Reason For Concealed Carry Permit Surge Will Make Liberals Freak


Ohio just shattered it’s record for concealed carry permits issued. The cause of the spike will probably alarm leftists more than the actual spike itself.

From Bearing Arms:



An impressive number of concealed carry permits were issued in Ohio during the third quarter of 2016, meaning approximately 1 in 16 adults in the Buckeye State is now a concealed-carry permit holder.

Authorities say a record 25,474 permits were issued from July-September, that’s a 59 percent increase compared to the same period in 2015.


Anyone who is even tangentially connected to shooting sports can see that concealed carry is exploding across the country, and the numbers back up that obvious observation. The reason for the increase should scare the heck out of the left more than the actual increase itself.


Many of the people who sign up for my class, they’re watching the news and they’re hearing what happening not only here but across the country,” said CCW instructor Todd Karam, owner of the Cleveland Armory.

Karam said citizens only need to watch the nightly news to make them cognizant of the fact “that something might happen to them.”

Gun ownership is “becoming mainstream,” said Jim Irvine, President of the Firearms Association. Irvine said the it’s the increase in gun owners that is responsible for concealed-carry instructors being “swamped with demand for their classes.”

“Concealed carry used to be mostly hard-core shooters, but it has become increasingly popular with soccer moms and others who just want to be safe in their everyday life,” Irvine said.


Keep in mind that Ohio just experienced a terrible attack:

[quote_box_center]The terrorist attack which took place last month on the Ohio State University campus may have also contributed to an already increasing number of gun owners and concealed-carry permit holders in the Buckeye State.[/quote_box_center]

Progressive attempts to politicize mass-shootings seem to be backfiring. Gun grabbers hoped to fear monger the public into accepting more gun control by exploiting terror attacks and mass shootings. Instead, those exact incidents are creating increased interest in gun ownership and concealed carry.

In reality, the typical American, is significantly less likely to be shot and killed than they were 25 years ago. New threats to the public, such as ISIS terror attacks, understandably increase public anxiety; even though these threats do little to change the actual statistics on gun violence.

The more progressives hype lone wolf terror attacks and mass shootings, the more the public wants to carry guns to protect themselves from these threats. If progressive media hysteria has any effect at all on gun ownership, the effect is probably the exact opposite of what the media desires.








  1. The reason is simple. Most people will choose survival over death! The gun grabbers want you to think being defenseless is a great idea. Unfortunately when terrorist or “nut jobs” attack they always choose “gun free zones” first. Why? Simply because they know they can carry out their evil plans with little or no resistance. So the premise of the “liberal’s utopia” gun free society is totally flawed. There is NO evidence to support any of the so called reasonable “gun laws”. They all fail to stop the determined criminal. The statistics prove that in 99% of all gun related crimes the criminal did not go through a background check, go to a gun store or gun show, or ANY legal source to obtain a gun, ammo, bomb supplies or other weapons!

    • Their thinking is not flawed when you realize what their goal is: that they really don’t want us conservatives to be alive. Remember, the GREENIES believe that the world is over-populated and should be no more than 2 billion people. Hence, they have no problem with disarming us and have a large number killed. Just like Hitler and Stalin and Mao did.

  2. The latest that I’ve heard is that lots of School Districts are changing their rules so that faculty and/or employees will be allowed to carry at the schools, eliminating them as “gun free” zones. I can see this will soon begin to happen on a much larger scale. Why should we be “sitting ducks” for these lunatics? I also know that concealed carry people ARE taking guns into “gun free” zones with them! Very soon the enemy will get some “surprises” of their own! It won’t be like France, England or Germany, America will fight back. It is comforting to know that we’ve got them outnumbered, outgunned, and particularly we Veterans have more weapon savvy than they do. I think Obama and his “buddies” have bitten off more than they can chew! BTW, the Second Amendment is all we need to carry…what is the definition of the word “BEAR” as used in the Constitution? Most, if not all on the existing “Gun” Laws are Unconstitutional and legally unenforceable.

  3. The presence of Police merely absolves people of the responsibility to look after their own safety. The mere existence of Police cannot be said to have reduced crime (Chicago comes to mind) to negligible levels. It merely crates a need which greedy Liberals will willingly fulfill, at an exorbitant price.
    Self-defense is a natural reaction to a threat to the body, which will naturally try to protect itself. Flight is a last resort in the face of a “disparity of force.”

    • Even if the cops were right there, they still could not save you. They have those “rules of engagement’ where they can’t use deadly force until you are DEAD.

    • Exactly. I was born and raised in L.A. Most of my family are still there, even though they did vote for Trump. They refuse to leave. I don’t know why. I left in ’88 and live in Florida, where I own guns, and have a concealed carry license which I did get recently. I will not travel around with out it. I could never consiously move back to Cali for political reasons, as well as gun ownership problems. As a matter of fact, the 9mm I recently purchased, has a sticker on the side of the case. It reads…Not Legal in California…..HAHA I thought that was real funny.

      • Alan…..all of my pistol cases have the same warning sticker on them…”Not Legal in California”. As a born and raised Californian that got out of there many years ago, I see those stickers as Badges of Honor, and proof that I was smart enough to never go back to Commie La La Land.

  4. I carry concealed, a single-stack .45 ACP loaded with 230 grain XTP hollow points and a spare magazine mainly because it is a lot lighter to carry than a cop, and when I need it…It is ALWAYS accessible. OR as they say… when seconds count…..cops are minutes or sometimes (where I live) HOURS away.

  5. More evidence that the leftist/liberals don’t think rationally. And they LIE a LOT. And when you put that together, they can’t win unless they have massive cheating. And sometimes not even that is enough.

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