You Are A Mass Shooter? These Crazy Liberals Probably Think So…


A Bloomberg funded anti-gun group seems to think that they know the warning signs of a mass shooter. Apparently the main “warning signs” are reading about guns and listening to music. You’re already reading an article about guns on the internet, are you listening to music now, as well? I hope not! We don’t want to call Mike Bloomberg on you.

Just when you think progressives can’t get any more irrational, they go and run an ad like this:


I wonder if the fact that the boy in the video seems to like girls also makes him more likely to be a mass shooter. The “warning signs” seem to apply to the vast majority of young men everywhere. Everyone got picked on once in a while, as a teenager. Lots of boys like guns, teenagers often listen to music and feel anti-social from time to time. Are they all shooters?

The “warning signs” of a mass shooter are just as irrational as the supposedly deadly features on a so-called assault rifle. After the mass shooter reads his gun magazines, he’ll learn that if he uses a gun that’s painted black that has purely cosmetic features, such as a bayonet lug, more people will die or something, right liberals?

In the mean time, liberals will continue to ignore actual warning signs. You know, like the time the insane scumbag murderer from Sandy Hook tried to buy a gun illegally and the FBI knew about it but did nothing. The FBI knew he was crazy and they knew he was trying to buy a gun he wasn’t allowed to have. The “warning signs” can’t get anymore obvious than that.

Instead of enforcing existing laws, progressives seek to create paranoia every time someone reads a guns magazine. These people aren’t trying to solve problems, they’re just trying to politicize them.




  1. I am not a mass shooter but I do want a gun in my possession in case it becomes necessary to use one

  2. We do hope that we are always AN ALERT, ALWAYS ARMED SHOOTER; well schooled in the use of our side arms as well as our long arms; always seeking to be aware of our surroundings; operating never in the ‘WHITE”, BUT ALWAYS IN THE “YELLOW’ SO AS TO BE AWARE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF IMMEDIATELY GOING INTO THE ‘RED” SO AS TO PROPERLY ADDRESS ANY AND ALL ADVERSARIES, FOREIGN AND, MORE POTENTIALLY DOMESTIC ADVERSARIES, very much aware that in this day and time we are surrounded by rogue many of which are in local, county, state and nations government.

  3. Damn I guess I have been a mass shooter since I was 10 cause I read about guns and listen to Good music not the Heavy Metal head banger garbage or rap crap they call music today.

  4. thank the communist party health care for that i mean obama care it gave them the funding and power to destroy the 2nd amendment just like i said it would doctors insurance companies and big drug companies now have total control and we the people gave it to them so no matter what or how they will say no you simply are not fit mentally or physically to own a gun or even think for your self welcome to the united soviet america the land where we the people simply gave up our civil rights

  5. Hello writer of this article. Don’t you know Sandy Hook was a totally false happening that the gov staged and the state went along with

  6. Yes, gun “violence” is preventable. It is preventable through education about gun use and safety. It is preventable through proper storage and maintenance of EDC weapons. It is preventable by enforcement of existing gun laws and not through the addition of more idiotic laws such as magazine capacity restrictions, cosmetic restrictions such as bayonet lugs or detachable box magazines or any other of the feel good, “we have to do something” laws that liberal groups like these love so much. If laws with no rational basis like most of these attempts to slowly move towards the abolishment of the Second Amendment and confiscation of firearms were applied to the media or to leftist protest groups, the left and the media would be screaming from the highest peaks. Yet when it’s a right guaranteed by the same Constitution, that they don’t like, they support and try to force the citizens of this country to abrogate their God given, Constitutionally guaranteed and protected right to keep and bear arms. I am not, nor have I ever been, a “mass shooter”. Yet I was the outcast, the loner, the social reject, the butt of the “cool” kids jokes and pranks. I had access to and the knowledge to use guns. Did I? NO! Why? Because I knew it was wrong and I had parents, especially a father, that was there for me and taught me that a man only has to be better than what he was yesterday. Not better than anyone else and that the only times when killing was justified was in defense of life or to survive. Mass shooters kill for their own ego and glory, nothing else. A gun is a TOOL. Used thorough history by both good and evil. The tool is not the problem, the motivation is. Mass shooters are motivated by evil intent, no matter the reason. The desire to kill and injure as many people as possible, for whatever reason is pure EVIL! Don’t blame the gun, blame a society that says, it’s not the shooters fault, he was bullied, he came from a broken home, he read gun magazines. That’s nothing but BullCrap!

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