Revolutionary New Holster Totally Changes The Way You’ll Draw A Gun


These guys thought of everything. The new Urban carry G2 holster allows you to wear your gun well below your belt line without having to fish around in your pants to draw.

Check this thing out for yourself:


Imagine the shock on a criminal’s face when a full size 1911 almost magically pops out of your waistline. What’s really exciting about this style of draw, is that it makes wearing a large frame pistol much more practicable.

This is one of those — I hesitate to call it a “gimmick” — things — that has a very limited use. It’s kind of like the “Sneaky Pete” holsters that are look like “pager” or cell phone holsters — but they hold a gun. For some remote reason you might want to carry something like this.

A big drawback is that it’s going to be a little slow drawing with one hand. In fact, without some practice, it will be very slow one handed. Plus, why would you make a deep concealment rig with a picture of a gun on the only part that clips on your belt that everyone can see? Stupid.

All in all, kind of neat idea even if the reality isn’t as great as they might think … Just when you thought you had seen it all, someone pushes the boundaries yet again. God bless American ingenuity!




  1. How can that holster be used by females whose clothes don’t fit exactly like males? What do you advise for females, a purse where it would take 30 minutes to go through the lipstick, brushes, checkbooks and wallets to find the pistol before she could attempt to get it into firing position.

  2. I would like to try this out, but not with something that would be like a full size 1911. I’m too short-waisted and would have a long, high draw.

    I do wear an IWB holster, but it does come above the belt. Where this one doesn’t, it might be interesting to try. I don’t recommend it since I have never tried it. I don’t see that someone wearing pants without a belt (maybe like a woman with slacks) wearing this. Something has to hold the holster in the pants. No use to pull the firearm out with the holster on it. (A little levity with some truth.)

    For the previous note, there are pocketbooks that have straps or inside holsters inside to keep the firearm readily available. IMO, the firearm should never be loose in anything. That would prevent a practiced draw and could be dangerous. I also have a belly band, and so does the wife, BUT you still need to be able to pull up the shirt/blouse to present your arm. Many of my wife’s dresses are one piece. And the workout pants, yoga pants, well, I just don’t know about even with a belly band since those are tight. But as someone will note, women don’t always carry a pocketbook. That is an interesting question and the link, in my opinion again, doesn’t really answer some of the questions.

  3. The first sentence in the commercial makes me want to throat punch everyone involved in this abortion. “What if you could carry a handgun so concealed, it was like the footsteps of a navy seal?” What the fuck does that even mean?!?! I’m sure all the “operators” use this holster.

  4. For females, I have seen holster that fit into the bra or are a bra or something like that. You can look it up on the internet. They showed women jogging with them. IMHO the handgun should always be on the person and never in a bag that can be taken or dropped.
    Regarding this holster, the overweight guy looked very uncomfortable sitting and you could clearly see the gun imprinting under his jeans. Most of the models were extremely skinny with no love handles. I also don’t like the leather part over the belt clip. It is too small for a phone. But large enough to draw attention and possibly a question. Any knowledgeable person, good or bad, or leo would immediately recognize it.
    I do like that this appears to be ambidextrous. It does appear to be a very smooth draw. With practice, it could be faster than traditional IWB holsters. I’m curious how hot that leather gets next to your skin.
    But, if they want to send me one for free, I would be glad to give it a real life test and report back.

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