AMAZING! Punk Kid Makes $30 Home-Made Body Armor That Stops 9mm & 12ga Shotgun Slugs [MUST WATCH!]


This …

Is one of the coolest Do-It-Yourself and/or Home-made things I’ve seen all year.

I’m THAT excited about it.


This “punk” kid (sorry, I have no idea how old he is) just made his own body armor for $30 and it stops 9mm and EVERYTHING shot out of a 12 gauge shotgun (including buckshot and a slug!).

You do NOT want tomiss this. Click the link below to see it now!

How To Make AMAZING Bullet Resistant Armor For $30!

Not only is this kid a genius, but he’s also SUPER entertaining to watch. Check this out for sure:

From what I gather from this video, this kid achieved this amazing DIY body-armor for $30 with the following:

1. A 5×5′ sheet of fiberglass welding blanket. This blanket on Amazon looks perfect for this.

2. Fiberglass Resin from Bondo. Click here to get it on Amazon.

And quite simply, I’m amazed!

This kid made home-made armor for $30 that’s probably as light as most dyneema body armor and almost works as well. The ONLY thing it didn’t stop was the 5.56 rounds and I’m guessing that’s because they’re so high velocity … and this is just fiberglass.

Wonder what other fiber-based materials you could source to make this type of body armor cheaply that would stop the higher velocity rifle rounds like 5.56/7.62×39?



  1. First I would like to say that I always enjoy this site and it’s artiles. But the article about the youth making the homemade ballistic armor titled “Punk Kid Makes $30 Body Armor” is rather offensive don’t you think. We have plenty of kids you can term as “Punk Kids” that are walking around with sagging pants, participating in BLM flash gangs, or staying home playing video games, getting high. This young man at least is energetic enough and into the shooting sports enough that he is doing something that requires a little research, some effort and a great deal of smarts.

    Yes….I know that later you say he is a genius, but a lot of the click bait articles are posting the first reference about a PUNK KID. I know if I were hime, I would feel a bit put off by it.

    Just my .02 cents worth that’s not worth a nickle.

    • Hey Steven!

      Thanks for the comment! To tell you the truth, having grown up and been called a “punk kid” rather endearingly by “older folk” who were impressed with me being beyond my years — I had never thought of this as an insult. You’re right though, he’s definitely not a punk and if I’ve offended him in any way, I’ll buy this guy a beer … err … if/when he’s old enough?

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