The Wildly Inaccurate Rifle You Must Own


Hot off the shelf at the 2017 SHOT show is the Kel-Tech Survival RDB. The rifle is insanely compact due to it’s bull pup configuration, it’s ambidextrous, it’s lightweight, and it’s one heck of a value. It utilizes a totally unique design that expels the shell casing downward! Ohh yeah, it’s also horribly inaccurate.

Hey, you can’t have it all. Kel-Tech isn’t know for making sniper rifles, that’s for sure. Actually, according to the data from American Rifleman, their RDB Bull Pup seems to be one of the most inaccurate .223 rifles ever tested in the magazine. At 100 yards it was shooting 2.88 inch groups, that’s just horrible.

Don’t waste your money on those fancy paper targets, the broadside of the barn will do just fine.


From American Riflemen:

American Riflemen’s test results are not scientific and the conditions do vary with every gun tested, but 2.88 is pretty freaking bad for a .223 with a 16 inch barrel. The awkward bull pup design might have thrown the guy testing the rifle off a little, but still, it’s among the worst preforming .223’s I’ve ever seen in the American Riflemen shooting results. Any half-way decent AR-15 should be 1.5 inches or less even with all the variables. Why would you buy a rifle that shoots darn near 3 inch groups?

See for yourself:


They make utilitarian guns with unique designs at low prices. Survival, close quarters combat, and plinking are the three main uses for Kel-Tech’s most interesting gun designs. Competitive target shooting? Not so much.

These guns are still cool, it just depends on the intended use. Collect ’em all.



  1. If you can’t even spell it right, I suspect you’ve never even shot anything from them. How do you suppose that a company stays around so long if they only produce garbage? Because others don’t share the same opinion and have actually owned and used their products. I have the original RDB and like it very much. It has been reliable and fun to shoot. I don’t expect it to be a 1000 yard rifle, but it is battle field, man sized target accurate past 200 yards. To my old, Marine trained eyes, that is good enough.

  2. IT ONLY NEEDS TO BE MINUTE OF PERSON. there is a reason they have snipers. reliability is what counts. looks like an excellent weapon for close quarters. i like their products but they seem a little over priced for me a poor person. i am wondering what the MSRP is for the puppy??? i have cheap small pistols that are reliable and although i carry a g27 would carry them if the need arises. they are nine and i prefer a 40. with new good ammo the 9 comes closer, and i would trust it, but i do not care what anyone says it is not a 40. i know all the arguments but recoil is not that big of deal to some.

  3. Exactly, Art. All the Chinese AK’s were considered suitable for combat with a 3” average group at 100 meters and nobody doubts their lethality in combat. Especially since the argument could be made that unless your combat is predominately in extended range territory, there’s really no need for sub moa capability at CQB (sub200 meter ranges) distances? In fact, the tight mechanical tolerances of a sub-moa weapon v. the loose tolerances of a less accurate weapon like the AK, which accounts for more reliability which is always the preferred requirement of a fast and fatal combat weapon over precision accuracy which almost nobody really cares about, except in long range sniping requirements.

    So yeah, this little carbohydrate is a great bank for the buck if it functions well. And if you’ve not tried a G20 yet, Art, You may re-think your battle side arm preference. Especially with the variety of 10mm ammo that’s available out there for anything from Bear hunting to one shot zombie take out psycho rounds.

  4. big capacity magazine, short and concealible, i should be able to make swiss cheese out of some invaders when they get within 50 feet of their destination, too bad for them that mine will be remotely fired from behind them, and in front of them and to left and right of them all at the same time! DAMN!! I LOVE CHEEP GUNS!!!

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