis. The only thing I would add is mentally ill persons should be on his list as well. Good going Sturgis!

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